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    Ask! Hit us with your best tech questions. :)

    Here's your chance to ask any tech question!

    And we'll answer them in the most stripped down ~ understandable way we can.

    Just shoot!


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    whoa! that was fast!

    Here's my question:

    There are some UMPC's out now with Celeron M processor. This is a departure from the usual Intel Atom powered idea we have of netbooks.

    My question is: Which is better/faster Intel Atom or Intel Celeron M?

    Thanks techpinas!

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    Hi Circuslife!

    As promised -- a short, simple answer:

    Intel Celeron M kicks Atom's as%.

    Check out this article in TechPinas showing SuperPi benchmark results of Celeron M and Atom.

    900Mhz Celeron M > 1.6ghz Atom

    I hope you find this helpful.

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    How do I interoperate a Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform with an Avaya S8300 Media Server and Avaya SES Server via SIP trunks?

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    Scourge's False God karona's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    i'm having a little difficulty pairing my SGH-G400 with my laptop using bluetooth....installed all the necessary samsung pc studio software and followed the steps in connecting but somehow it does'nt work....any ideas? (oh, using usb cable works btw)


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    Where can I get local Quintum VoIP training?

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    "Why are we here?"


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    Hi Karona!

    Let's keep it short and simple.

    You have 2 gadgets that couldn't be connected via bluetooth.
    1 of 2 things may be happening:

    1. One rejecting the other
    2. They are rejecting each other.

    What to do, off hand:

    1. Check if your laptop's Bluetooth device is installed properly. Update drivers if necessary.
    To check if it works, try connecting another gadget to it first via bluetooth. If it works, your laptop's bluetooth device may not be the culprit.

    2. Check if your cellphone's Bluetooth device is working - try connecting it to another gadget via bluetooth (like another cellphone). If it works, your cellphone may not be the culprit.

    Yan muna.
    Diagnose muna natin.

    Let me know the results.

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    There's going to be a 3-day training course on Quintum VoIP (and others) at The Malayan Plaza in Ortigas -- December 2 - 4, 2008.

    For details, Call Malayan Plaza at 7060055.

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    Because we are not there.

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    I kill people I like. hrdnox_12's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    At the basement.
    can you suggest any application that will allow me to view pdf file in my fone (motorola krzr K1) ??? thanks.

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    which 1 do you think is better in speed and consistency: pldt mydsl or skycable broadband?

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    i have a question. how can you make an old reader/built in SD card reader in a laptop read SDHC cards?

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    Hi hrdnox_12!

    Try PicSel Viewer.

    Pls search nalang online for installer.

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    Hi kitty88!

    I can't speak for SkyCable broadband.
    But stable na ang PLDT MyDSL here in my area.

    The best thing you can do is to ask your neighbors kung anong subscription nila then ask them what they think about the service. Then, decide based on that.

    I believe the quality of DSL or broadband connection varies from one area to another.

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    Hi baste!

    At first, I thought parang VCD and DVD case lang yan. Or SDRAM and DDR. Or CoreDuo and Core2Duo. Which are hopeless to fix (as in the fix you are asking for): you'd have to upgrade talaga. Only because it was a hardware update rin on the part of the manufacturer.

    Interestingly, it looks as if this is not the case in SD and SDHC. Parang what they did was a software update lang. Kaya possible siguro to also update your reader.

    This site:
    offers an interesting solution. A windows patch. I haven't tried it, but who knows, baka gumana sayo.

    But you know what, I think cdrking sells dirt cheap usb sdhc cardreaders.


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    how can you change the Internet Sharing in Windows XP programmaticaly?

    1st internet source is from a ADSL router.. 2nd internet source is a dial up modem.

    in case 1st internet source went down how can the 2nd internet source be the primary internet source for the local network?

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    Okay, here's mine: A lot of netbooks nowadays are using the Intel Atom N270 1.6 Ghz processor. Now, a dual core version will be available soon of this processor.

    My questions are:
    - How much speed improvement will we see compared to the non-dual core version?
    - How much less will be the battery time for the dual core version compared to the non-dual core version using the same battery?

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    Hi Nhowelson!

    Let's try this:

    It looks like what you need is AutoDial for the Dial-Up connection. This feature automatically prompts your modem to just dial-up for connection once Network is disconnected.

    Start - Control Panel - Network Connections ---

    Then on the Advanced Tab click on Dial Up Preferences, enable Auto-Dial but check the two boxes below the big box.

    This is if you want it really automatic.
    But we suggest just doing it manually para less 'hassle'.
    Why not place a Dial-Up shortcut icon on the TaskBar or anywhere instantly accessible -- 2 clicks and that's it.

    I hope you find this helpful.

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    Hi rhk 111!

    PcPro has done tests on Atom 330 (The Dual core Atom) vs. Atom N270 (single core) and even vs. Via.

    here are the results.

    -Overall results: Atom 330 performs only 16% faster than Atom N270.

    -Office 2003 tests: Atom 330 stayed behind Atom N270 and VIA C7 respectively.

    -2D graphics tests: Atom 330 performed 41% better than Atom N270 and 70% better than VIA C7

    -Encoding tests: Atom 330 scored 18% better than N720 and 39% much better than the VIA.

    -Multitasking tests: Atom 330 performed 47% faster than Atom N270 and Atom N270 performed 44% better than VIA C7.

    So it looks like 330 is really good for Multitasking (and for hyperthreading apps like Photoshop) -- but not exemplary in handling single core apps (MS Office).

    But here's something you should really consider:
    Atom 330 will deliver half battery life than the current Netbooks utilizing Atom N270.**

    SO you have to think about it first, do you really need Dual Core?
    And come on, Dual Core Atom!?
    Why not go all out and get Core 2 Duo if you really want Hyperthreading?

    For the hottest tech-news and reviews, visit

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