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    Nephritis, Ano ang dapat kong gawin?

    Last Friday, nag-swimming ako somewhere in Malabon. And then nung Saturday, naramdaman ko yung:

    1. Abnormal bowel movement. Nahihirapan ako maglabas ng stool.
    2. Wala akong ganang kumain.
    3. If I eat, isusuka ko rin siya.
    4. Parang nangangasim yung sikmura ko.
    5. Nanghihina ako. Hindi ko alam kung dahil hindi pa ko kumakain ng isang araw kasi takot akong isuka ko rin naman.

    What should I do? Ano bang sakit ko? Help naman.

    Pinainom ako ng Dulcolax but I haven't consulted a doctor yet. Nangyari na rin yata kasi sa'kin yung ganitong sakit dati pero I'm not sure. Hindi ko alam kung dahil din sa mga nainom kong tubig sa pool last week.

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    i think meron ka gastritis. drink a lots of fluid kasi baka madehydrate ka.

    stop taking duloclax.

    for #1 take buscopan every 6 hours.

    for #4 take nexium for one week medyo mahal nga lang to. proton inhibitor siya.

    then stop eating too much oily and spicy foods.

    and the best thing to do is to consult a doctor kasi baka its more than gastritis.

    hope this helped you in some ways.

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    Surgeon in the House
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    I recommend you seek professional help. Your symptoms are non-specific and will require a good history taking and physical exam.

    Vomitting may bring about electrolyte deficiency which may lead to serious complications if left untreated.

    Consult your doctor. No need to wait.

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    Hey guys, kalalabas ko lang ng ospital. Well, ito yung diagnosis sa'kin:

    1. May UTI ako, pero hindi ako nahihirapang umihi. So okay lang yung tungkol dun. Madali namang gamutin.
    2. Na-detect na may something sa kidney ko. Nephritis yung tawag, or sa kidney inflammation. Na-infect daw yung kidney due to several coughs and sore throats na naranasan ko. Pero nung na-research ko. E. Coli din yung cause niya. So I guess galing yun sa pool na nalanguyan ko the last time.

    I have to eat low protein foods daw, kasi papababain yung creatinine something. Kailangan ko ng low-protein diet.

    Anong ma-a-advice niyong pwede kong kainin? Hindi naman daw kailangang walang protein pero low lang. Thanks guys.

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    try mo muna kumain ng white fish like bangus, tilapya, dalagang bukid etc and chicken kasi mas madali itong i-digest kesa pork and beef. Samahan mo na rin ng veggies... father ko kasi nasa low purine diet... and avoid coffee, try to drink lots of water or banaba tea... suggestion lang pero mas maganda if ask ka sa dietecian/doc kasi mas may alam sila...

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    Okay lang yung white fish? Kasi parang sinabi na, iwas din daw dapat.

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    It's really hard to eliminate protein from your diet. I think the best way to do it is to keep in mind the food that are high in protein and try to limit your intake. Food that are high in protein include meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese and peanut butter - so try to minimize your intake of these kind of food. The rest (bread, rice, veggies, fruits, cereal, pasta, etc) have small/trace amount of protein.

    I do hope you recover soon! It's not easy to have kidney trouble.

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    How about in my UTI? May mga bawal bang kainin?

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    I'm happy=)animO La SALLE;)
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    nakukuha rin ba yung sakit na yan kapag madalas kang puyat tapos stress ka pa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANGELIKANZ View Post
    nakukuha rin ba yung sakit na yan kapag madalas kang puyat tapos stress ka pa?
    when you are stress, mas magiging susceptible ka sa infection like uti....

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    yung UTI among males is often subclinical meaning wala kang mararamdamang symptoms. iwas lang sa salty food. drink lots of liquids. water i mean.

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    Protect Yourself From Acquiring Respiratory Infections And Tonsilitis Because It Can Fasten The Destruction Of Your Kidneys Or It Can Make Your Kidneys Inflamed....

    Most Of The Time, The Causative Agent Is Streptococcus Bacteria.

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