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    little people
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    Question "Utang na Loob"... a good or bad filipino trait?

    Pag ikaw ay gumawa ng kabutihan sa kapwa, automatic na na may utang na loob sya sayo. At pag may utang na loob na sya sayo, ay parang may "free favor" point ka na sa kanya. Does it really work this way for filipinos?
    Hindi ba pwedeng dahil sa maganda lang talaga ang kalooban mo ay tumutulong ka sa kapwa mo ng walang kapalit?
    At makakabuti bang pinag mamalaki mo sa madla ang mga nagawa mong kabutihan? o dapat sarilihin mo nalang ang kagandang loob na pinakita mo sa kaibigan/kapwa mo?
    At tama bang manumbat ka ng "walang utang na loob" pag ndi ka napagbigyan ng pabor?

    ugaling pinoy... mabuti ba ito?
    ugaling pinoy... uso pa ba ito?

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    para saakin ang "utang na loob" is a bad filipino trait.

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    para saakin ang "utang na loob" is a bad filipino trait. I agree with you a 1000%. if you are in that situation you're trap with no way out and It's pay back time. if you Recieve a favor its only natural to pay it back.But watch for what they want in return it may lead to breaking up your friendship or having a mortal enemy if you can not deliver.

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    Ako hinde ako nahingi ng favor kahit anu. Ma pa pride kasi ako. if ever man magkaruon. talagang tatapatan ko yung ginwa niya. ke ayaw niya or hinde. ke mabuti pa siya or what basta. kung me ginwa siya maganda para sa kin tataptan ko yun. kung hinde man pera. kahitang katwan ko eheheh nyek

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    Having done a good deed toward a stranger or a friend one should not ask or hope for anything in return. Ideally this would be nice but in reality such is not the case, especially with Filipinos. Utang na loob is the root cause of some of the problems happening in the Philippines.

    As far as families and as far as Im concerned, I don't ask anything in return and an example of what I have been doing and still continue to do is when I take my sister to work. I dont ask for gas money, heck she does not even call and ask but instead I am the one calling her and asking if she needs a ride to work.

    JB Photography

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    it is a bad habit when you hear a flipino lambasting you :


    in the first place..sino nagsabing tumulong ka...ngayon nag aantay ka ng kapalit?

    if you help..don't ask anything in return..kahit maghirap ka..wag ka aasa sa iba..be independent...

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    little people
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    Oct 2006
    ilalim ng kabute


    ano ang utang na loob sa english?

    in my opinion, it is a bad filipino trait...although i encountered only a few people who are really into counting "utang na loob"... i must say... stay away from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    minsan kasi kala mo nagmamagandang loob lang sila... ay! may kapalit pala! hahahaha!

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