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    Philippine Customs Duties Inquiry

    I'm vacationing abroad soon, and I plan of shopping and bringing back home some luxury items (bags, clothes, electronics) from that travel. I'm afraid the the customs officer at our airport (NAIA) would bug about those purchases and tax me without any hesitation...

    What are the legitimate rules when it comes to this case? Dati kasi ilagay ko lang sa luggage ko, hindi na kakalikutin ng customs... Since I plan of bringing in some brand new bulky items (like bags with huge boxes, and a laptop for this matter), customs will definitely notice them. Magkano ba talaga ang duties na kelangan kong bayaran with these items? Pano kaya kung alisin ko nalang sa mga kahon tapos ipag siksikan ko sa luggage?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you guys.

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    it's a percentage of the value of the item. depede sa item, iba iba ang pag compute ng taxes.

    if you really are keen about keeping the boxes and you bought these items at a sale price, keep the receipts, lest they charge you the 'retail value'.

    anyway, the easiest solution to not being taxed is throw away the boxes. pag damit, throw away the tags. it's that simply.

    keep the boxes, and you'd get taxed. it's simple as that.

    it's not just sa philippines naman eh. even sa states/ canada is the same. they flag you down at the border for two reasons if you're a resident. one is drugs/ alcohol. second is items purchased. and they'll tax you crazily.

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    hehe un nga din sabi sa akin taggalin daw sa box hehe ayun di naman kami tinaxan pero beerandhop ano yung sabi nila na kapag personal use and not of commercial quantity yung dala mo walang tax? dapat ba wala din box yun?

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    thanks for your inputs!

    BeerhandBop: Yeah maybe I'll just throw the boxes away... Sayang lang kasi part of the price you paid for an item, especially the luxury ones, is its packaging. Anyways, it's not worth keeping if it would cost me a pretty hefty amount at the customs.

    itt: Alam ko it's only applicable if you're a balikbayan/OFW.

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    ^^ ay ganun? pag ourist let's say nag uwi ka ng isang may box taxan na?sad how about headphones? may tax din un pag asa box? sorry ah engot ko eh hehe

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    may nagsabi sakin dati, na if less than 300 USD ang imported goods na hawak mo, tax free..

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    itt; Idealy oo, if you declare it. Since maliit lang naman ang headphones, kasya yan sa luggage. Most probably customs won't bother you. Alisin mo nalang sa box, like BeerhandBop suggested. Ang idea kasi pag wala sa box, hindi mo sya binili abroad, dala mo sya when you left the country. Ang problema pag bulky item yung inuwi mo.

    poyang: I guess that's reasonable

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    ah sige salamat pala hehe.peo sabi din bawal prutas at meat pero nakapaguwi kami ng onti hehe asa tuppewarelike na lalagyan

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    if gusto mo talaga i-keep yun box, i-flatten mo na lang then keep/hide it kasama ng mga clothes mo.

    hindi ako nagddeclare ng mga items. personal effects naman lahat e. hehe.

    ako rin noon nakapag uwi ng fruits from HK. lanzones and cherries. nasa handcarry ko.

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    ako from sigpore strawberries, cute na talong apricot at kiwi at lemon pero ilang puraso lang.. sana pala dinamihan ko hehe

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    I want to buy several DVD's here sa US and dadalhin ko paguwi. Mostly titles na wala satin but anyways around 10 sila. Dinedeclare pa ba yan? Box sets. Uso pa ba ang kalkalan ng maleta??

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    Quote Originally Posted by clearskysunset View Post
    I want to buy several DVD's here sa US and dadalhin ko paguwi. Mostly titles na wala satin but anyways around 10 sila. Dinedeclare pa ba yan? Box sets. Uso pa ba ang kalkalan ng maleta??
    Commercial quantity under Phil. Customs Laws are 12 and above. So yung dvd's mo hindi pa considered commercial quantity. Another trick you can do is label all the items you bought with names to look like it's pasalubong for somebody then Customs won't bother to tax you should they decide to inspect your luggage. It's worked several times for people I know. Ang importante is how to convince them na hindi mo siya ibebenta dito. Pasalubong kasi they know it's our culture na magdala for someone pag nagbiyahe.

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    lex loci actus VISION_OF_LOVE's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Marikina City
    ang walang kamatayang tanong:

    pano po kung laptop and/or cellphone?

    mahal ba to just send it thru lbc?(singapore kasi destination ko, and meron daw lbc dun)..

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    ^ If I am not mistaken, electronics are around 7% for the invoice value. Best to check the tariff code for it. Plus, this is only for computation of customs duties other charges may be imposed too.

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    hello! ang DVD ba may rate of duty pa?
    i preordered kasi a DVD from an online store. kaso ang takot ko ngayon ay baka mapatungan ng malaking tax yun. magkano kaya ang babayaran ko nun sa tax? salamat!

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    panu ko maiiuuwi ang 40inch LED TV ko ng walang babayarang 200% cutstoms tax ?

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    padala mo thru balikbayan box. as suggested above, try lbc and ibang freight forwarders na pinoy may ari. balikbayan boxes are not taxable.

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    Thanks TSL. (-;
    ang problema eh walang ph courier dito sa region ko.

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    Quote Originally Posted by another_denial View Post
    Thanks TSL. (-;
    ang problema eh walang ph courier dito sa region ko.
    hi ask ko lang anong balita sa ginawa mo? balak ko din kasing mag-uwi ng 40 inch na LED TV nabili ko last June. 3 months plang ako dito sa SG. Dinala mo ba as checked-in? may binayaran ka ba sa customs? sa courier magkano ba ang binayaran mo? Thanks

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    totoo po ba na 200% ang customs tax natin sa pinas for LED tv?

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