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NOW SHOWING: A Second Chance

Ano ang paborito mong hugot line galing sa A Second Chance? Wag magpahuli sa kwentuhan.

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UAAP finals game 3

No more tomorrow for either of the teams. Both teams must give it all to get the most wanted championship plum. Will you cheer for the Tigers or the Tamaraws?

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Travel Diary: Vietnam

Here's an interesting travel story from PExer mitchdl2015. Discover more of Vietnam in this article.

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Comelec disqualifies Grace Poe

What are your reactions towards the disqualification of Grace Poe from the 2016 presidential race?

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REVIEW: Victor Frankenstein

"Victor Frankenstein comes in after Halloween, but for a good reason". Check out the full movie review here!

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Philippine Superliga 2015

Who will be the queens of volleyball this season? Cheer for your volleyball idols in this thread.

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    nakakalat sa OROSA


    totoo ba un? starting tomorrow raw...jan.31

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    cool.. sounds really greaT

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    I PITY THE FOOL!!! ermonski's Avatar
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    sana 10 cents na lang per message sa globe to globe tapos 25 cents sa ibang networks, para everybody happy lol!!!

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    totoo yan? any official source?

    i wont need a 2nd fon then.

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    IF this is true, expect another price war soon - which, theoretically, is good for us consumers.

    Bring them on!

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    Predatory pricing strategies? Sun got sued because of this tactic, let's see how Globe explains it to the competition.

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    Ang Smart daw, free na pag Smart to Smart texts...


    Funny how unfounded rumors can spread so easily...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katchatore View Post
    Predatory pricing strategies? Sun got sued because of this tactic, let's see how Globe explains it to the competition.
    Predatory pricing? True, Globe and Smart are the market leaders but then they have to prove that their prices are being offered below cost.
    (Would they reveal the *real* cost?)

    If so, it only proves that all this time they've been enjoying a very large profit margin for the SMS service. (I know someone from one of these companies who calls their SMS service as their "bread and butter".)

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    ^ but of course. SMS service was free before.

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    "Free" for *us*, not the operator.

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    san nyo naman nadinig ang balita na to?


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    Ok, tsismis lang pala ito.

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