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    Famous Personalities with Gangs/Frats?

    Ralph Recto - Tau Gamma Phi
    Luis Manzano - Tau Gamma Phi
    Sen. Angara - Sigma Rho
    Rayver Cruz - Tau Gamma Phi
    Jopay Paguia - Tau Gamma Sigma
    Vhong Navarro - Tau Gamma Phi
    Andrew E. - TBS

    the most shocking of all, my classmate said this to me, I don't know if it's true

    Sharon Cunera - Tau Gamma Sigma

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    Makna oontaplo
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    Dec 2004
    Turn right sa 7-11
    Phi Slama Jama:

    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Clyde Drexler
    Michael Young (Manila Beer/Great taste)

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    Angel Aquino- Sigma Delta Pi (UP Baguio)

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    Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby = Alpha Phi Chup@ Phi

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    delirium trigger sherzel018's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Yung bassist ng bamboo, anung pangngalan nun? Tau Gamma Phi.

    Sen. Pangilinan - Beta Sigma

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    ■ i ♥ summer ■ pink_gold's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by alexthelion View Post
    Andrew E. - TBS

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    On the air with W-C-S-S eisunemo's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Shooting Star Land
    Quoted from WIKI, nagulat rin ako.

    Jiro Manio- Tau Gamma Phi
    Jan Manual-Tau Gamma Phi
    Nathan Azarcon (Bassist ng bamboo)-Tau gamma phi.

    * Mike Alano (UST) - Actor/Commercial Model and brother of actor Joel Alano
    * Mon Castro (UST) - Actor Ang TV and host of Game Plan.
    * Dan Fernandez - Actor/Politician, married to Actress Shiela Ysrael and currently serving as congressman for Laguna.
    * Cedric Javier (AMA) - Actor. Viva Hot men
    * Micheal Laygo (UST) - Actor/Singer.
    * Marcus Madrigal (TYM) - Actor.
    * Jiro Manio (TB) - Award winning actor.
    * Jan Manual - Actor/Comedian/Host, known for his sattire comedic roles in Startalk TV show.
    * Luis Manzano (DLSU) - Actor, Model, TV Host. Son of Batangas governor and multi awarded actress Vilma Santos and actor Edu Manzano.
    * Jao Mapa (UST) - Actor, Model, Artist.
    * Bearwin Meily - Actor and Comedian, he was known for his mind blowing magic tricks.
    * Vhong Navarro (TYM) - Actor, Comedian, Dancer, TV Host. Former member of Streetboys.
    * Diether Ocampo (DLSU-D) - Actor, Model, Vocalist, TV Host.
    * Dandin Ranillo (SSC) - Actor, the son of veteran actors Mat Ranillo Jr. and Gloria Sevilla and sibling of actors Mat Ranillo III and Triskelion Suzette Ranillo (UPSS)
    * Vandolph Quizon - Actor/Comedian, son of Philippine movie icons Dolphy and Alma Moreno.
    * Boy2 Quizon - Actor/Comedian, another son of the King of Comedy of Philippine movies, Dolphy and stepbrother to Vandolph Quizon.
    * Victor Reyes (UST) Actor. That's Entertainment.
    * Felix Roco and Dominic Roco (TYM) - Actors, twin sons of Philippine veteran actor Bembol Roco.
    * John Wayne Sace (TYM) - Actor.
    * Oyo Boy Sotto (ADMU)- Actor, TV Host. Son of Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie

    basta marami pa

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    Walang scientist? Or inventor?

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    I feel it in my fingers.. ♫ damnright's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    si sharon cuneta miyembro ng frat? hehe. kagulat naman parang wala kasi sa itchura nya yung sumasali sa ganun.

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    the kalye-talipapa gang is well known with the people you so call celebrities.

    oh tama na ang daldalan. nasa tv na ang inyong tele-novela.

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    chris mendez - sigma rho

    lenny villa - aquila legis

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    Oct 2001
    Skokie, Illinois
    Raymart Santiago- Tau Gamma Phi
    Introvoys- Tau Gamma Phi
    Joko Diaz- Alpha Phi Omega

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    Ninoy Aquino - Upsilon Sigma Phi

    Ferdinand Marcos - Upsilon Sigma Phi

    Itong - kilalang kargador sa Pasig - Tau Gamma Phi

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    Banned by Admin
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    Nov 2008
    Six Feet Under
    What's up with Fraternities anyway? Ano nakukuha if you join a frat? Resbak?

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    Banned by Admin
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    Nov 2006
    I ♥ Shanghai
    My 2nd bf - Utopia

    My 3rd bf - Aguila Legis

    I have friends from both fraternity....

    wala lang....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherzel018 View Post
    Yung bassist ng bamboo, anung pangngalan nun? Tau Gamma Phi.

    Sen. Pangilinan - Beta Sigma
    are you referring to kiko pangilinan? upsilon po si kiko, si d1ck gordon din.

    alpha sigma:
    michael defensor
    randy david
    gringo honasan

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    I PITY THE FOOL!!! ermonski's Avatar
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    Planet Cyberchips
    Quote Originally Posted by pencilcup View Post
    Ninoy Aquino - Upsilon Sigma Phi

    Ferdinand Marcos - Upsilon Sigma Phi
    akalain mo nga naman

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    Quote Originally Posted by j.a.M.E.s. View Post
    What's up with Fraternities anyway? Ano nakukuha if you join a frat? Resbak?
    Brotherhood , GANGS ang gumagawa noon their is a huge differences between Frats and Gangs

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