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    Quote Originally Posted by nitrate View Post
    How about Chris King?
    Of Ginebra? Good, but not good enough to accord him as one of "the".

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    presto's winston crite- monster shotblocker- the human eraser, very reliable jump hook

    ginebra's jamie waller- mike tyson look a like and wes mathews, jumpin joe ward, ryan fletcher-the 1st white import?

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    i only started watching PBA during the late 80's and i barely have memories of it...
    but for me, the best imports would be:

    Sean Chambers
    Bobby Parks
    Tony Harris

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    mga naabutan ko sa aking isipan dati kasi langit lupa at monkey monkey laro ko pero nung nagseryoso ako sa basketball

    naabutan ko si jaime waller, joe ward, yung kakampi niyang import na si davis, tapos andun din si darren queenan (80 pts for purefoods), dan rose, ronnie thompkins, winston crite, si chambers import pa ng foreign all star team, si keith smart, parks etc hehe.

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    ngayong 2000s, it's fitting that the 2 best imports of the decade faced off in the finals. i'm talking about chris alexander and steven thomas

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    90's - lamont strothers

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    ang naalala ko kasi sila lamont strothers kenny travis at larry robinson..
    terquin mott din..
    pati jeff ward,di ganun kagaling pero sipag sa depensa lakas sa rebound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucebanner69 View Post
    .... David Thirdkill of Purefoods then moved to Ginebra and Henry James...the sweet shooting import of Ginebra during early 90's..

    David Thirdkill first played with Tanduay Rhum Masters that captured the 1987 open conference crown against Michael Young led Great Taste Coffee Makers

    Then acquired by then expansion team Purefoods in 1988 beating Alaska team, coached by former tanduay coach Turo Valenzona who also wanted the services of "The Sherriff"

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    Maybe not the best, but KWAN JOHNSON is one of those imports that I kinda miss

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    Yeah Kwan was maybe not on the list but he is a little monster on the court. Hataw sa offense yun together with Rob Parker.

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    first player that comes to mind is Billy Ray Bates. Led both Crispa and Ginebra to championships. I think also with his credentials as legitimate nba player, he stands out as among the best if not the best pba import.

    just popped in my mind. bobby parks would also be up there. highly competitive very professional and winner attitude during his entire pba playing years

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    Kenny Travis nga ba yung great Tanduay import?

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    Kenny Travis did play for Purefoods once in his debut conference as a PBA import back in 1988, replacing lemon import Tim McCallister, thereby partnering with Perry Young. But he became more known as San Miguel's import during the early 90's.

    If you're referring to the old Tanduay team of the Elizaldes, some of their greatest imports would include:

    1. Bernard Harris
    2. Russell Murray
    3. Rob Williams
    4. Andre McKoy
    5. David Thirdkill
    6. Andy Thompson

    For the Tanduay team under the Lucio Tan group, some of their top imports include:

    1. Ira Clark
    2. Julius Nwosu
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    I stopped watching the PBA after bitterly realising that our so-called best we cheer are in reality simply not good enough on the world stage. After countless heartaches of getting sparked by South Korea in the 80's, I still believed, and hoped.

    But, after painfully seeing the PBA All-Star crew, the 'dream team', being toyed by the Chinese in the '90 Asiad, that's it for me. Enough is enough. '94 Hiroshima, I didn't care anymore, the, yet again, disastrous result was just the final confirmation.

    Anyway, driving through memory lane, I truly enjoyed watching these imports play, the best imo that made a big impact for their teams are:


    it was then popular to see 6'9 imports playing in tandem (exception on Crispa, Toyota and Gilbey's, these teams were only allowed to play 1 import at a given time).

    *Byron "Snake" Jones/Cyrus Mann (Crispa)

    *Andrew Fields/Bruce "Sky" King (Toyota)

    *Larry McNeil/Dean Tolson (Gilbey's Gin)

    *Larry Pounds (Royal Tru Orange)

    In the 70's, I'd vote for Larry McNeil, he never had the privelege of solid, consistent support from talented locals like Fields (from his Toyota teammates), or Jones/Mann (from the Redmanizers). Later on, a handicap was imposed on his team (Gilbey's), that he can't play tandem with his co-import.. he was that good!


    Norman Black (Tefilin/Great Taste/Magnolia)

    Billy Ray Bates (Crispa)

    Michael Hackett (Ginebra)

    Michael Young (Manila Beer)

    In the 80's I'd vote for Norman Black. What if Bates played for some other team? see what I mean.


    Stopped following the PBA. Watched Michael Jordan instead.

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    JP Mercado, thanks for listing the names of tanduay imports. i recall it now, it was david thirdkill i was impressed with. He wasnt a big time scorer like tony harris but one could see he was very good and could play anywhere.

    I am a Crispa fan and one of best over achieving import I remember was Al Green. He was 6 or 6'1 battling 6'5 imports and still led Crispa to the crown. He was a tough cookie that went for rebounds and scored underneath.

    There was another 6/6'1 Crispa import Glenn Hagan that was more finesse player but showed his toughness in the Finals I think versus Norman Black. He had a skinny frame like Reggie Miller so he really got beat up inside. Crispa lost that one but it was very close.
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    Great thread.

    Anyway, just curious to get your opinion.

    Who do you find better? And if ever they match-up, who do you think will get the better end of it?

    Travis or Strothers?

    Devin Davis or Art Long?

    Winston Crite or Ronnie Thompkins?

    Terquin Mott or Marquis Braggs?

    Queenan or Owens?

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    All I remember is that Art Long was a big bad dude.

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    My vote is for the Black Superman, Carlos Briggs and Michael Hackett for the 80's.

    Here's a good list of some of our better imports.

    Here is the latest article I could find on Billy Ray Bates (dated Dec. 24, 2009):


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    lamooooooooont strothers!

    stephen howard

    kenny travis

    terq mott

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