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    I've been supporting an environmental group,financially and by practice.My
    Whole family is big on 3R.Nag bo volunteer din ako sa Women's Centre doing
    Counselling and Distress Centre.Maganda magvolunteer sa WC and DC dahil
    they train volunteers.Marami akong natutunan bukod sa tumutulong ako.Walang
    bayad pero they give tax deductible receipt.Very fulfilling ang gumawa
    para sa without expecting kapalit!

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    Mod, perhaps this thread can be moved to Higher Horizons. It's a lonely forum out there with only one thread.

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    What are the causes that you believe in?

    Someday, I would love to help out in trying to achieve all the MDG's (millenium development goals). But it feels too much too soon, so right now I'm focused on the following:

    • the environment; going green
    • children
    • fight against poverty
    • fight against cancer

    How about you? What do you feel strongly about?

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    Do you have any cause(s) or advocacy/advocacies?

    Do you have any cause(s) or advocacy/advocacies?

    I'm planning to join this year's Blog Action Day.

    This year, the theme is water.

    Blog Action Day

    Nag-back read ako, pero hindi ko mahanap yung ginawa kong thread.

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    3 E's
    electoral reform

  7. Oct 12, 2010

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    Hi Guys, Let us help our nation.

    I've compiled a list of NGO and Charitable Foundations at www.pinoysavingsblog.com

    Click here for the list

  10. Oct 18, 2010

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    I'll merge this with the thread I started.

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    Mr. Optimist
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    Feb 2000
    Manila, Philipp
    1. Abandoned Elderly People

    2. Abandoned Babies

    3. Children With Life-Threatening Ailments and Diseases

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    Volunteer organizations

    Hello guys

    Anyone of you knows a volunteer organization that I can join? I'm currently working and is 22 y/o...thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by amoroch View Post
    Hi Guys, Let us help our nation.

    I've compiled a list of NGO and Charitable Foundations at www.pinoysavingsblog.com

    Click here for the list
    Hello, links are dead po, can you update?

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    perfect in every way
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    closest to my heart are:

    1. education for less fortunate children
    2. care for abandoned children
    3. care for abandoned dogs/ cats
    4. care for abandoned elderly

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    Really thinking of being active again. Last time I volunteered was back in college pa.

    Plus, I also need help getting donations for my school. We're in need of books for our library since most of the collections are only textbooks for elementary and high school students. Sana PExers can donate their college textbooks

    I've already donated some accounting, finance, and economics books. Tapos when I see a sale item sa bookstores, like SAT reviewers, I buy them and donate them sa library namin. Novels, journals, and other scholarly publications are welcome too

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    I also support awareness campaign about HIV-AIDS. Would love to volunteer for events though.

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    Preservation of traditional Filipino cuisines

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    Yes! I am proud I am a member of an organization who cares for the nature. Its been 9 years since I joined them. I became one of the facilitators in their events and contributed also in some activities they conducted.

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    You might want to join this group which will be visiting indigenous Aeta communities on August for a medical and outreach mission.

    See https://www.facebook.com/events/1421786694515190/

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    It just prevents them from being too over powering and brings a consequence to having large numbers as it would be harder buy essay online to communicate and maneuver and “friendly fire” would bring some sort of balance to zerging.

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    Lightbulb Young Mind Business Club (YMBC)

    Looking for an org where you can share ideas, knowledge and information, and show your abilities, skills and talents?

    Well, good news! We are starting a new club/org. You are free to join our group of young individuals who believes we can make a difference.

    Let us all learn from each other and create something out of nothing. Who knows we can go a long way and beyond our expectations. Let us create an environment where dreaming big is always supported.

    Pm me if interested.

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