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    Arnel Pineda's 1st Major Concert as part of the Journey in Chile

    WOW!!! I just want to share this videos of Arnel Pineda's 1st concert as lead singer of the Journey band. I got chills and amazed ... thousands of people gathered to watched the come back of the Journey.

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    i'm still surprised that our major networks didn't make mention of his debut, but they cover Charice's stolen items.

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    Because of the revived interest and popularity of their song "Don't Stop Believin'" courtesy of the new TV series Glee, Journey with Arnel Pineda is enjoying some renwed popularity in music and video searches.

    I've been watching videos of Journey with Arnel Pineda's live gigs in Chile and Las Vegas and somehow, the kilabot factor I felt when I first heard Arnel sing Journey songs like DSB, Faithfully etc is now replaced with just a tinge of, sorry to say... cringe.

    Maybe iin Arnel's struggle to put his own personal touch with the band, he is taking more and more creative latitude with Journey's anthems. I somehow find myself cringing at Arnel Pineda's Journey stylings:

    - mispronounced, misenunciated lyrics
    - showing off his vocal range and other vocal embelishments ("Regine Velasquezesque")
    - drunken master style of moving around the stage choreography

    I know Arnel's a pretty small guy compared to his bandmates but I'm sure he can still express his individuality "subtly" and less "GMA Master Showmanesque".

    I really thought that Arnel is going to be the Journey vocalist who's going to make Journey fans miss Steve Perry less.

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    Beneath the towering pines kensamor's Avatar
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    Do not forget that Journey will be on Oprah on October 02, 2009! Last Monday sila nag-taping.

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    Mukhang may bagong Pinoy na namang i-a-adopt si Mama Oprah ah?

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    Beneath the towering pines kensamor's Avatar
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    Over Neal (or is it Neil) Schon's dead body! Haha! But seriously, very positive ang nabasa kong insiders' news. Okay lang i-adopt ang may tunay talent, basta ba wag si Willie Revillame...LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papichulo168 View Post
    Mukhang may bagong Pinoy na namang i-a-adopt si Mama Oprah ah?


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