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    whose hotter???
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    jennifer is really a hot babe...
    but janet has so much to be proud of... she has established a lot in her singing career. let's just see what happens to jennifer after 5 years....

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    jennifer lopez ...

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    luv jennifer! she's definitely hot!

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    Thumbs up

    Jennifer Lopez

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    higit namang masmaganda si janet jackson ano!!!!

    ako lang ba ang tanging tao sa balat ng lupa na hindi nagagandahan kay jennifer lopez or nalalakihan sa **** nya??????

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    I'm not really fond of both of them but if I have to choose one, it would be Jennifer Lopez.

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    no doubt, lopez is hotter....

    pero janet's moer talented....jennifer's just "lookkeme butt, lookkeme butt".....

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    I dont know who's hotter coz I dont really check out female singers...

    but Janet is more talented.
    I like Jennifer too but I can only choose one right?

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    JENNIFER LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Janet over Jennifer anyday. The latter is way too manufactured for my taste.

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    syempre JENNIFER LOPEZ! wala nang tatalo dun. she has a perfect but and hmm.. everything! kaka-inlove pa.. http://www.pinoyexchange.com/inluv.gif http://www.pinoyexchange.com/inluv.gif http://www.pinoyexchange.com/inluv.gif

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    love that butt!!

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    janet jackson over jennifer lopez by a longrun!!!

    did you guys see her on the vma's???

    (insert here crybabymaki's eyes turning green as lumot)

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    Post who's more appealing to you? janet jackson or jennifer lopez

    just speak ur minds out. i wud love to know ur views. pls do post ok. id love to hear from all of you.

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    sheer talent -- Janet Jackson....

    there's not even a point of comparison between the two. J.Lo is, IMO, a pseudo-artist who's trying hard to get accepted oin the music biz but would always fail to do so....

    Janet JAckson can be compared to the BIG ones...Mariah or Whitney, but please J.Lo?

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    for me, they're equal...but JLO is gaining on me because she knows how to mix in that Latin flavor which is just so appealing

    well i think the two can be compared...but JLO is still a little young in the music business. but as my friends said, for him, JLO is the ultimate entertainer because she's an actress (definitely more than Janet), she's a dancer (Latin as well), and a singer. Janet isn't diva-like, so I'd say they're equal in voice...except Janet can do more vocal gymnastics. Dancing...they're equal too but I think Janet can sing and dance at the same time better than JLO. And yes, I've got to hand it to Janet for all that she went through and the message she conveys. JLO's lyrics are a bit shallow since she's just starting out.

    that's what i think

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    d'you think it ain't j.lo's voice in the remix of i'm real with ja rule... i think so...

    uhm, btw, did that answer the question?

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    Jennifer Lopez

    I love Latinas! I look up to them!

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