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    i'm a VIP ♥ Blackjack ren_214's Avatar
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    May 2008
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    super LIKE ang teaser vid
    ayon at medyo active ulit ako sa WGspectacle forum hehe

    my gosh SUNYE di pa rin kumukupas ang charisma ni Leader
    pati twitter dp ko c sunye na hahaha

    i'm liking the sounds so far, very americanized rock and punk <3
    sana ganyan na ganyan para di makadisappoint if the whole song will come out

    I want the album & MV ... RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!

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    Finally, new image naman, hahaha, hindi na Retro, which is fine with me, coz it's their thing naman, and they pull it off, they can go back anytime they want

    Bias ko si ye eun, pero love ko naman sila lahat.

    Can't wait.

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    Be My Baby Teaser


    si yeeun sa 0:12 parang si gayoon ng 4minute

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    nakakamiss si mimi. siya pa man din ang bias ko sa wg. sana true yung rumor na magiging 6 members na sila kasama si mimi.

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    sana humaba pa tong thread asan na wonderfuls ng philippines hehehe
    cant wait for tomorrow!!!

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    my bias is yeeun...can't wait for Monday...woot bring it on

    Be my Baby hit ito

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    kaya lang one month lang sila magpromote sa korea.

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    the entire album is awesome!

    i love all the songs in the album. by far their best album to date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vainLEE View Post
    the entire album is awesome!

    i love all the songs in the album. by far their best album to date.
    yup, no fillers at all. Lim's solo is cute.

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    grabe so hee FTW!!!!

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    Agent10♠J♠Q♠K♠A♠ pristonpiker's Avatar
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    may bago ng solo ang wondergirls ulit? ang huling naabutan ko eh yung different tears, ata ba yun?

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    what do you mean solo? but yeah, that's 2 different tears actually

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    Wonder Girls are still strong in KOrea...loved the fanchants(goosebumps)...I have a feeling WG are winning Music Bank next week...it was all kill for WG in charts this week

    Music Bank Performances,,,can't wait for them to perform Me, In live

    GNO (Girls Night Out)- Yeeun wrote this song..

    Be My Baby

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    ^^I enjoyed G.N.O., ang weird lang ng wig ni Sunye pero I loved her confidence, hair whip kung hair whip. Si yeeun din, i loved the smile.

    Sa Be My Baby, halatang kinakabahan si lim nung turn na niya, walang energy yung sayaw niya tas hindi siya masyado ngumingiti. Overall, parang wala silang gana sumayaw, pero sa vocals, wala ako masasabi, maganda naman, yung sayaw lang nila. Bawi na lang siguro sila next time.

    Pero ansaya ko talaga!

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