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    Thumbs up MARICEL SORIANO, DIAMOND STAR, A Title That Truly Befits The Acting Empress! (13)

    Hello Everyone, lovely and good maricelians folks:

    Here it goes, we now have a new home. WELCOME *HUGS*...

    Sit, down, relax, let us chat, have a nice conversation, have fun reading and posting!

    Take care everyone! God bless...

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    Wow, bago na pala ang thread ni Ms. Maricel!

    Congrats po sa lahat!

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    Cool Hi...

    Hello Octagon, nice SN you got there . Welcome sa new thread...


    Quote Originally Posted by octagon View Post
    Wow, bago na pala ang thread ni Ms. Maricel!

    Congrats po sa lahat!

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    Talking Guidance

    I rise to new heights of understanding through the Christ Spirit within me.

    If we allow ourselves to feel stressful or upset about a person, thing, or situation, we may lose our direction and be oblivious to the greater purpose our lives hold. We do not let ourselves become lost in the deep woods of confusion, however, when we rely on our inner, divine compass.

    A challenge is an opportunity for us to take time in the silence and receive guidance from the Christ Spirit within us. As our breathing becomes slow and steady, we relax and know the true state of our soul is one of faith and understanding. Able to perceive, we prepare to follow a definitive, purposeful course.

    Our life, our day, and our moment shine bright and clear, and we emerge from the silence, ready to follow the Christ Spirit and rise to new heights of understanding.

    “Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights!” —Psalm 148:1

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    Thumbs up Wow...

    This is one of my favorite picture of Ms. Marya!

    Quote Originally Posted by abojii View Post

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    maricelian DIN! teamSHINE's Avatar
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    wow, nagbagong bahay na kami, tapos bagong bahay na rin dito congrats sa lahat!!! to inay marya..we luv u to the diamond level!!!

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    aba bagong bahay na pala ah

    congrats sating lahat Maricelians

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    Thumbs up Welcome...

    Hi Sunshine , hello wonderchaser .... welcome to our home!

    Come on in Maricelians...

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    Cool Hi Manou

    Having fun yet? Enjoy lang ha...

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    aba dapat kasali din ako lol!

    congrats j_l... threadstarter

    congrats maricelians.

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    Cool Hello Best Actress...

    Musta na dyan Best Actress

    Enjoy lang

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    bakit wala ang pangalan ko diyan manou? lol! ang alam ko naging threadstarter din ako lol!

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    Cool Hello Renzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

    Of course naman Renz.. ikaw pa... come on in... Tuloy po kayo and enjoy lang

    Quote Originally Posted by renzz View Post
    aba dapat kasali din ako lol!

    congrats j_l... threadstarter

    congrats maricelians.

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    FLORINDA thread

    Maricel Soriano and Chito Rońo's Horror Movie thread

    PEP Forum

    ABS CBN Forum


    Some Things About Mary

    Hello Hello Maricel Soriano's Concert
    Thanks to SILK DRAGON (Vilmanian)

    Hello Hello Maricel Concert Part 1

    Hello Hello Maricel Concert Part 2

    Hello Hello Maricel Part 3 BONGGA KA DAY !

    Hello Hello Maricel Part4

    Hello Hello Maricel Part 5.... MOVIE FAN OPM SONG

    with Erik Quizon in LoveliNess ..Namegame dance number


    PROUD MARICELIAN..... all about Maricel Soriano

    Waray Medley with Mommy Marsha

    Always in Snooky

    Destined to be one of the greatest stars

    I'm Every Women....Walang katapusang pasasalamat sa mga fans

    SchoolGIrls Movie ... REGAL BABIES

    Horsey Horsey Tigidig ...with Gary V. and TVJ

    Taray Teroy ...1-9

    John and Marsha

    John and Marsha 2

    Remembering Bida si mister Bida si Misis

    Taray at Teroy

    Rico Mambo.......Gary V. Concert

    Maricel Soriano with Edu in GKNB

    That's My Doc

    Minsan Lang Kita iibigin

    Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

    Inagaw Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin

    John en Marsha TnT sa Amerika

    John en Shirley Anniversary Dance number with Bong Navarro

    Impromptu dance number Give Me Just A Lil More Time


    Enough is enough

    PMPC Star Awards Best Actress abs cbn's TV Best Actress

    Theme from Mahogany

    SPOTLIGHT number

    I will survive in Vilma

    Tribute to Diamond Star Diamond is Forever

    Tribute to Diamond Star I am what I am

    Tribute to Diamond Star SHE --37th years in Showbiz

    Tribute to Diamond Star You Are So Beautiful

    Maricel Soriano's first song Ngayon At Sa Habang Panahon

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_L View Post
    Having fun yet? Enjoy lang ha...
    Quote Originally Posted by renzz View Post
    bakit wala ang pangalan ko diyan manou? lol! ang alam ko naging threadstarter din ako lol!


    copy paste ko lang yan sa previous thread e
    san ba renzz.... kukutuhan din kita lolz,,,mahanap nga yun lol

    naayos ko na ,,,san ba si ephygal?
    siya may gawa nun eh,,,makutuhan nga

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_L View Post
    Musta na dyan Best Actress

    Enjoy lang
    you're a very nice host
    gaganahan akong magpost nito everyday !!


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