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    Question regarding Philippine Literature during the New Society

    Guys, please help me. I'm researching about Philippine Literature during the New Society era for a project in school.

    How was Philippine Literature then during the era of of the Marcos Dictatorship?

    Ano ang mga naging tema ng mga literary works nung panahong iyon at ang sitwasyon na kinakaharap ng mga manunulat natin?

    Bakit rin umusbong ang mga bomba movies nung time na yon?

    Sa'ng medium nagflourish ang panitikang Pilipino nung panahong iyon, Prose or poetry?

    Sino ang mga aktibong alagad ng panitikan nung panahong din iyon.

    Kamusta rin ang estado ng industriya ng Komiks rin nung araw...

    (I mentioned Komiks and movies because they're co-related to literature rin)

    Thank you!

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    literature wasn't much during those days, as it's either melodramatic marxist drivel or government-friendly artsy-fartsy hogwash

    bomba got around because the govs need a way to distract the masa

    pinoy komiks used to rule, that whole manga thing was bollocks, 'nuff said

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