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    Katabi mo ko. Kress's Avatar
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    Under your bed
    No. Free ang aso namin na umikot-ikot sa bahay. Jack Russell din ang aso namin. Sobrang harot at likot!

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    I think I'm in love...again
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    My dogs roam around freely in our house because they are house trained...but some accidents happen once in awhile especially when they get excited or nervous...they do, however have their own cage inside my room whenever we leave them inside the house...I do this because I don't want them to fall or slip and end up having a broken bone in their body due to rough playing.

    If I was to choose, I 'd rather have my dogs put inside a cage where they can roam around rather than put them on a chain tied somewhere in the garage. (My neighbor does this and I feel sorry for the dog especially when he sees my dogs running freely in the morning.

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    hindi naman ikinukulong, pero tinatali namin, that is kapag malaki na. Kapag tuta pa kasi syempre, binibaby pa.

    Pero pareho lang kasi ang effect noon eh, tumatapang ang aso, kaya yung aso namin, kahit kasama ako sa nagpalaki sa kanya, natatakot pa rin ako sa kanya. Ang hindi lang takot, yung tito and tita ko. Yun nga ang gusto nila, yung tumapang para bantay sa bahay.

    Pero ngayon gusto ko na talaga mag-alaga ng dog na yung parang baby talaga, hindi itatali, pwede kasama matulog, pero next time na lang.

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    pit bull mga aso namin. even though we know they're not dangerous, syempre konsiderasyon din kasi may mga tao sa bahay na hindi naman nakilala ng mga aso when they were growing up, like the maids. they're big strong dogs and they're very rambunctious. i understand why people would be scared of them. so we cage them in the morning. malaki naman cages nila. each of them has a cage that can accommodate 2 large dogs at any given time. sa afternoon meron silang fenced area na medyo malaki naman. they're free to run around and play in there.

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    our 3 spitzes are usually left loose outside the house, but 2 of them prefer to stay inside - under the sofa. we put them at the back of the house when we have visitors. at night they sleep in one of the rooms.

    our 4 other (larger, male) spitzes prefer to stay in their cage except for their daily routines of breakfast and dinner.

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    nope.. i let my dog roam around..

    ayoko ko nakakakita ng aso na tinatali or kinukulong..

    madali akong maawa.. hehe..

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    a Paul Muad'Dib ghola kipoyph's Avatar
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    Metro Manila
    The only time to cage a dog is when potty training. Turuan mo siyang i control ang call of nature. Hate kasi nilang dumihan o mabahuan ang hinihigaan/tinutulugan nila. Kaya kung naka cage sila matuto silang ma control iyon. Pero ginagawa lang yun pag natutulog na kayo or umaalis kayo ng bahay at di pa trained dog nyo.

    Like the TS I never understand how people can buy a dog then just cage it the whole day for the rest of the dog's life. Meron akong nakitang ganun. It's kinda... counter-intuitive.

    We have a labrador. A big one. And makulit and malikot, and nagpapapansin palagi kaya kung ano-anong gimik ginagawa para mapansin. Still we let him roam free around inside the house. Pag lumalabas siya naka leash, kasi mahilig mag habol ng ibang aso.

    Imagine yourself unable to go outside your bedroom for the rest of your life. That's what a dog feels if you cage it.

    Meron nga akong kilala. Di niya nilalagay sa cage yung German Shepherd niya. Pero curious, isang araw nagising siya may scratch na yung kotse niya. Kahit nainis, pinabayaan na lang yung dog, di niya kinulong kasi... dog niya pa rin yun. Gets?

    For me, you buy a dog because you like a companion and/or a pal. You shouldn't buy a dog because you like to have a trophy.

    Oh yeah. If you choose to have a dog, take responsibility for it. That means you have to make sure that since you choose to care for a pet, really CARE for it. Make sure he has a happy life with you, otherwise you've just wasted the dogs life. That means take the time to do the necessary training para comfortable kayo with each other.

    A lot of people say they want a pet, then find out they're not ready to have one. It's really like having kids, in a lesser degree. Since you said to the dog, "titira ka sa bahay ko" na wala siyang choice kasi di naman siya makasalita, responsibility ng mga pet owners ang pasayahin nila pet nila habang nasa puder nila.

    I know I sound preachy, but I've seen a lot of pets go bad/sickly/depressed, kasi people thought they wanted to care for a pet then when they found out mahirap pala mag-alaga, they just set their pet aside and do the routine feeding na lang.

    Huwag naman sana ganun.

    Sorry for the rant.
    Last edited by kipoyph; Apr 14, 2009 at 04:37 PM.

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    fighting my own deaditeazkikr's Avatar
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    personal demon
    nope. we just let it roam around our house.. btw our dogs are askals, as in 'asong lokal' lang but nevertheless still lovable canines. they've been trained to go out in our yard to do their thing while still pups (they stand on their hind legs and paw down to open our screened door whenever they feel the urge to do so). when we have visitors, we just lock them up on one of our rooms, most of the time, mine.

    nakakaawa rin yun mga asong nakakulong (minsan talagang nakikita kong too big for their dog house, just barely enough space to sit still and lie down) pero worse yung mga tinatali lang sa harap ng bahay or sa gate nila, nakabilad sa elements umaraw man o umulan. some yung iba naman kung magtali sobrang ikli at hindi pwedeng makahiga yun pobreng aso nag hindi masasakal.

    i know a lot of people get dogs just because 'oh-look-they're- so-adorable-little-pups-then-let's-get-it-please-please?' mentalilty without realizing first if they can afford to give them time (bathe, play with them), money (yeah, you need to set a separate budget for their food/vitamins and not rely on your 'tira-tirang pinagkainan'. also need to buy them vitamins,soap,shampoos against ticks and visit to vets for rabies vaccines and should they get sick) and provide good shelter for them.

    sorry po kung naging preachy na rin dating nitong post ko..

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    Nag me-meron baludoy's Avatar
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    nope. we basically let them be around the house except when there are visitors. kaka-awa kasi tingnan iyong mga caged & tied down dogs for me

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    They're all caged. Gladiators aren't allowed to mingle with each other as they might kill each other or form a rebellion.

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    the askals yes.

    the shihtzu, may timings sila. may bakuran kasi kami and may area na gravel ang lugar at may mga trees. sa sobrang harot nila, dudumi sigurado. we tried to keep them inside the house kaso wiwi nanman ng wiwi. they have a big house namn and they're ok with it.

    yung doberman naman namin, he has timings also. he's as palyful as the shitzu so you can imagine the riot he would have made even if we let her go for 5 mins. we let them roam around naman tsaka madalas kami uwmuwi ng province, pinawawalan namin sa bukid.

    ayun, nag ala-sound of music sya sa damuhan.

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    Alternate Universe

    they would prefer sleeping indoors, specially under the bed where it's cold

    naiilang ako tignan naka-cage sila

    kung naka-leash lang siguro ok lang

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    How can you cage these?

    http:[email protected]/655413051/

    http:[email protected]/655413051/

    They are so cute!! I don't have one yet, pero kapag pumayag ang asawa ko, I want 10 of these!

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    Sa amin, naka leash ang dog for the dog's protection. Dami kasing tambay dito samin na nagnakaw ng aso at gawing pulotan. 2 dogs na yata namin nawala.

    One time nga, yung present dog namin ngayon nilason pa. Nakita nalang ng katulong sa tabing daan at hinang-hina na, binuhat nalang niya pauwi. Dinala sa vet buti nalang gumaling.

    Kaya mula noon, nak leash na *** after the morning walk for exercise & until around 8-9pm, then from 9pm until aroung 5-6am free to roam sa bakod.

    Ewan ko ba bat daming taong pag-tripan yong ibang animals na wala na man sala, last year yung pet na tsongo (na si George) ng neighbor naming Kano nilason. Ayon nadepressed tuloy yong Kano, at pina-blotter sa pulis di naman na solve

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    I think I'm in love...again
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    Quote Originally Posted by jann_croix View Post

    they would prefer sleeping indoors, specially under the bed where it's cold

    naiilang ako tignan naka-cage sila

    kung naka-leash lang siguro ok lang
    it's better to put them in a big cage where they can roam around freely than putting them on a leash somewhere when they practically choke when rough activity occurs.

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    Sungka Grandmaster reykjavik's Avatar
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    Hey badoooooooops!
    We don't cage or chain our dogs. Naaawa ako sa mga aso na naka-restrain na wala sa lugar (eg, if you are out in public, etc). We had a neighbour whose dog died in their backyard. Nasakal ng tali niya parang may hinabol daw or something. So sad!

    Kung may bisita kami noon tinatago namin sila pero ngayon sanay na rin sila sa tao. Gagawin nila aamuyin ang bisita, kahol ng kaunti to defend their territory and then ok na. Basta wag lang salbahe ang tao ok sila.

    Kung maglalagay kayo ng aso in a cage sana naman yung cage big enough na pwede sila makaikot and hindi tapat sa araw. I've seen people do this and kawawa ang aso. And then they wonder why the dog is making such a commotion...

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    Yung katapat ng weekend home namin sa Laguna, binebenta. Wala nang nakatira doon sa bahay, so ang ginawa nung may-ari, naglagay ng pitbull na nasa kulungan na 2x2 meter.

    Awang-awa kami dun sa aso, kasi di yon pinalalabas, maghapon at magdamag yon sa kulungan, at sa umaga lang pinapa-kain nung naiwang katiwala. Sa hapon, nagha-howl yun aso, kasi alam mo na gutom na gutom yon. Gusto man naming pakainin, nakakatakot, kasi ang laki nung aso.

    Minsan, gusto na naming tumawag sa SPCA, kaso baka sabihan pa kami na pakialamero.

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    Yung dog naman namin nakakawala siya pero hanggang terrace lang kasi sobrang laki nung aso namin. kapag tumayo yun abot hanggang dibdib ko and i'm 5'4". saka sobrang harot (he's half rottweiler, half-dalmatian). lahat ng makita nilalaro eh maraming pwede masira sa house namin kaya may harang dun sa may terrace para hanggang dun lang siya. pero at least nakakatakbo siya dahil medyo malaki naman yung terrace namin. nae-exercise kahit papaano kahit hindi ko siya maipasyal sa labas kasi sobrang lakas manghatak nun.

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    Cage you dogs during night time. Hindi yung dis oras ng gabi hinhayaan nyong pagala gala sa kalye.

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    no, kasi pag nasanay na free parang tao ren siya, pero pag caged maligalig pag pinakawalan.

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