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    Ok guys... eto yung sa GAWON (accdng to my source)

    Nag apply friend ko dito and was accepted as a trainee but unfortunately she didn't make it. Anyway, ito sabi niya.

    Galingan nyo lang sa exam and interview. Hnd niya alam kung ano standard nung pagtanggap ng trainees pero mga 5 trainees lang sila nung natanggap siya.

    320 yung training salary for 10 days but it still depends on them. Kung magaling ka na trainee pwedeng isabak ka agad sa floor so parang safe ka na. O kaya pwede ring, hnd pa umabot yung 10 days pero ii-evaluate ka na (ex.pang 6th days) at magde- decide agad sila kung tanggap or babay ka na. (yeah! I know, masaklap)

    Anyway, mabait naman daw yung mga trainers (plus may American trainer pa daw)... cool lang. Galingan lang daw sa mga mock calls at wag papa-late pero madali lang daw **** yung training kung magaling ka lang sa conversation. so isang plus advantage kung may ESL experience ka na or call center exp.

    May times nga lang na boring at nakakalito sa training... hnd pa daw sila ganun ka-organize.

    pero try daw rin natin mga pipz. Mas mataas naman daw sahod e. heheh! Let's try our luck!

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    thats what I wanted to hear. thanks!

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    nga pala... how about TALKPIA sa Ortigas? may alam ba kayo rito?

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    Hey can anyone help me find a good home-based online company? I'm working as an ESL teacher here in Makati and I want to do something different.

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    scroll up

    Quote Originally Posted by prikild View Post
    Hey can anyone help me find a good home-based online company? I'm working as an ESL teacher here in Makati and I want to do something different.
    look at the links i posted

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    may homebase pa ba an bago **?

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    Guys baka may mahahabol pa kayong feedback sa Gawon.

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    Gawon 10 days training can be 7 days if ur good. 320 training fee. very relaxed pace. good feedback from regular employees. sss etc are being paid. 18k salary could go higher if your good.

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    Uy conan69, nagstart ka na? Thanks sa info.

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    HOME BASED (online)... as in dapat may skype account, webcam..
    tapos may oras din when ka dapat online>>> meron nga 4am

    pero gusto nila esl experienced na eh... or yung teacher talaga!!

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    nagwowork yung kaibigan ko dyan binabarat talaga sila ng management at pag daw may nagsumbong sa dole may counter attck daw chorva.. haist. basta yun. tapos sila din pinapagawa ng texbook dunno lang kung may extra pay sila pag nag ot

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    di nga??? gagawa ka ng text book???

    plano ko pa naman mag -apply ESL ONLINE TUTOR SA MAKATI...
    kasi nga di na graveyard, tapos di naman stress yata trabaho,
    compared sa callcenter. Di rin gaun ka dami pakikisamahan mong
    tao, kasi maliit na company lang...

    ang base pay ba for this job lalo na pag full-time 13k lang ba???

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    about KOREAN Callcenter


    There are a lot of homebased companies for online teaching that are available at bestjobs.ph and sulit.com.ph

    Here are some of them that I've gathered.. kindly google 'em to see the link.

    *Always investigate the company by googling it so that you'll know if they're seem to be legal, if they offer good curriculum on their website, if there are some people who are working here..
    *You should have a Skype account; headset; webcam
    *Payments for homebased is to be given once a month; usually through bank transfer --BDO/Paypal
    *If you want to apply, google it and contact them.

    Students: Chinese
    Salary: Full-time (10K for 1st 6mos ; 15K=7th mo. onwards) M-F
    Part-time (100/250 ; flexible M-F)

    b. HowNWhy
    Students: Korean
    Salary: Full-time 14K-20K fixed
    Part-time 7K-10K fixed

    c.E-communications Inc.
    Students: Japanese
    Salary: 250-200/hr

    Students: Korean
    Salary: 120/hr

    f. Jigu (Makati)
    g. English talk ([email protected])
    h.JP English
    i.Pumpkin English ([email protected]) -female only
    j.TutorABC (Sa Cebu nga lang based)
    Pay:100/hr (group& individual class)

    ..more at SULIT.COM.PH

    *Make good deals.Think carefully!


    Online English companies are poping like popcorns.Usually KOREANS are the students.Just this year, some nationalities has started to emerge in this kind of BPO...

    *Always ask the company if they'll ask the teachers to pretend as Americans --for phone english only..com'on guys be proud as Filipinos. They're offering the students a premium price because they told the students that their teachers are Americans.. but in reality they are Filipinos and yet as they pretend..they're still getting small amount of salary..UNFAIR

    There'll will never be a perfect KOREAN Online Company. But I guarantee that Wephone...

    a.WEPHONE INCORPORATED is the best when it comes to managing people. The pay is not bad because it's balanced with the working environment you have.The people are friendly and are well-appreciated.There's a family culture there..that's why even resigned employees tend to go back..^^ Other companies try to provide a very good training but NOTHING COMPARES with WEPHONE. Many companies have emerged that once were their client.Nevertheless, though they created their own company, they can never reach the level of WEPHONE (I've been here..you'll love your workmates and students)

    Salary: 13-16K

    b.WINGLISH (one of companies who broke up with WEPHONE)
    They have the same culture with WEPHONE, thus you don't have to worry.

    c.GAWON -phone english (just so-so), cool people, toxic
    d.E-LAMP - toxic..video english..you'll do your own lesson but the pay is high..16 K up
    e.IVOLINE - one of the oldest Korean company..but pay is too low
    f.NEUNGYULE -silent company but I guess they pay reasonably..cool environment too
    g.TONGKEUN -So-so
    h.TEL-ENGLISH- so-so (you're not pinoy)
    j.SYNCEDUCATION - so-so female only, SINGLE!!!
    k.EASY LANGUAGE - i guess it's okay..but too far..fairview

    a.YBM - Nice name, fully recognized in Korea,good pay, people are okay(co-workers i mean) but admin is too bad, pay could be delayed
    b.TOKS International Group - Video English,cool teachers, BUT! bad policy, bad admin, delayed salary (all the time), low salary too, unfair system...bad,bad, bad..
    c.EGLOBISH -toxic, pure Korean management, low pay:sweatdrop2

    ***EMERGING ONLINE ESL in Ortigas
    a.LRA -Turkish students (MyEclass International)
    b.ACE IN TOUCH -Mexicans and Vietnamese (MyEclass International)

    All information here are gathered from the internet and reactions of workers coming from these companies.

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    My LiL bEaR moonster's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    CiTy oF AnGeLs
    wow very helpful information indeed. alam nyo kung career hanap nyo, wag na kayo umasa sa ESL teaching. ang babarat talaga nila mag offer. its a business eh. tsaka lahat yan mga may ari magkakakilala yan, so they know the rates. para lang to sa mga naghahanap ng part time and talagang passion magturo ng english

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    Guys, baka gusto nyo subukan sa Chungdahm Inc.

    Its at 23flr. Tower 1 Enterprise Center, Ayala Avenue Makati (This is the HSBC building) They have posts for e-tutors, what you do is, you grade essays submitted by students. You check for grammar and substance issues.

    Pwde ang walk-in. They will give you a 3 part exam, grammar and writing ang focus. Then if you pass, training agad ng 4 days (no pay) - after that may exam ulet to assess if kaya mo yung system nila. When you get hired, 1 - 3 months lang ang probi. You only get 13K pag probi. Pag regular na, 18K na ang sweldo.

    Bago lang yung company, last quarter of 2008 lang nag umpisa but they are expanding. Sayang lang ndi ako pumasa after the training, pero try nyo kase mukang maganda dito :-)

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    -the thinker-
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    Feb 2009
    Makati City
    may opening pa ba kayo? balak kong magturo uli. how much ang salary? may allowance ba? thanks...

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    -the thinker-
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    Feb 2009
    Makati City
    nag-aplay ako sa chungdahm last january. sabi ng reception (siya din nagbigay sa akin ng exam), they will call me pag pumasa ako. hindi sila tumawag (meaning bagsak ako)... then i tried applying again this month, scheduled na naman ako for the exam...

    tanong ko lang, are u really checking the exam? modesty aside, di pa po ako nabagsak sa mga korean online... ako lang po natanggi kasi masyadong mababa ang offer.... dito lang po...


    sana may makabasa nito...

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    When I was 3rd year college in 2006, I tried working as a part-time Online English Tutor in Ortigas. My schedule was from 6pm-11pm, Mon-Fri.

    VOIM English Incorporation ,
    Good points:
    1. Regular training provided (accent training included)
    2. Nice equipment, all flat-screen computers and good headsets
    3. Cool co-workers (although some of them weren't really fluent in English and made sporadic errors in pronunciation)
    4. Relaxed environment, good support teams
    5. Paid lunch/dinner break, occasional team building events

    1. Very low pay, P50-P60/hour at that time for part-timers (I'm not sure now). Tax and other monthly fees are deducted but they don't really go to your Pag-ibig, Philhealth, SSS.
    2. Hires anyone who can speak in English, even if their grammar or pronunciation is questionable
    3. Lots of intrigues and back fighting in the office (Although this is present in almost all companies)

    I quit after 7 months but I was able to learn a lot from my experience. My supervisor, TL and other co-tutors quit as well after some time.

    I then tried to apply in another Online English company along Kamias road in Q.C, and the rate given to me was P65 but I negotiated and demanded for P75. The Korean boss reluctantly agreed (as though it costs him a lot to hire me). Eventually, the other tutors found out about my rate and also asked for the same amount.

    Other online English companies I searched within Q.C offers the same rate, the highest only being P100/hr.

    I really feel Koreans are not paying us enough. They look down on us and think that they can start companies here and profit from it because of "cheap labor". Even though some bosses seem kind, they don't really care about their employees, all they care about is making profit.

    But because of my experience working in an Online English company, I realized my passion for teaching English. I do hope it can be considered a career in the future.

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