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    PLDT Launches PLDT WatchPad

    Have you guys heard of the latest innovation from PLDT myDSL? I'm you all heard on online TV viewing. Now, PLDT myDSL launches PLDT WatchPad. Ang astig dito guys mapapanood niyo na ang mga favorite TV programs niyo online. Kung naka PLDT myDSL ka, you can watch your favorite programs or TV shows online absolutely free. Available to sa plans 999, 1995, at 3000. Initially, TV channels available are MTV, PBO, CNBC, Go, and Voom. Astig talaga. For more questions, try visiting and discover it for yourself.

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    Tambay ng Taguig jeremyv's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    Sa Sauna
    Nakita ko nga yung ad sa Inquirer kanina. Ang laki lol. Matest nga

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    i think okay naman siya at kung ganun nga malaki ang ad, hindi naman siguro bobo ang pldt para gumastos sa ad at isang malaking liabilidad ang ipapakita diba?

    sinabihan na rin ako ng kaibigan ko na trial run niya at tignan niya yung difference

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    Interesting service. Parang gusto kong mag-shift to PLDT.

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    Hi angst!

    Whats your dsl service ba?

    madali lang magshift sobra specially if pldt ang landline mo!

    check this link out!

    pogi ni papa ryan dito!!!!!!!



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    Tambay ng Taguig jeremyv's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    Sa Sauna
    medyo mahaba haba yung eula na kailangan basahin kaya dinelay ko muna yung pag-access ko. Anyway, up na pala yung website.

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    Test niyo guys. Ang astig kasi hindi na kelangan ng kung sinumang installer from PLDT. Saves up your time diba? No need to wait. Assured ka pa na mabilis, PLDT e!

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    hello guys nainstall ko na lahat then my username at password na me pero bakit puro buffering lang nakikita ko????

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    starstruck pat, nameet mo ba requirements? iniisip ko rin kung install ko, gumana na sayo? ayos ba?

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    hi guys!!! I'm also planning to install QIK in my home. i think it's sooooo good...but i hope yung service nila nag improve na kasi nakakaTO as in ang mga tech crew nila kaya nagswitch ako before. but now i hope things change like so dapat lang right?!

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    jeremy, up na yung website. i already have connection. mabilis naman, typical broadband bilis.

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    wow so this means umaasenso ang PLDT pati service nila. di sila sumablay recently.

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    oh so that's like so bilis! i can't wait!

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    iniisip ko na lang pag mabagal connection, it's just internet traffic. i experienced some sort of bottleneck before at sa gabi yon ha. It doesn't happen that much like before and I guess it depends din kung saan ka nagssurf.

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    i still can't believe this. hahaha! Labo! i should get QIK soon.

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    ^you should get one na talaga. i don't htink i'll be wrong this time around as i tried other broadband services, sablay.

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    I hope lang my area is accessible to QIK. oh here's the recent commercial of QIK.

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    @bonita why don't you ask your friends o kaya your relatives, cousins about it. if it's not accessible from your area, you can ask your relatives if it's accessible to them. mageexpand din ang PLDT to other areas.

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    希望の光 naia's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    «Crystal Tokyo»
    awww, di pwede plan ko dito: 1299

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    looks good... kaya lang 5 pa lang ang channels...

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