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    Exclamation Chickenpox on Pregnancy

    Good Day po ..

    My wife is now pregnant and based on her last LMP .. she's on her 8-9weeks pregnancy stage. The start of her LMP is Feb 1.
    Her brother currently has ChickenPox and my wife have'nt had Chickenpox before so i'm really worried for my wife and my baby ..
    Delikado po ba talaga na mahawa yung wife ko and do we really need to move away or lumipat muna ng house just to stay away from the virus?

    Please advise po ...


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    hi.. this is not to scare you off pero yung friend ng sister ko got chicken pox during her 2-3 month of pregnancy, ayun hindi nabuhay yung baby,ang term pa nga is "nalusaw" daw yung fetus.

    but pls ask an O.B. for advice,

    ako kasi when i was pregnant, yung nephew ko na may bulutong, pinalipat muna dun sa grandma ko para makaiwas na mahawa.

    i wish you luck and good health for the baby

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    thanks for the reply .. I really hope and pray that nothing bad would happen to our baby .. I hope our PEX doctor's would give advise .


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    @Boineksdoor; better stay away my wife friend got chickenpox in her 5months pregnacy after that the child was born with deficiency

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    Chicken pox in Pregnancy is dangerous in the first trimester and in the few weeks before delivery.

    However acyclovir is safe in treating chickenpox in pregnancy.

    So see a doctor once you see the first vesicle.

    It takes about two weeks after exposure to chicken pox before your wife will see the first vesicle if she is infected.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTaRter_01 View Post
    @Boineksdoor; better stay away my wife friend got chickenpox in her 5months pregnacy after that the child was born with deficiency
    what deficiency?

    Was it related to the chickenpox infection?

    Rather unusual for a second trimester chicken pox infection to give any complications.

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    thanks for the replies ..

    Me and my wife visited her OB and was advised to stay away so we decided to move out from the apartment. We are still looking for possible signs if she was infected so we can go and have her admitted right away.

    Thanks and Godbless!

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    If your wife had chickenpox vaccination during childhood (2 doses), her risk of getting chickenpox is almost nil.

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    Wala po syang vaccination and she's really at risk na magkaroon ng
    chickenpox .. Lumipat na po kami ng apartment just last week and we're still waiting/checking if any symptoms will come out .. pagaling na din po yung brother nya and we still can't verify kung sino next na mahahawa ..

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    Goodluck na lang! Sana she wont get the Varicella (Chickenpox) infection dahil 1st trimester nya.

    If its any consolation, half (some literature would even say 3/4) of the adult population have some degree of chickenpox antibody due to latent, mild or asymptomatic varicella infection during childhood. Just pray that your wife doesn't belong to the other half.

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    It is more contagious in the recovery stage of chickenpox esp pagaling na yung nagkasakit and will look for another host...
    Close follow up and precaution na lang to your wife...

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    Thanks for the replies po ... So far, wala pa **** po signs or symptoms na meron syang chicken pox .. Medyo magaling na daw po yung brother nya and her sister w/c happens to still live on the same household has not yet infected also ..

    How do chicken pox usually bahave po ba???
    Kung sakali po bang nahawa yung sister nya - we can rest assure na hindi na po mahahawa wife ko since nakalipat na po kami ng bahay?

    Please advise.


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    Chickenpox is highly infectious and can be transmitted through air, it takes usually 11-20 days or what we call the incubation period for the symptoms to develop such as fever and rash, the rash appears as reddish spot which becomes small blisters and very itchy...

    Its like this, mahahawa lang ang wife mo if she's in close contact with his brother na nagkasakit, meaning she's in the same room for more than 15 minutes or "face to face contact," in case mahawa man o hindi yung sister nya, it would be better to stay in your place na lang muna until it is safe to go in her brother's place... give it at least a month of observation kung walang symptoms yung sister and fully recovered na yung brother.....

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    by droplet kasi nakukuha yun illustrate, if you cough or sneeze or basta may particulates na naging airborne and you get to inhale it too, then the virus colonizes the respiratory tract, then gets disseminated in the body, causing the condition. so it's best to have her brother (or kahit yung wife mo) wear a face mask kung talagang di maiiwasan yung exposure.

    mahirap na, first trimester yung wife mo.

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    Thanks for the replies po .. Upto now, wala pa naman po symptoms na nahawa na wife ko from chicken pox but we decided not to come home till after 2-3 more weeks .. Really hoping that she won't get the virus.

    Godbless po!

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