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    Police Clearance?

    The company I am applying at is asking for both nbi clearance and police clearance?

    I always thought these two were the same?

    Where do I get a police clearance?

    Thanks to those who can, tries to, wants to help!

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    sa pinakamalapit na police station sa lugar ninyo

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    Meron daw malapit sa UN aveunue (manila) do anyone know where exactly?

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    malapit sa tapat ng manila doctors.

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    If the police are doing their jobs correctly, they won't issue you a clearance if you don't reside in their jurisdiction.

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    Perfect. I need Police clearance as well ! This is also separate from Baranggay clearance?

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    Yes, different pa.

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    Where to get.

    NBI Clearance = sa NBI Carriedo (for first-timers residing in Metro Manila), other places also possible

    Police Clearance = nearest police station in your place of residence

    Barangay Clearance = sa barangay hall ninyo

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    What are the requirements for applying for Police Clearance? Do you have to bring anything?

    I know I need the NBI Clearance to get the Baranggay Clearance (that's what Baranggay said)..

    Do I need NBI / Baranggay clearance to apply for Police Clearance?

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    Need the NBI Clearance to get a Brgy Clearance?

    Not always. It must be a localized policy there, or if the person hasn't stayed long in the brgy.

    IMO, no need for other docs when applying for Police Clearance. They have their own records as well and will take a picture of you too.

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    Ahhh. Well I got my NBI clearance, so it's off to Brgy tom, and then to the Police.

    It goes smoothly with Police naman?

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    smooth enough... unless you have a record there.

    sometimes they ask for the brgy clearance, sometimes not.

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    while I had a "record" at the NBI... crap hehehe

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    done! It was P170 though. Got it in under an hour. (Makati police station beside Makati Fire Station Ayala Cor Buendia)

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    Lightbulb where to get POLICE CLEARANCE in MAKATI?

    where to get police clearance in makati and what are the requirements? please please help me. thanks!

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    up.. anyone knows about this stuff?

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    im not from makati pero alam ko sa police station ka kukuha and u need court clearance sa munisipyo, d ko alam if need pa din ng sedula.i google mo nalang kaya ts

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    got no concrete answers kasi from google eh.. haaay.. anyway thanks. :-)

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    better get your Police Clearance from Manila near UN LRT Station.

    why? no need for court clearance, barangay clearance and other forms.

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