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    May I suggest? I have read a book entitled "Diary ni Ella: Confessions ng isang Masahista". An internet blog-turned book chronicling Narnia... este.... Ella's job as a masseuse.

    Maganda ang libro... nakakatawa, nakakalibog and most of all... nakakabukas ng mata..... (eye-opener).....

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    grabe yang pene-kula na yan

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    Salome - Starring Gina Alajar directed by Laurice Guillen
    Sinner or Saint - Starring Claudia Zobel directed by Mel Chionglo
    Itanong mo sa Buwan - Starring Jaclyn Jose directed by Chito Rono
    Isla - the new version starring Via Veloso Directed by Celso Ad Castillo
    Scorpio Nights - Anna Marie Gutierrez directed by Peque Gallaga
    Tuhog - Yna Raymundo directed by Jeffrey Jeturian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naked_Salvation View Post
    Live Show

    sobrang ganda nitong film na to...
    Yes, panalo ito! Buti na lang nabili ko 'yung original DVD bago
    pinull-out sa radio/video bars.

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    BOATMAN staring the luscious Josephine Manuel.

    Saan na siya ngayon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chappy92 View Post
    BOATMAN staring the luscious Josephine Manuel.

    Saan na siya ngayon?
    Josephine Manuel? You must be referring to Sarsi Emmanuel.

    Anyhow, here's my best Pinoy Bold Movie:

    1) Scorpio Nights
    2) Virgin Forest
    3) Tuhog
    4) The Boatman
    5) Ang Lihim ni Antonio (bold eh bakit ba?)
    6) Serbis (starring the 6x slapper Coco Martin)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCInfection View Post
    Love Me Again. Me pumping pumping scenes pero na cut sa Pinas. Soft Porn talaga ang movie na itech!
    seryoso??? di ko kasi napanood to...

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    No one else but you ex deo scientia's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2006
    Your thoughts
    For me:

    Scorpio Nights
    The Boatman

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    hay ang sarap sariwain ng nakaraan. mga pene actors/actresses talgang pene kung pene. parang ganito:

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    You To Me Are Everything. Gosh, may threesome pa with the pig Snowwy, nalurky ako

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    gusto ko yung Ara Mina starrer na....


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    maganda din ang One True Love, kaya lang may edad na ang bida doon e

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    Quote Originally Posted by yummy_anderson View Post
    maganda din ang One True Love, kaya lang may edad na ang bida doon e
    try harder, ang korni mo girl!

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    Bikini mo ba yan o balat mo Eva_Mestiza's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    exclusive village
    Quote Originally Posted by goodmike'sbf View Post
    try harder, ang korni mo girl!
    gusto mo ng sampal? putang ina ka poh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodmike'sbf View Post
    try harder, ang korni mo girl!

    susme, totoo naman noh! itanong mo pa kay lilia cuntapay, magkabatch kaya sila!

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    one of the more relevant bold films which seduces audience but gives moral lessons was the film segurista. more than the sex scenes, this movie tackles what hardships in life can do to you and what you can do to get away with it...
    ito na ang pinaka daring movie ni michelle aldana. sa clip na ito, laway ang labanan plus hanep sa wetpaks and babaibg ito. sariwain ang napaka alindog na si michelle kasama ang palabang si gary estrada...

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    isa pang bold movie na may sense ay ang critically acclaimed international released indie movie na serbis. maaaring taboo ang tema ng pelikulang ito pero kung di ka ipokritong nilalang, aaminin mong talgang nangyayari ito sa pinas - ika nga onli in the pilipins.
    sa clip na ito, walng pakundangan ang bidang si coco martin na ipakita ang kanya kasama ang nakakapanabik na kapareha nya...

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    Segurista is good! I agree!!!!

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    pasingtabi lang po sa mga straight pero para fair naman sa ating mga kaibigang third sex, at since ang thread is about best pinoy bold movie - SIKIL is obviously an indie gay film but the theme does not promote gayness and promiscuity. it talks about love - real love that only two homosexuals can understand. its a nice movie and i would recommend it even to straight people so you could undestand a little of whats happening in the gay world at hindi stereotyping lang ang alam natin.
    this clip shows how two guys can show their affection...

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