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    ^ Walang anuman pero huwag ka nang pupunta sa mga bath houses at kung saan-saan pang lugar na pwede kang mahawaan ng kung anu-anong sakit. Sabi nga ng kaibigan ko, "wala naman silang pakialam kung mahawaan ka nila ng kung anu-ano."

    Hindi natin masasabi kung nahawaan ka ng HIV 1/2 or ng mga sexually transmitted infections. Ang tanging paraan lang para masagot yung mga tanong mo ay kung magpapasuri ka sa duktor. At dapat sa IM-Infectious Diseases doctor o sa mga Social Hygiene Clinics. Paki-balikan na lang yung mga postings ko sa thread na ito para sa mga information na kailangan mo.

    Ang outbreak ng syphilis at herpes ay nagagamot kung maagapan ng maaga pero dahil sa virus ito, nasa loob na ito ng katawan ng isang tao. Yung outbreak ang nagagamot, pero yung virus, hindi na.

    Huwag kang masyado magisip ng kung anu-ano. Basta huwag mo nang ulitin yung mga pinaggagagawa mo dati. I-respeto mo naman ang sarili mo. Ayoko nang ma-nermon dahil maski naman ako ay natutukso pero naiiwasan ko naman. Palagay ko iyon ang mahalaga: ang disiplina at respeto sa sarili.

    Good luck ulit sa'yo!

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    I have frequented "those" places one time in the past but I swore to myself I will never visit those places again. It was for curiosity's sake but it was scary to say the least. I used condom naman and it didn't break but the idea of compensating your health for a few minutes of pleasure is terrifying.

    After doing that grabe ang anxiety ko. Scenarios of gaining STD are going to my mind like hell.

    It's nice to have a support community like this one here in PEX. duckie4120 I really appreciate the fact that you're taking your time to answer questions and concerns here no matter how repetitive they may be

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    Ang katakutan mo talaga ang HIV kasi walang cure iyan, so please please keep that in mind.

    Having sex outside of marriage cannot be totally obliterated I understand so please remember to use a condom. Using a condom might still get you HPV or herpes (which have treatment) but at least it strongly protects you from HIV.

    But still the best 120% fool proof cure is abstinence until you get married and have a clean partner. Napakahirap lang talaga maging anxious sa ganitong bagay, I hope others would refrain from taking the risk and exploring.

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    ^ i believe there is no cure for hpv or herpes as it is a virus just like hiv. however, i there are treatments to negate outbreaks.

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    I believe that's why most us are here zevil89; because we've gone through the same process of uncertainty and anxiety over past actions. Kaya sabi ni Cleric mahirap humusga dahil pinagdaanan na lahat to. *** iba turned out positive, others negative but we all still share the same desire to help. Sabi nga ni Cleric respetuhin naman natin satiny natin. Value yourself a little more. It isn't just HIV we should be worried about but a host of other diseases like HSV and HPV. These can be passed along through oral sex and 2 strains of HPV can cause throat cancer in men and cervical cancer in women. Ilang beses pa natin kelangang marinig *** "nasa huli ang pagsisi." Stay safe everyone and have a nice day! It has and will always be a pleasure to contribute what I know in this forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by zevil89 View Post
    Ang katakutan mo talaga ang HIV kasi walang cure iyan, so please please keep that in mind.

    Having sex outside of marriage cannot be totally obliterated I understand so please remember to use a condom. Using a condom might still get you HPV or herpes (which have treatment) but at least it strongly protects you from HIV.

    But still the best 120% fool proof cure is abstinence until you get married and have a clean partner. Napakahirap lang talaga maging anxious sa ganitong bagay, I hope others would refrain from taking the risk and exploring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superscared View Post
    Ako naman nagkaron ng slight fever (mostly chills) exactly after 10 days of "protected" sexual intercourse. Naglast yung parang slight fever ko with two swollen lymph node sa magkabilang jaw/neck for 7 days, and then nagpacheck na ko sa doctor, binigyan ako ng antibiotic, then nawala. Di naman ako trinangkaso or something, pero parang papunta don *** sakit, kase parang may lagnat "laki" ako tapos medyo may times na may headache and may CHILLS.

    Do you think may hiv ako? kase protected naman *** sex, pero nakakaparanoid bakit naman after 10days exactly nagkaslight chills/fever ako. para syang patrangkaso na KULOB at ayaw magfull blow lagnat na naglast for 7 days and then nawala na lang kase nagpacheck ako sa doctor at binigyan ako ng antibiotic na nagpagaling sakin.
    Protected sex is just as what it sounds like, protected! Condoms are highly advocated by organizations simply because they are very effective in preventing HIV. Had it not been effective, organizations would have looked for other means or very strongly advocated celibacy.

    While doctors and scientists would not consider "protected sex" as no risk, since medicine is an EXACT SCIENCE, they do concede that there is simply a very very low almost nil chance that you will get HIV through protected sex.

    The risks are even lower if you are a guy who had intercourse with a "potential" HIV positive girl. It's more difficult to transmit HIV from a woman to a man, hence the high number of homosexual men and heterosexual woman who are HIV positive.

    It is clearly outlined by international health organizations that HIV can only be transmitted by

    a. UNPROTECTED anal or vaginal sex
    b. Sharing the same needle
    c. Receiving HIV+ bloof
    d. Mother to child

    The only time you should really get an HIV test is if you had unprotected insertion OR the condom broke.

    Wala pa akong kilalang taong nagka HIV through protected sex, more so through oral sex or hand job.

    There has been scientific studies that a couple, one HIV+ while one is negative, consistently used condoms for years, and the negative person was never infected with HIV through the course of their relationship.

    Other than that, stop surfing the internet. The internet fills you up with enormous amounts of stories and cases that will make you even more paranoid.

    Then again, it is good that you are now aware of HIV. Since you are now aware of the symptoms, this should give you more reason to consistently use condoms and avoid having multiple partners in the future.

    Hay, we really need an RH-bill Sana ay makita ng mga pari gaano karaming tao ang naapektuhan nito.

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    Protected sex is a "low risk" activity because there is that chance of the condom breaking, not because fluids can get through the "intact condom".

    Personally if you must have sex, please do it with someone you really know that is clean and use condoms.

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    guys...medyo paranoid ako...i have this pimple like sa genital area parang mas pus konti pero painless siya at hindi rin itchy. I went to a doctor kanina at sabi herpes daw or syphilis..then sabi nya bloodtest natin RPR ata *** test not sure though...niresearch ko yung mgapictures ng herpes and syphilis but none of those ay katulad *** sa akin..not really sexually active and i practice safe sex...the test result for RPR will be on monday na...hindi ako's killing me softly...

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    Is it on the penis or around the penis (pubic hair area)? If its around the penis it might be a simple pimple.

    You can differentiate a pimple from a chancre as well.

    Initially, in syphilis, a dusky red flat spot appears at the site of inoculation and is easily missed. Then, a painless ulcer (chancre) appears 1821 days after initial infection. Genital sites in women affected are the cervix, vagina, vulva, and clitoris. Cervical and vaginal syphilis infections may not be recognized. In men, the chancre is easily seen on the penis. Other locations of infection are limited only by human ingenuity and imagination. Common sites are around the mouth (perioral) and between the buttocks (perianal) areas.

    Chancres vary in size from a few millimeters to several centimeters. A chancre is usually painless, solitary, and shallow, with a sharp border and raised, hard edge

    But you got tested already, just wait for the results. Balitaan mo na lang kami pag dumating na
    Last edited by dashingdevonair; May 15, 2011 at 09:46 AM.

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    Yes it's on the opposite side of the tip of the's not a sharp border though but it's like a mosquito bite with pus inside

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    Hi Cleric1, where exactly the clinic of Dr. Neri? I tried to call the number that you posted (5231008) it seems that it does not exist. I'd like to have tested there.

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    As long as you never engaged in unprotected penetrative sex either vaginally or anally, its very very unlikely that it's HIV. That alone is something that will give you a relief.

    HIV talaga ang katakutan mo kasi iyan ang magdidiminish ng life span mo.

    I couldn't rule out the possibility of herpes or syphilis but getting those is a lot better than acquiring HIV. Syphilis can be easily cured and there are treatments for Herpes.

    Remember to avoid sex until you find yourself in a monogamous relationship with a clean partner.

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    my last encounter was january and no penetration was appears last april...

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    Hintayin mo na lang yung results mo for herpes and syphilis.

    No need to test for HIV. Pag nag unprotected sex ka lang anally or vaginally tsaka kailangang magpatest.

    Doctors at PGH will ask you if you have ever engaged in unprotected penetrative sex, pag never talaga they will tell you there's no need to get an HIV test.

    Sa forums na ito at sa ibang US-based HIV forums, wala pa akong nababalitaang nagka HIV kahit naka condom.

    From hereon I suggest you stop surfing the internet regarding STDs. A basic knowledge on the nature of the disease will do but don't overload yourself with information for it will cause unnecessary anxiety. HIV/AIDS is one of the most popular diseases that causes anxiety in people.
    Last edited by dashingdevonair; May 15, 2011 at 06:01 PM.

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    Self-imposed deadline Cleric1's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by blurio18 View Post
    Hi Cleric1, where exactly the clinic of Dr. Neri? I tried to call the number that you posted (5231008) it seems that it does not exist. I'd like to have tested there.
    I think the phone number of RiteCare cannot be reached. Can you try calling Remedios AIDS Foundation at 5240924? Dr. Neri has a clinic at Remedios on Saturdays from 3 to 6 P.M. Call them up Tuesdays to Saturdays. I believe Remedios is closed on Mondays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibeenparanoid View Post
    maraming salamat sa payo mo. tama ka sa mga sinabi mo. bukas na ako magpapacheck up about sa syphilis, sti at herpes. dahil halos hndi ako makatulog sa gabi dahil sa sugat sa hari ko. may nakita kasi akong sugat parang gasgas. pero hndi sya katulad ng sugat ng syphilis oh yung tinatawag na chancre dahil mallit lang ito at parang kalmot lang. hndi rin sya katulad ng herpes dahil hndi naman sya nagtutubig.. ah basta magpapacheck up n din ako bukas para sa mawala ang takot at kung meron man ay mas maganda ng maaggapan ng maaga. hndi namn ako nagpapa**** sa anus madalas ay oral sex lang ang gngwa ko. *** positibo bng magkaHIV ako.? nagagamot ba ang syphilis? nagagamot rin ba ang herpes?

    maraming salamat ulit sa iyong payo. maraming ako natutunan sa mga sinabi mo. mangiyakngiyak nga ako sa payo mo. tama ka para akong walang pinag aralan dahil sa mga pinaggagawa ko. kahit na sa malaking unibersidad ako nag aaral tingin parang ang baba ko at *** uneducated dahil sa pinaggagawa ko. excited na ako bukas magpacheck up. AT kayo ang unang makakalaman kung magpopositeve ako o negative. kahit na natatakot ako sa magiging resulta..

    salamat ulit
    hey there, how was the exam? hopefully you tested negative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rev14 View Post
    hey there, how was the exam? hopefully you tested negative.
    nag non-reactive ako sa HIV kaya laking tuwa ko pero hndi p rin ako napapanatag kc magpapacheck ulit ako after 3months.... kc last encounter q ng pakikipagtalik ay april 27 kaya pnbabalik ako ng 1st wik of september.. kaya ipinagdadasal ko sna mag tuloy tuloy n negative ang resulta...

    about naman sa herpes at syphilis hndi ko pa alam kasi hiv lang ang natest skin dahil wala clang lab para sa herpes at syphilis kahit na pinayuhan ako ni doctora na wag na ako magpatest dahil hindi naman blister(herpes) o chancre(syphilis) ang nakita ko sa hari ko kundi isang parang hiwa lang o gasgas.. peo hindi ko alam kung saan nanggaling yun... lumabas lang yun nag-ahit ako ng pubic hair...... peo isa pang nagpapangamba sakin yung tigywat ko sa nguso tpos yung ntuyo prang nagkaron sya ng sugat... hndi ko ma explain eh... hndi naman sya blister basta para syng ewan hahahaha..... lumbas pa yun habang my sugat yung hari ko kaya lalo akong naparanoid..... amf....

    tanong ko nga lang po sa inyo saan po ba pwedeng magpatest ng syphilis at herpes yung mura po ah.....

    tanong ko rin kc my nabasa ako sa net kapag daw nag positive k sa syphilis mahhihirapan daw madetect na my hiv ka?,,,, totoo po ba yun?

    salamat.... waiting for 3months para magpacheck ulit at ng mwala na ang pagkaparanoid ko.....

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    share ko din sa inyo... yung nakasex ko sa bathhouse yung last encounter ko na magpapalabas sakin ng resulta kung magpopositive o negative ba ako sa HIV....

    comment na rin sa inyo kung gaano kalaking chance n makakuha ako ng hiv sa last encounter ko ng sex....

    taga bulacan ako pero sa maynila ako nag-aaral working student natanggap ako sa work kaya magpapamedical na lang ako so nung april 27 lumuwas ako ng maynila para magpamedical at hapon na rin ako natapos... so nung natapos na ako magpamedical inisip ko kung saan ako tatambay.... then naisip ko yung farenheit sa quezon city isang bathhouse kung saan ka makakakita ng bisexual at pwede mong makasex...pangalawang punta ko na ito dahil nung una ay feb 28 (diba nagpacheck up ako sa hiv at non-reactive ang lumabas so nung first ko dun ay hindi ako nagkahiv)... ayun nga nagpunta ako nang farenheit at sympre nakipagtalik sa dalawang lalaki (nakipagtalik ako habang may sugat yung hari) tpos ayun nga yung una kong nakasex ay nagtirahan kame, una inoral sex nya ako habang my sugat hari ko (hindi naman ako masyado nangangamba kasi ala naman virus sa saliva.. sana nga) tpos pinasok ko yung hari ko sa kanya kahit na may sugat ang masama walang condom inisip ko kasi hindi ako mahahawa dahil ako ang tinatawag na insertive( o yung nagpapasok) tomo ba? pagakatapos sya naman ang tumira sakin iniisip ko baka may hiv sya ka pinagamit ko sya ng condom tamang tama my dala syang condom kaya sya na lang ang gumamit.... tpos ayun na.. pede ba ako mahawa sa ganun... halos yung hari naman nya hindi pumasok sa anus ko dahil bago ko palang ipasok nalabasan na sya.... tapos yung huli naman ay oral sex ang ginawa namin yun lang...

    sabi sakin ni dr pagdasal ko na lang na walang hiv yung dalawa... sana nga.... alam nyo hindi naman talaga ako nagpapatira sa anus o halos virgin pa ang anus ko.....

    hindi na tagala ako pupunta dun... parang bangungot yung ganung lugar... hahanap na lang ako ng kapartner ko since may itsura naman ako....

    sana wala akong hiv .....

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    ^ yan kasi anh hirap satin. alam ng non-reactive ayon sumige pa. tapos after makatikim ng sarap eto na at oras na nag pagsisisi at paranoid na. kasalanan nyo din yan at napgadala kayo sa tukso. laging ganon. kung talagang nag promise kayo na di nag mkkipagsex sana konontrol nyo

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    The Philippine General Hospital on Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, offers the most affordable HSV 1/2 (Oral and Genital Herpes) laboratory testing at P1,430.00 for both tests (Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 [IGg]).

    Other hospitals like St. Luke's charges P4,000++ while UST Hospital charges P9,220.00 (HSV 1/2 IGg and IGm testings). San Lazaro Hospital and Jose Reyes Memorial do not offer Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 testing.

    Call PGH Infection Control at (02) 5548400 local 3238/ (02) 5548400 for more information on the testing, what time you should go there for testing, what to bring, how much is the total fee, etc. I believe you need to have a recommendation (referral/prescription form) from a doctor before you undergo Herpes testing. You can get a doctor's referral from free from PGH Infection Control Unit. Just ask for STI/HIV Sagip office.


    Cheapest syphilis testing (RPR) is at the Manila Social Hygiene Clinic in Manila because it's free. You can get tested for Hepa B as well. Call them up at (02) 7116942.


    No. Even if you are tested positive for syphilis, HIV 1/2 can still be detected by HIV 1/2 testing given that the person has completed the three months window period.


    The sexual exposures you mentioned are moderate to high risk (of course it's non-quantifiable). Again, we cannot tell if you have STI/HIV unless you get tested again after three months from your last exposure.

    But if the doctor said that the scratch on your penis is not a sore or an outbreak, then trust her. Given of course that she specializes on infectious diseases.


    Browse this thread (as well as the Sexually Transmitted Diseases thread) for more information. Your other questions can be answered by going back to the previous pages.


    By the way, stop saying "tomo" and use "tama" because that Pop colloquial term, "tomo" is annoying.

    And stop going to bath houses and other pick up places. Sexual pleasure is fleeting and dangerous. Do other worthwhile and relevant things instead.

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