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    Nail Polish that doesn't turn nails yellow

    Hi guys, I noticed that the current nail polishes that I use, which are cheap brands, turn my nails into an ugly yellow color. I would like to buy more expensive brands, but I'm not sure which ones would not turn my nails yellow too. Any recommendations?

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    I have used expensive polishes like Dior and Chanel and the not so expensive ones like Face Shop and Skin Food. Most of them will really turn your nails yellow. I've read that if you can buff them with toothpaste or bleach it will make them whiter. Or you can rest your fingernails.

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    yup, rest your nails once in a while. let it go nail polish-free and add a few drops of bleach or even calamansi to whiten it.

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    Conflicting Karma Ice Burn's Avatar
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    All nail polish no matter how expensive it is will still stain the nails yellow. Of course acetone also contributes to nail yellowing

    Some tips:
    Always put a base coat before using any nail polish.
    Lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide supposedly helps
    Use an acetone free nail polish remover
    Let your nails rest a few days between nail polish changes

    But there is a product called Yellow No More that gets rid of the yellow, I haven't seen it available here yet though.

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    Ah thanks for that, I thought it was because of the brands I'm using

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    You can have your nails done at Dashing Diva.

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    Yep, the nail polish used at DAshing Diva salons lasts longer and gives it a less yellow after effect. Also, maybe OPI and Sally Hansen's.

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    ur selfish little wh0re... cryinoutloud's Avatar
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    DAshing Diva salons? Where is it located?

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    They have one in Trinoma and one in Powerplant.

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    dashing diva is inside beauty bar, there's one in greenbelt 5 and robinson's ermita as well

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    up for this one! this is quite informative!

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    any nail polish, even the expensive ones can turn your nails yellow. learned this the hard way. posters are right that you should give your nails a rest. i used toothpaste to clean it, and it helped in making it white/pinkish again.

    i always go to Dashing Diva Trinoma. they always use a protective base coat before applying the nail polish, since this will lessen yellowish nails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike_s_6 View Post
    Hi guys, I noticed that the current nail polishes that I use, which are cheap brands, turn my nails into an ugly yellow color. I would like to buy more expensive brands, but I'm not sure which ones would not turn my nails yellow too. Any recommendations?
    the trick is to use base coat first. then apply nail polish. then apply top coat.

    brands of good nail polish :
    the face shop, skin food, missha, revlon, opi, sally hansen.

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    apply base coat, polish, top coat. cheaper salons do not follow this procedure.

    ORLY has a Top-2-Bottom polish that can already serve as top coat and base coat, so no need to buy separates. a little expensive tho if you buy it on your own, if you are the type that does D.I.Y. mani/pedi. option is to go to nail salons that give professional nail services.

    as for polish brands, ORLY, OPI and ESSIE are on my list.

    try Nail-a-holics. they have branches in Cash and Carry, Megamall, SM Sta Rosa and Robinsons Metro East.

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    kkkisess! :p isabellA16's Avatar
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    ORLY is great.

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    Nails don't actually "breathe". I keep my nails polished at all times and they haven't turned yellow. Using the right base coat helps a lot. I actually wear a nail treatment, and then base coat to make sure my nails are protected.

    I love the wear of nail polish brands like OPI, China Glaze, and Zoya. Dashing Diva is also good, though they only have limited colors available here.

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    Like what everyone said, make sure you let your nails rest - remove ur polish after 5-7 days. make sure that the polish brand you use does not have formaldehyde and toluene, chemicals which may cause yellow nails.

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