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    Just wondering if anyone here has info on their training skeds/monthly fees, locations... thanks
    As the physically weak man can make himself strong by careful and patient training, so the man of weak thoughts can make them strong by exercising himself in right thinking.

    From "As a Man Thinketh" By James Allen

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    Depends how old your daughter/son is. Fees depend on frequency and levels, the chepest around P 1,800 - P 3,500.

    There one in Pasig Kapitolyo, one in san agustin-makati. Pm me for your ?

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    friend ng lahat
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    Aug 2004
    meron din sa IS-Manila sa the fort...maybe sa rizal memorial...

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    ISM is strictly for ISM students. Rizal is strictly for the national team.

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    friend ng lahat
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    Aug 2004
    ayty! pero sa rizal gymnatics center sa rmc merong silang training skeds for those who wanted to learn gymnastics, pero this summer lanG ata...yung mga beginners...ism talaga for ism students talaga...

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    Gymnastics Association of the Philippines ay bukas sa publiko simula 130pm hanggang 330pm. kelangan mo lang bumili ng tiket na 35php at 100php para sa coach. Mas mabuti ay makipag-usap ka sa isang coach at sabihin kung ano ang gusto mo. tapos sa susunod ay makipag-ayos ka kung tuwing kailan ka pupunta.


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    The private clubs are still your best bet. I wouldnt bet my money on coaches
    who hang around the gym in rizal hoping for students.

    Plus sessions can get pretty irregular if the GAP has its own events therby
    closing down the gym to the public.

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    Hi there! For those who wish to learn basic gymnastics-tumbling skills:
    Hip Dance Studio -gymnastics class at 19 Dao St.,Bgy.Quirino 3A,Proj.3,QC.
    (Anonas) Saturdays 2pm-3:30pm, pls.text Cel.0919 2156084 ( coach john ).
    Fee is P150.each,per session, for groups of 3 persons or more.It's just a small place,good for learning standing backs and flips only.You can visit every Saturday.

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    San uli sa Rizal ang GAP?
    As the physically weak man can make himself strong by careful and patient training, so the man of weak thoughts can make them strong by exercising himself in right thinking.

    From "As a Man Thinketh" By James Allen

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    friend ng lahat
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    Aug 2004
    sa mga gymnastics gym...likuran ng rizal badminton hall at ng rizal memorial coliseum...

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    Rizal gymnastics gym is at the back of the tennis center and the badminton hall.
    You can only workout there satrturdays. Look for Javier Beren or Mr. Beren.

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    Gymnastics - Artistic and Rhythmic

    I'm quite surprised there is no thread for this.

    I've been following gymnastics since the '96 Olympics in Atlanta. When USA beat out Russia in the women's team finals. When Kerri Strug limped and lead the girls to upset a Russian victory.

    But I was all for the Russians. I liked Svetlana Khorkina who is so excellent on the bars she even has a move named after her. And I loved Alexei Nemov because he was undeniably hot.

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    My thoughts on the Men's Team Finals:

    - From the start, you just knew that China would win it. They had solid performances in every apparatus. Well done.

    - Japan coming into the Olympics as the former gold medalists had to settle for silver.

    - Without Paul and Morgan Hamm, the US team seemed doomed. And then they gave amazing performances on the high bar that kept the crowd roaring. Maybe if they didn't finish with the pommel horse (where they were weakest), they could've even sneaked in 2nd place.

    - What happened to the former powerhouses Russia and Romania? Heck, Germany was better.

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    China will dominate artistic gymnastics...

    Russia will dominate rhythmic gymnastics...

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    My thoughts on the Women's Team Finals:

    - Going into the finals, USA was expected to win. Afterall, they had Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin who are both exceptionally good, all-around gymnasts. But I was rooting for China all the way. They are kind of the underdog in this case. As for Romania and Russia, well, their teams aren't as packed as before.

    - It's interesting how they kept USA and China (also Russia and Romania) together during rotations. It's like the other teams didn't even matter. Because it was all about those 4 teams.

    - First Rotation: Russia had the highest score. Surely they would. They started on the uneven bars. Like the commentator was saying, it is best to rack up points on the bars and on the beam. But what was surprising was that USA was 2nd and China was 3rd after the first rotation. Interesting.

    - Second Rotation: USA and China are off to the uneven bars. Damn, Nastia Liukin gets the highest score (yet) during the whole competition: a 16.900. That routine had a starting score of 17.700. So that was very impressive. And it's good that she didn't land on her butt during the preliminary rounds. So the Chinese are feeling the heat! Well, what do you know, their last two gymnasts get a 16.800 and a 16.8500. Ha! To think He Kexin (the last to perform) also fell during the prelminary rounds. There's the uneven bars final for you: Nastia Liukin versus He Kexin. After this round, China leads the pack.

    - Third Rotation: Holy hell! Cheng Fei (the oldest and team captain of their team) fell off the beam! That is going to be a huge deduction. So that should've given the US team the opportunity to grab the gold, right? Well, the broadcast cut this part and went straight to the final rotation. But apparently, the first US gymnast, Alicia Sacramone (also the team captain) on the beam also fell. And she fell on her first skill! Ouch! Also, the Russians fumble on their apparatus so the Romanians creep into third place.

    - Fourth Rotation: I read somewhere that this was the strongest appartus (together with the beam) for the US. But going into the finals, China had the highest score on floor. Sacramone fell again. Liukin and Johnson went out of bounds. Buh-bye gold! The Chinese girls just had to keep it together. And they did, while having fun! Jiang Yuyuan had the most enjoyable routine while Cheng Fei had the most impressive routine. Also, they got a Romanian choreographer for their routines. You can't beat that!

    - It's still going to be between Johnson and Liukin for the all-around title. These two are really exceptional. Poor Sacramone. She just couldn't help bundling up and crying.

    - I'm happy for the Chinese girls. It is their first gold in this category. And they really performed under pressure. But you wouldn't see it in their smiling faces. Like the commentator said, they went for youth and innocence. And they won. Awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by untouchable View Post
    China will dominate artistic gymnastics...

    Russia will dominate rhythmic gymnastics...
    I am 100% happy with that.

    But don't count out Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin.

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    My personal favourite is relatively unknown--not like Kerri Strug or Dominique Moceanu (another personal favourite of mine) at least in terms of popularity--but she's very good in her own right: Jamie Dantszcher.

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    The controversy about the ages of the Chinese gymnasts:

    (Just by looking at them, 2 or 3 of the girls might not be 16 yet.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanie_5 View Post
    The controversy about the ages of the Chinese gymnasts:

    (Just by looking at them, 2 or 3 of the girls might not be 16 yet.)
    Bela Karolyi, who coached Retton of the United States and Nadia Comaneci of Romania to their Olympic gold-medal triumphs, said the problem of under-age gymnasts had been around for years. Age is an easy thing to alter in an authoritarian country, he said, because the government has such strict control of official paperwork.
    He should know--he pioneered sending kids at gymnastics meets. Why is he complaining now for what he started?

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    ^^ I know! He's such a hypocrite. Since he's with the US team now he's crying foul.

    Did you hear about what happened during the NBC Broadcast? He mentioned this controversy several times. Would he have mentioned it again if the US team won gold? I don't think so.

    It's so distasteful. I say sour grapes. Shut up old man.

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