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    Who is the highest paid player now in PBA?

    Sorry guys medyo na pag-iwanan na ako ng basketball sa Pinas

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    Still Kenneth Duremdes from his exixting old contract he signed with Alaska!

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    would you happen to know how much that is?

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    meat kiko bear
    48 million dollars in 8 years ata

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    For a bench player like Kenneth 48 million dollars???


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    ^ wow totoo pa ba yan? parang nba player ah

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    pesos naman... kung natuloy si Danny I sa tanduay nuon malamang sya

    yung kay marlou ba tapos na rin ba?

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    yung kay danny i dati sa tanduary 96 million pesos for 16 years ata yun ....

    yung kay marlou aquino, tapos na he renewed his contract na

    kay duremdes this year o next year matatapos.

    that's the bad thing with signing a player for a long term contract especially if he's around 28 plus years old na
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    ^kenneth should thank MVP for his huge contract...tinapatan lang ng alaska yun offer sheet....

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    oo nga hehe

    pero after 2 years tinirade ng alaska si duremdes para makuha si cablay sa draft .... alaska had cortez and cablay sa backcourt

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    I think Duremdes' old Alaska package was something like P56 Million for 8 years or a whopping P590K every month. No wonder he's still all smiles now that he's become a benchwarmer for Coke.

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    Yah, Duremdes probably earns around P500-P600k a month

    I wonder how much Asi earns..

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    doesn't danny seigle earn P1M/month?
    P500K against the cap and P500K under the table?

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    less than that kaya nag-aalburoto kasi another player almost get the same amount as his salary but not as good as him.

    P.S. o baka hiritan mo na naman ako na binabara kita, just clarifying some things lang.

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    marlou aquino. he's getting paid just to show some effort. imagine if he has a career month!

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    ^hindi na nga raw e....iba ng contract ni marlou ngayon...tapos na yun huge contract nya...

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    kenneth duremdes is the only player still receiving the then maximum salary of P500,000. his contract will expire this year or next year. the maximum salary for players right now is P350,000 per month.

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    Asi earns 1m every month. under the table deal naturally. danny seigle i think also makes the same.

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    Don't those under the table deals make the teams over the cap?

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    Obviously, a team will only report their "legal" salaries to the league office.

    However, this practice in the long run will definitely hurt the team, especially if the financial burden of paying these salaries will increase.

    The reason why professional sports leagues (not just basketball) impose salary cap rules is two-fold -- first, for the protection of the teams and to ensure their commercial viability for a long time and second, to ensure parity among the teams so everyone will have an equal chance of signing the best players available without resorted to an escalated bidding war.

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