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  1. #21
    kano sweldo TL dito?

    someone please reply opr send me a PM

  2. Jun 9, 2010, 12:14 AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky_Tan View Post
    nag apply ako kaninang 6 am sabi ni maan na entusiatic daw ako I need to train to enchaned my skills tatawagan na lang ako for training mukhang nasayang lang ata ang punta ko,well intayin ko yung tawag kung meron kung wala edi Thank you.!!
    hi! are you applying for tsr or csr post? I saw their add in the newspaper...Im interested to apply for CSR dayshift post.... do you have any idea how much they offer for this? TNX

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    may sat-sun off ba sila dito?

  5. #24
    umm what is this all about?

  6. #25
    Quote Originally Posted by sissyPHIL View Post
    umm what is this all about?
    huh? isn't it obvious?

  7. #26 malcoxx's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    That's my sparky!
    Anybody who can recruit me for the OM position? PM me, I can email my resume asap.

  8. #27
    hindi naman 1day process ang recruitment.... ten yrs eh and you have to follow-up the status of ur application kapag sinabing tatawagan ka bukas ng morning keep ur line open. wag ka maniwala kc hndi sila nagsasabi ng totoo. Iibig sabihin ikaw ang tatawag hehe.... tapos wait kapa for their promised call hulaan mo kung kelan hehe... parang mamakaawa kapa tawagan ka kahit nakapasa ka.... hassle.

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    magkano ang offer or sahod nila for the incident controller post? ilang percent po ang night differential nila at magkano ang allowance po? may hmo at life insurance din ba sila? will they actually call if they told you to keep your lines open or is this another way of saying that you haven't passed the screening process?

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    nakakatawa dito yung nagiinterview na ****** sa alphaland mall, pati pag banggit ng surname ng pinoy naka'slang' pa hahaha ang pangit ng tunog mo unggoy na ******. trying hard ang mga empleyado dito mag english..wag kayo dito ang baba ng sweldo!!!

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    I applied last saturday here. I passed the initial interview and exam but sabi ng HR expect a call from them pero yung mga naunang nakapasa they already have schedule for final interview. Bakit ganon? So yung mga hapon nakapasa, hindi priority? ganon ba yun?

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    To All Readers


    If you love your career and want a high aim for it, please dont even try nor intent to get-in in this company. Some people say, it doesnt matter about the big pay as long as you are happy with the environment you are in. But not here, not in this company.

    Once you get in, you'll be in shackled in a "ball and chain" situation. Which means there's no turning back. Why?

    Non-Compete Agreement
    Which means you cannot work within any line of business (in this case BPO) that this company have for 1 year after your cessation (discontinue) of employment in this company.

    Cash Bond
    It varies per contract or per program that you will be in for the company. They may give a gravity of 50,000php - 75,000php for the employee's cash bond during the duration of 1 complete working year.

    Now think twice...

  14. #32
    Why is the company called "Rainmaker"? Just curious :P

  15. #33
    I already signed their employment offer. And then wait for their call/sms na naman daw. Prolly mga gano katagal kaya ako mag aantay? wala kasi silang specific date kung kelan ako babalik dun. Serry, im sooo ignorant regarding this matter. Its going to be my first job kasi. Mahirap ba training???

    Thanks sa mga magrereply.

  16. #34
    anyone working on this company??
    any feedback po?

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  18. #36
    ok naman are nice,i love them.the people in alphaland are nice people and if you'll be recruited on that site good for you,it's one of the most prominent accts pero bad pa din kasi headache but then san ba hindi?
    salary?depende sa experience yan at kung gaano ka kagaling makipagbargain o makipag-usap sa interviewer usually 12k-15k lang though.

  19. #37
    Azzido nagpm ako *** please read po sana. thank you )

  20. #38
    ambilis nga mahire sa company na 'to ee. kadalasan kase basta pag sinabe ng HR na tatawagan kana lang nila eventhough 2nd interview na, meaning di kana pasa based on experience lang naman po

  21. #39
    sigh... nag-aantay pa din ako ng balita from them regarding the post that i've applied for. all i got from them is they're still waiting for the client's confirmation regarding the start dates, etc... i got a feeling that they could just be wasting our time...

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    saan ba operations nito sa alphaland sa magallanes? or sa bpi building??? -ayoko sa bpi building (panget food, panget ambiance, creepy comfort rooms) -ex-epmax employee here (way..way back).

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