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    Wink Glutathione Injectables (IV)

    hi sisters, has anybody from here na gumamit na, i mean nagpa-inject na ng gluta? ayos lang ba sya, any bad/ side effects? if ok naman, ano magandang brand???
    please share naman????

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    generic lang naman yung gluthathione chemical eh.. iba ibang company lang yun nag package kaya iba't iba rin presyo.

    as for the injectibles, depende na yan sa clinic kung san ka painject i.e. belo clinic will charge more than godiva clinic. or baka may kilala ka doctor like kamag-anak mo baka mas makamura ka pa hehehe

    effect will obviously be faster than the pill method. sabi insan ko in as much as 4 shots, may considerable epek na eh.

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    pano pala un, once injected un n *** forever skin mo,
    or kelangan parin ng maintenance, or pa-inject parin in time?
    thanks ulit

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    kami ng friends ko we do the injecting all by ourselves. Tinuruan kasi kami. As far as i know, glutathione injectables are is the most effective skin whitening.

    Yung mga soaps hindi totoo yun. And yung mga pills, effective man sila pero it will take long before ka pumuti, nakakaubos ng budget yun. Wala naman side effects kaso dapat you're not exposed to the sun. Kasi mas iitim ka lalo.

    I recommend Tationil IV Glutathione by Roche Italy. Effective siya. Medyo may kamahalan nga lang pero its worth it naman.

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    I'm happy=)animO La SALLE;)
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    eh sa flawless ok lang kaya? and ilang minutes yung pag inject???tnx

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    Gluta injectables 4 u

    Quote Originally Posted by ana_c_flores View Post
    hi sisters, has anybody from here na gumamit na, i mean nagpa-inject na ng gluta? ayos lang ba sya, any bad/ side effects? if ok naman, ano magandang brand???
    please share naman????
    IV (intravenous)/injectable glutathione roche tationil brand, package 10 vials/sessions IV gluta with 10 ampules vitamin C for a cheap price direct from supplier, if intersted call/txt me @ 09176235326.

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    cheap price glutathione injectables

    Brand: Tationil by Roche Italy

    1 box (10 vials gluta + 10 ampules vit. C)

    Direct from supplier

    For more details contact me @ 09176235326

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    hi. any1 hir tried Saluta?

    is it ok lang be to administer it thru IM?

    i know vit. c can be really painful kc malapot sya in nature..

    ohh, for those dealers kindly PM na lang..

    in search for sum1 who sells original Saluta kc..

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    Hi everyone!

    My dad is a surgeon/cosme -He's injecting gluta.. I don't know the brand actually.. hehe But he said 10 session yon.. because his my dad, 2,500 per session but still there's no way na papa-inject ako! kaloka! haha I'll try to ask what brand.. Effective nga siya,Don't worry about the side effects..LAHAT ng pampaganda may side effect naman e and GLUTA's one side effect is yung pumuputi yung skin mo.. Anyway, my dad had been trained sa clinic nung doctor ni valerie and angel locsin..

    Yung pag-inject naman, saglit lang..small bote lang naman yon e.. sa front hands mo,idk how to say that.. haha I saw him injecting one of his patient so ayon..

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    hi, im an nurse and I inject to my clients the gluta they order from me..

    Im selling authentic IV glutathione products.. saluta and tationil are available all the time..

    I give discounts if you will choose me as your IV therapists... Thanks!

    text me at 09298073152

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    i also give discounts for bulk orders..

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    Hi everyone, its true that there are fakes in the market. I can show documents of the shipment made by us when we bought our IV glutathiones, even some dermas order from us in bulk. Just make sure that you are buying from an authentic supplier before ordering.
    For more information about our product authenticity and prices, text me at 09298073152.

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    Another thing, you should ask for License to Operate as Drug Distributor/Importer issued by BFAD. Naka indicated dun the source and what items are allowed by the seller to import. It is a very complex process but the bottom line is, BFAD have analyzed its components.

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    Glutathione is an amino acid and therefore it is not a controlled substance. You may be required to submit plenty of documents to Customs but that doesn't stop people from importing from Roche.

    If people can smuggle something as large as luxury cars through Customs, I don't think that boxes of amino acid powder and water ampules would have much of a problem if you have the proper connections.

    I've seen the boxes of Glutathione from Roche, Italy and they are indeed the real deal. The clinics literally charge 6-10 times the price of each piece to perform the injection.

    This is the thing about medicines and it happens even in the States in that often the black market has drugs that are 1/10th the price of the pharmacies since the markup is rediculous. For example, I know someone who uses HRT and gets his supply of GH through the pharmacy and pays by insurance. The insurance picks up the tab at $25,000 per year. On the black market, the identical GH is available at $5000 per year based on the kit price. Again, this is in the USA. The product that is identical to what is sold at the pharmacy...same manufacturer...even tested identical at a lab. It is manufactured outside of the country however, and this is why controlling who gets it isn't enforced. Laws in Italy are very relaxed.

    Even at Mercury there are plenty of drugs that are "dispensed by prescription only" that you can buy over the counter. The reason is that most people cannot afford to go to the doctor in the first place and if there is a choice between the doctor and the medicine that they need, the choice is easy. Poverty and politics makes it easy to obtain drugs in third world countries and even easier to smuggle them into developed nations where drug prices are beyond outrageous to the average consumer.

    The Roche Italy is legit....just make sure you hire someone who knows how to do an IV injection to do it or you risk collapsing a vein. Most nurses will do it for 200-300 so all in all you save about 500% off the clinic price.

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    Nurse available for home services for IV glutathione injection. Registered Nurse and IV therapist..

    PM me for querries and availability of the nurse in your location.
    You may also text 09298073152 for immediate response for the mentioned services. Thanks!!

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    hi pips, i am selling authentic glutathione injectables like Tationil, Saluta, Laroscorbine Platinium, Tad, Japan Gluta and Laenenec...I am a registered nurse so I can assure you that all my products are authentic...text me nlang for the prices 0917-4586279

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    Japan Injectable Glutathione....potent!!!!! Be Your Whitest Ever!!!! Text Me Here 0917-4586279

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    how about IM injections with saluta?? pwede ba un? or IV lang tlg?

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    puputi ba ang singit at manoy mo sa Glutathione?

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