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    I have a Doberman and I never cage my dog.

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    my 2 labradors (male and female) have a big cage sa bahay. they go there at will, minsan nga mas prefer pa nila dun kesa sa labas ng bakuran. they feel safer sa cage na yun eh. but at night during bedtime, sa loob na sila ng bahay sleep.

    my GSD and Jack Russell who currently live with me (another location), are also caged, whenever i am at work. but the "cage" of the GSD is actually a very spacious part of the house, yung gilid ng house to be exact na may bakod at gate on both ends, where she can roam freely. and with her is the JRT, na nasa isang big cage inside a "cage". di ko pwedeng iwan together eh, baka masaktan o mapatay accidentally ng GSD sa kanilang paglalaro. when i come home from work, then i let them free again and sleep with me in the bedroom.

    i need the cage, especially when i have to travel with them using my pick up. and no, i don't put them sa likod ng pick up, sobrang init dun at maingay. i place the GSD at the front passenger seat, while the JRT is at the back seat, in his cage. the cage has a tray underneath kung sakali mang sumuka o umihi sya. The GSD is so surprisingly behaved, and her adult size fits well sa seat, kasi naglagay ako ng kahon na ka level ng seat para ma extend sa unahan yung upuan nya.

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    I do not understand why a dog has to be caged. All of the dogs that I ever owned and the ones that we have now are never caged. She sleeps with me in our bed when my husband goes out on a trip and when my husband is home, she goes to bed with us for a while then goes down on the floor near my husband's bed or in our dressing room. We think it is because she think our king size bed doesn't fit the three of us there...

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