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    Who wants to win a 1-week Unlimited Yoga Pass to I Go Beyond Yoga? It's time to start that healthy lifestyle with my December giveaway! To join, simply go to this link: and you might just be the lucky winner! and you might just be the lucky winner!
    (Giveaway ends on December 8, 2012)

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    Hello. You might still be interested in yoga. I would proudly recommend Urban Ashram Manila. I had a great experience last summer there. It was definitely worth every peso and time. At first, I saw yoga as a religion changer but I was definitely wrong. Religion wouldn't even be touched in yoga! It just gives you a worthwhile experience. If you are interested, try visiting their site at

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    Hello! anyone interested doing Yoga Teacher Training in India next year? Can anyone share where to study YTT and their experience in the course? Thank you so much!

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    I did yoga from P90X mainly for stretching and muscle recoveries. Personally, I highly recommend doing it on a regular basis (I do it once a week). I gain a lot in terms of flexibility, reduced muscle tightness and somewhat increases my strength.

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    Yoga is great to increase body flexibility, reduce weight and manage stress so men and women both can do yoga. Yoga helps in breathing better and boost our stamina also.

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    yoga for fitness

    yoga is the best for fitness and yoga is the only way where you find yourself and can increase yourself. if you daily use of yoga than you can control your body and mind also you can connect with others. this is the only way where you can connect with god. Rishikesh is the birth of yoga And most of all yoga lovers knows that this place to the holyland of yoga. Here is yogavini is providing best yoga course and teacher training with experienced Indian and Japanese yoga teachers.
    yoga teacher training in rishikesh

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    Hi. Anyone know where I can take yoga classes/sessions near Ayala Triangle?

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    Up po. I really want to try yoga primarily to improve my posture. Yung malapit lang sana sa Ayala Triangle para after work. Malayo rin kasi uuwian ko so ayaw ko na bumyahe masyado.

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    Does anybody know any studio in Manila area that has Ashtanga classes for beginners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by majicminded View Post
    Wala pa ba talagang Yoga thread dito?!?!

    1. Anyone who's into yoga here? Insights please...
    2. Is it right that mostly women do Yoga?
    3. Gym vs Yoga?
    4. Cheap Yoga classes in the metro?

    Yan muna for now...

    I`m into yoga! I`ve been training for almost 4 years and can authoritatively say: it`s the best way to keep your body fit. And if somebody asks me what is better, yoga or gym, I will definitely answer: yoga is the best!

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