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    (ABS-CBN) Twilight TV Series

    ABS-CBN has bought the rights to make a tv version of the hit vampire novel "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, it is about a girl named Isabella Swan who fell in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen, the taping is

    set to start next year in Baguio, Bugarin in Tanay Rizal Province, Bukidnon and Tagaytay, This will be one of the biggest production ABS-CBN will make, the budget for this TV Series is about more than a million,

    which is big for a tv series. this is said to be directed by the award winning director Cathy Garcia Molina.

    Twilight Philippine Version Cast:

    (Pending) as Edward Cullen
    Shaina Magdayao as Isabella Swan
    Valeen Montenegro as Alice Cullen
    Gabby Concepcion as Dr. Carlisle Cullen
    Luis Manzano as Emmett Cullen
    Al Tantay as Charlie Swan
    Yayo Aguila as Renee Dwyer
    Fred Payawan as Jacob Black
    Carlos Agassi as James
    Chin Chin Gutierrez as Esme Cullen
    Karylle as Rosalie Hale
    Joross Gamboa as Jasper Hale
    Jessy Mendiola as Jessica Stanley
    Empress Schuck as Angela Weber
    Brad Murdoch as Laurent
    Nikki Bacolod as Victoria
    Aaron Villaflor as Mike Newton

    ABS-CBN said theyre thinking of Rafael Rosell, Diether Ocampo, or Jake Cuenca to portray the role of Edward Cullen.
    For you, Who do you want to play as Edward Cullen?

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    AAAT...nag-va-vagang FLOP etetchhh...noh? SURE NAH! migossshhh...vwahahahahaha...~!

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    hala! totoo ba yan?! parang malabo kasi may book2 - 4 pa na gagawing movie. siguro after maipalabas yung 4th movie, pwede pa.

    pero kung totoo.. ang galing ah.

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    parang mas gusto kong si valeen for bella swan than shaina...

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    ambitious much? hingi na nang pangkain kay sir gabby lopez nag-didiliryo ka na TS.

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    seriously what the f is wrong with philippine entertainment today?!?!?? are people really that lazy to come up with original stuff?? the economy's already bad enough so stop wasting money buying rights to books and movies to remake when it's never as good!!! my god.

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    hala.. totoo ba yan? kapamilya ako pero parang ayaw ko mangyari yan.. ayaw ko talaga..

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    in fairness sa ibang kapamilya ayaw mababoy ang twilight.

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    OMG! is this real? TWILIGHT is a real hit but i dont think this will be...

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    twilight pinoy version? i'll go for it. totoo naman kaya ito?

    my picks:

    Isabella Swan - Kristine Hermosa ( beautiful, flawless, maputi)

    Edward Cullen - Diether Ocampo ( flawless, maputi, guwapo, sexy)
    Emmet- Raphael Rosell
    Rosalie - Christine Reyes
    Alice- ?
    Carlisle - Gabby C.
    Esme- Lorna Tolentino

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    i think this is a hoax

    but if it is real i'd say maja or shaina as isabella

    then hold auditions for edward cullen. someone hot/cute and NEW haha
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    Seriously. I'm a solid Kapamilya since birth, but puhleeaase. Spare Twilight from this remake madness.

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    feeling ko na isang malaking chismak lang 'to... mahirap paniwalaan na magkakaroon ng philippine version even before the us...

    if this true, i hope na kasing ganda ng LOBO or even better... but, nah... maniniwala lang ako pag may official announcement from abs...

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    nag-iilusyon lang ata itong si TS..napakamahal ng pagbili sa rights nitong twilight lalo na't mega hit ito...mas ok siguro kung gumawa na lang sila ng series inspired by twilight pero gawin ang twilight Philippine version? isang malaking DUH......

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    hoax! hoax! ambisyosya

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    Napasmo ang TS! Hahaha.

    Kung yung sa movie galing sa summit nga disappointed na yung fans.. Yung manggaling pa kaya sa ABS?

    Di pa yan kaya ng budget.. Eh kung totoo naman "pangit ang quality" yan ang magiging feed back niyo from Twilight Fans. =P


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    Feeling ko din hoax ito...and I hope it's a hoax too. Kahit solid Kapamilya ako ever since, I do not want ABS-CBN making a mockery out of Twilight...and Shaina Magdayao as Bella? Hell to the no! This HAS to be a hoax.

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    Kahit naman ang movie binaboy yung book.

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    anuvanaman yan????

    hindi ko kokonsintihin itech....

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    Oh no...

    This has got to be a hoax. When ABS-CBN learns how to improve their special effects department, then that's when they should tackle projects such as Twilight. I like ABS-CBN, but this is just overboard.

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