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PROMO: Big Hero 6

Join the promo and get a chance to win special screening tickets to Big Hero 6!

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PHOTOS: 40th PBA Season Opening Ceremony

Ellen Adarna, Megan Young and Alice Dixson led the parade of team muses yesterday during the Opening Ceremony of the new PBA season. Check our gallery here!

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PHOTOS: Kia Victorious in Battle of Newcomers

LA Revilla (23pts, 7rebs) stole away the spotlight off of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao's PBA debut, as he rallied Kia over Blackwater 80-66.

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REVIEW: The Trial

If there's one particular asset the film has, it's the ensemble.

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PHOTOS: Aguilar, Ginebra Bully Talk N Text

Ginebra had no problems in their opening campaign after a 101-81 win over TNT. Japeth Aguilar proved to be too much for the Texters with his game-high 18pts, 18rebs and 5 blks.

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Show Me Your Winning Teeths!

Merly and Chelsey are back for a new season of SMYT and they are 'happy to serve' you a new episode about the Miss World pageant and the UAAP Finals.

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    Manulife Financial (MBPS)

    Manulife Thread started in the pinoycallcenter forum. But now MBPS (Manulife Business Processing Services) is more than just a call center.

    Let's talk about anything about MBPS here!

    Brief Background:

    Manulife Business Processing Services (Manulife Data Services, Inc.) Manulife Business Processing Services (MBPS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial created in 2006 to provide back office, accounting, finance and information technology services to other Manulife subsidiaries worldwide. Amongst our staff are professionals with background in accounting, investments, actuarial science, underwriting, medical science and information technology. By combining technology, operational expertise and timely service, MBPS helps provide Manulife's business units with new options for reducing turnaround time, improving business continuity and providing enhanced customer services to clients worldwide. The strategy helps Manulife in giving competitively priced products and services to its many customers in North America and Asia, and provides a way for the company to tap into a new source of highly skilled employees. Our building is located in the UP North Science & Technology Park in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

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    Manulife Financial Corporation (NYSE: MFC, TSX: MFC, SEHK: 945, PSE: MFC), also known as The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, is a major Canadian insurance company and financial services provider. Although its global head office is located in Toronto, with its Canadian operations based out of Waterloo, Ontario, Manulife has worldwide operations, most notably in the United States (through its subsidiary, John Hancock Insurance) and in 10 unique Asian countries and territories.

    Manulife Financial is the largest insurance company in North America and the world's fourth largest, based on market capitalization. Manulife ranks number 91 on the Forbes Global 2000 list (2008 edition); by that measure, it is the second largest company in Canada.

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    Current Job Opening:

    2 yrs exp, 3 vacancies

    5 yrs exp

    1 yr exp, 2 vacancies

    20 vacancies

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    i applied here, for mca sana kaso di ko nga masabi ng diretso *** adjudicator nabubulol ako ahahaha.. at mukha need nila experienced ata.. di rin naman sila nambibitin,, in my case pag sinabi nila tatawag sila they do call naman...

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    my friend walked in here... she's from a multinational bank...
    at sabi nya... yung mga boys na may looks na nagwo-walk-in daw e pinaghihintay ng buong maghapon ng mga baklang taga-HR...

    kawawa tuloy ang mga lalakeng nag-aapply dito... pinag-iinitan ng mga baklang taga-HR... hirap kapag bakla ang nagha-handle ng applicants... namimili na... namemersonal pa...

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    sent my resume here thru email and jobstreet 3 or 4 months ago. No reply... no update... siguro nga kase gwapo ako... kaya napepersonal... wahehehehehe

    anyway, mukha ngang maraming bading dito... dami ako rin kakilalang guys na pinaghintay dito...

    anyway good luck na lang sa kanila...

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    @ kurimaw_mama, hemorrhoid I don't think it's right to assume that. Although I have to agree that HR has a lot of third sex instead of the usual pretty girls. hihi. =)

    @ hemorrhoid Maybe you're not qualified for the position they're looking for that's why they haven't replied in your e-mail or jobstreet account. I'm sure if you're shortlisted they'll not hesitate to call you.

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    talaga nmn maghanpon *** application process ehh..

    btw foolcha at hemorrhoid ilan years na kayo ng wowork sa office?

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    gaano katagal sila narereply sa email? nag-pass ako ng resumé online last thursday.. I applied for IT Associate

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    @ blinque I know, the process at MBPS is slow. =) But I think it's good that it's only a one day process. In the end of the day, at least you'll know if you passed or failed. Is it?

    @ degreez1008 If you sent it to the HR e-mail I think it would take forever. I Hope I'm wrong. My experience with this company is that it's usually faster if you're being referred by someone.

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    ^ ok, thanks for the reply

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    Tumatanggap po ba ng undergrad dito for the IT Helpdesk post? For interview kasi ako this week. Thanks.

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    As far as I know, Nope. Unless of course you do have some good credentials under your belt (Professional Certifications and Experience).

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    Hmm Siguro experience lang siguro mapagmamalaki ko. hehe Ok salamat. Tignan ko na lang din. Pero may idea ka ba about compensation ng IT Helpdesk?

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    SAP ba gamit nila? I have SAP background...

    yung sa website hindi updated ang openings...

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    @foolcha - gusto ko sana mag-apply for IT associates do you have the job description? Magwawalk-in sana ako and if ok *** malaman *** starting salary. I'm not an entry level and have certifications na (as MCP and CCNA). Just wanted to know how much yung offer nila? Thanks.

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    @ Flyunzipped, new_pexer09 I have no idea regarding salary for the IT Associate, I'm no HR. =)

    @ Magandang_Paa as far as I know it's not SAP.

    Please visit or

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    Hi.New to PEX. Just want to know the profiles of TLs or ATLs at MBPS. How old are they? Their previous work experience. Their educational background.

    Keen on applying. Thanks

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    IT depends on the department. Usually it's more than 25 y/o.

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