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    Funny Filipino English Expressions

    Here are funny and erroneous Filipino English expressions that have been perpetuated over time.

    1. Commute

    What Filipinos mean: when someone uses public transportation.
    What the English word means : to travel, period.

    2. Salvage

    What Filipinos mean: summary execution especially done outside the public's eyes.
    What the English word means : to save something.

    3. Next next week

    How it should be phrased : week after next

    4. Tuck out (shirt not tucked in pants)

    Tuck out? Untucked is the proper term.

    5. Main branch

    No such thing. Should be main office.

    6. Long cut.

    No such thing. 'Long' and 'cut' are in fact contradicting. Should be 'long way.'

    What other erroneous/funny 'Filipino English' phrases do you know?

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    I dont know the correct term but Americans seem to be perplexed about it.

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    dig you own hole jaLenpaRk™'s Avatar
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    long cut are created from short cut. same as tucked out from tucked in.

    you know pinoys are very "creative"..

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    mosquito bite.

    hindi naman kasi nangangagat ang lamok e. nanunusok.

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    "What other erroneous/funny 'Filipino English' phrases do you know?"

    funny how.. an english word used in america would have a total different meaning when used in England


    Eggplant in the states. would be Aubergine in Europe.
    Cigarette would be a [email protected]
    a bundled twigs is called a [email protected]

    Icebox would be called an Eskie

    so my point is.. it's not only filipinos who invent their own english words. elsewhere in this world, too have invented their own english words.

    so stop with the racisim.
    Last edited by BeerhandBop; Jun 28, 2008 at 08:57 AM.

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    4,5,6 bihira ko marinig yan, madalas tama naman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponggit Orot View Post
    mosquito bite.

    hindi naman kasi nangangagat ang lamok e. nanunusok.
    This is not an expression unique to Pinoys.

    My contribution to the thread....

    Buy one, take one vs. buy one get one here in the US
    Eat all you can vs. all you can eat
    Belated happy birthday vs. happy belated birthday

    I don't find them funny or incorrect, just different.

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    Dapat CELEBRITY ang proper term, hindi artist.

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    some of which i can think of at the moment:

    gimmick - took me a while to get the pinoy meaning
    rubber shoes - sneakers or tennis shoes or whatnot
    earbuds - better known as Qtips or cotton swabs, earbuds are kinds of headsets here.

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    for rent.

    to let, sa ibang bansa.

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    I heard this while asking for direction, "dumerecho ka lang sa kanan"... huh?

    "Apartment" is called a "flat" in England and some parts of Europe.

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    "I'll go ahead"
    what this really means to an American is "I'll go to the place first, see you there later."

    we Filipinos use it like "bye-bye"

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    sa high five ang sinasabi ntin mga pilipino eh appear when truly its up here.

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    "Dine in" or "take out" sa mga fastfood chains dito..
    i dunno but there's something wrong with the latter, I sometimes heard that it should be "to go"... correct me if im wrong, though..

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    Beneath the towering pines kensamor's Avatar
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    Nasabi ko na sa isang thread. We call pee, jingle. Saan nagsimula yon? We call fridge ref, soda vs. softdrinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by el~terrible View Post
    sa high five ang sinasabi ntin mga pilipino eh appear when truly its up here.
    Wow! Now THIS is a light bulb moment. I honestly didn't know that before. Thanks!

    Wasn't it Tito, Vic and Joey who popularized "appear"?

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    apparently not everyone knows that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clawed_out View Post
    apparently not everyone knows that.
    Apparently, I'm still not in your ignore list. So that means you can still read this:

    Change your avatar signature from "HATERade keeps you hating" to "guyB1TCH since 1999"

    ...and stop PM'ing me. You have no reputation to protect 'coz everyone pretty much knows your an A-hole already. KTNXBYE

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    Trafalgar Law:Room! UNKNOWN X's Avatar
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    *lip sing*

    it should be "lip sync"

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    ...and stop PM'ing me. You have no reputation to protect 'coz everyone pretty much knows your an A-hole already. KTNXBYE"

    I think he once pm'd me too. Lmaos

    sad person.

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