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    Psychology Board Exam

    fellow psych majors, there have been rumors that there's going to be a board / licensure exam after obtaining your degree.. and put it into practice just like educ grads for teaching license..

    do you agree on this?

    correct me if im wrong, the usual procedure before one can actually apply his being a "psych major" is after he gains an MA degree and have atleast two years of practice..

    but with this licensure exam right after you finish your bachelors, if you pass, then your good to go and practice the craft..

    as for me, i would definitely agree on it..

    i think its time for psychology to be recognized as a profession in the philippines..

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    Really? Interesting.

    I have a question though. If I obtained an MA degree 2 years from now, what would be a significant difference (in terms of practice and research) between me, an MA degree holder, and a BA degree holder who passed the psychology board exams? Di parang na-undermine naman 'ata ang MA degree? Just wondering.

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    i have heard about this back when i was still in college, and err, that was like 10 years ago.

    so may rumors na naman uli???

    but id' definitely agree on this. i wouldn't mind studying again if only to find out for myself that i could actually be called a psychology professional.

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    hehe again correct me if im wrong.. the way i understood it kasi is like this... ( or the way my higher ups at school explained it to me

    if you want to pursue a career in the psych field.. ( become a professor, psychometrician, guidance, etc. ) then you have to have an MA degree before you get licensed.

    with this licensure exam, you can practice these "branches ng psych" w/o an MA.

    ( except of course when your planning to pursue a career sa medicine.. )

    just like educ grads.. they get licensed, then if they want to further their skills and all,thats the time they'll get MA..

    but once they passed the licensure, they're considered na legal and professional teachers na kahit walang MA..

    thats what they wanted to do with psych.. para daw hindi na-u underestimate and psych grads kasi kahit grad ka ng bs psych you can't be called a psychologist, or even entitled to practice not unless you earned an MA degree, thus licensed..

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    I have heard this thing way back when I was still in First year college and it's 2007 already...

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    yup.. parang ganon na nga.. mukhang hanggang sabi sabi at plano lang..

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    uhmm... medjo may Guidance and Counselling law na... which requires a board exam ek-ek for Counsellors in schools etc... daming requirements, and the ordinary AB and BS Psychs can't be GCs anymore coz the prereq is a Guidance and Counselling degree or masteral. As for the Psychology Bill... 1970s pa po yan.

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    totoo na ba na after 2 years, i-apply na yung board exam for psych?

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    actually baka april or may maging law na ***..

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    kasi pipirmahan na lang ni pres. arroyo ang bill. after that law na siya.

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    dalawa po kasi ang Psychology Licensure Exam na gagawing law ngayon.

    1st (psychology board exam)
    "Licensed Psychologist"ang title nya pag ka pumasa ka. etong exam na to ay for people who have Ph.D in psychology po..

    2nd (Psychometrician board exam)
    yung isa po ay for BS psychology grads - Psychometrician Board Exam. sabi nila if you passed this board, you will be given a title as "certified psychometrician".

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    What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychometrician ?

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    sana lang wag masira ang standard ng curriculum ng Psycho majors dahil lang sa board exam gaya ng mga kursong may board exams

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    hindi masisira ang curriculum ng psychology dahil in fact e ganun naman talaga ang course namin.
    iba ang psychologist sa psychometrician, if you are a graduate of BS psych hindi ka pwedeng tawagin na psychologist.
    you should obtain a Master's degree in Pyschology para tawagin kang psychologist, so kung graduate ka ng 4 years BS psych e kelanga mo pa ng additional 2 years of masters degree para ibigay saiyo ang title as psychologist.

    “Psychology” is the scientific study of human behavior. It involves the application of scientific methods to inquire into the biological, cognitive, affective, developmental, personality, social, cultural, and individual difference dimensions of human behavior;

    “Psychometrician” means a natural person who holds a valid certificate of registration and a valid professional identification card as psychometrician issued by the Professional Regulatory Board of Psychology and the Professional Regulation Commission pursuant to this Act. As such, he or she shall be authorized to do any of the following, provided, that such shall at all times be conducted under the supervision of a licensed professional psychologist: (1) Administering and scoring of objective personality tests, structured personality tests, pen-and-paper intelligence, achievement, and interest tests, excluding projective tests and other higher level forms of psychological tests; (2) Interpreting results of the same and preparing a written report on these results; (3) Conducting preparatory intake interviews of clients for psychological intervention sessions.

    so kelangan graduate ka ng BS psych for you to have a this title..

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    What are the career opportunities for both psychometricians and psychologists ?

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    Also, is the Master of Arts in Psychology exclusive only to those with a BS Degree in Psychology ? What about those with allied health courses like nursing, med tech, PT etc. ?

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    Not really. I have this professor na OTRP, and at the same time a Registered Psychologist. She actually finished her BS Occupational Therapy and MA Clinical Psychology degree at UST.

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    yup kasi pwede ka naman mga take up ng MA psych kahit hindi BS psych ang course mo.provided na mayron ka pa atang kelangan kunin additional subjects pagka pasyado nang malayo ang BS course mo like kunwari BS accountancy tapos mag MA psych ka.. siguro nga dahil medical and allied course naman siya e mas madali para sa kanya na makapag MA.

    kami naman na nasa BS degree pa lang ay pang psychometrician board exam ang kukunin namin..for psychometrician kelangan talaga BS grad ka kasi yun ang isa sa mga requirements na nakalagay sa Psych Bill.

    kung kukunin mo naman ay psycholoy board exam kelangan may master's degree ke in psychology, major requirement yon.

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