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    Lying In Clinics: Advantage/Disadvantages, Rates [Merged]

    Anyone here who had experience giving birth in a lying-in clinic instead of a hospital? I was hoping someone could give some feedbacks on this coz sa sobrang kapos sa budget naming mag asawa, we plan on giving birth sa lying-in clinic nalang.

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    I have a friend who gave birth at a lying-in hospital (Dr. Jesus Delgado Hospital). Okay naman daw. Normal delivery, just 2 or 3 days I think in the hospital.

    Not completely sure, but I think if what you'll have is Normal Delivery, it's okay to choose a lying-in hospital. For difficult pregnancies and particularly if you need to undergo a Ceasarian Section, you may need to choose a major hospital.

    What you could probably do is check with your ob-gyne first. If your ob-gyne agrees with what you want, things will be easier.

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    I planned on giving birth here in the US in a birth center run by midwives. Siguro yon ang counterpart ng lying-in sa Pinas. I chose to give birth sa birth center because I wanted minimal intervention sana for the birth of our baby and I really wanted a drug-free birth. So I guess those are the advantages. Plus the midwife is really there to help you labor through from start to finish. They only accept low-risk patients or patients with pretty much uneventful pregnancies.
    A few things we considered were, (1)proximity to the hospital in case of a hospital transfer, (2) track record of midwives - how many hospital transfers they have, complications, etc, (3) of course we also checked if their licenses are updated, (4) how they deal in case of needed hospital transfers/complications. I also had an OB that I saw for a few prenatal visits para he knows my history and would be there just in case of a hospital transfer.
    Well, what do you know, I did need a hospital transfer because my labor didn't progress and Pitocin (yung pampa-hilab) is only administered sa hospital. My midwife, thankfully, went with us to the hospital and helped me labor through pa din despite the transfer.
    For my next pregnancy, if it is as uneventful as my first, I will still go to a midwife just because I like the quality of care that they give me.

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    king nico of nicolandia timeassasin's Avatar
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    thanks for the replies! Pero how much ba aabutin na gastos pag sa local lying-in clinic?

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    royal mom-ness
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    local lying in clinic would be around P5,000. definitely less than P10,000. wouldn't go over that amount.

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    Not 100% sure, but I think it's still an Ob-gynecologist who delivers the baby at a lying-in clinic, at least that's what I think happened for my friend's case. Could anyone please clarify if this is true?

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    Disadvantage: Some lying-in clinics do not have the adequate resources, skills, manpower to handle emergency situations that sometimes accompany problematic deliveries. Patients end up being transferred to a tertiary hospital for further care.

    High-risk pregnancies include teenage mothers, women over 35, history of multiple childbirth (>5 and up), women with comorbid conditions, among others. It's not recommended that they give birth at a lying-in clinic, unless their Ob has approved it and the clinic has the adequate resources.

    A lying-in clinic is a viable option for women with uncomplicated pregnancies.

    It's best to ask your Ob-Gyne upfront regarding their PF and if you'll be capable of normal delivery. Bear in mind, that even if your doctor said you'll be having a normal delivery, complications can still arise such as failure of descent and arrest in dilatation, etc.

    If you still choose to deliver at a lying-in, make sure that they are in close proximity to a tertiary hospital and they have an ambulance/transport vehicle on standby. Should you need to be transferred, the doctor at the lying-in clinic should coordinate it and inform the receiving hospital about your condition. A member of the medical staff of the clinic (pref the doctor) should also accompany you during the transfer.

    An alternative is to be admitted to the charity ward of a university hospital. However, please note that they usually do not accept patients (except for emergency cases or impending delivery) who didn't consult them during the duration of the pregnancy. You don't have to pay for doctor's fees and for the room, but you have to pay for the labs, ultrasound, medical supplies, linens, OR/LR/DR fees, etc.
    Cost for an uncomplicated normal delivery is probably comparable to a lying-in clinic.

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    sana may mag post pa kasi im planning sa lying in na lang manganak...

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    I gave birth in a lying-in clinic somewher in Makati. Personally, I chose it over giving birth in a big hospital. Kasi I liked the idea na personalized talaga yung pag aalaga ng nurse aide and the Ob-gyne who attended to me. We shelled out roughly 12k. Kasama na lahat don. And as luck would have it, I was the only one who gave birth that day. Kaya pati room sarili namin.

    And yes, marbles is right. I'd only recommend it for normal deliveries.

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    i'd recommend it for normal deliveries, non first-time deliveries, non-difficult pregnancies and non high-risk pregnancies and if it's close to a hospital in case something goes wrong...

    kung wala akong strong allergy history... kung hindi difficult pregnancy ko... kung hindi ko first baby yun... we'd have seriously looked for a good one...

    (pero as luck would have it, CS ako, sus!)

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    Question lying in polyclinic rates and experience...

    Hello guys and gals!! hello daddies and mommies!!

    Just new here in your forums, soon to be daddy but unable to have my partner check by an OB gyne, i'm still short on cash.. So, pls share some of your insights/experience and knowledge regarding polyclinics.. Share nyo rin po sana kung magkno *** charge nila.. Thanks in advance!!

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    lying in

    ask ko lang about the advantages and dis advantages sa lying in? and how much? tnx!

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    I give birth sa lying in and its okay naman pero sa province sya 5,000 ang nagastos ko ang swerte ko lang ako lang ang patient kaya dalawa ang nag aasist sa akin lalo na pag humihilab na ang tyan ko almost 16hrs ang labor ko akala ko nga di ko na kakayanin thanks god at nakaraos naman ako.

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    I like sana sa lying-in na malapit sa house namin dahil mura... kaso natakot ako nung namatay ang friend ko sa lying-in n yun... naubusan sya ng dugo, nde ko alam bakit nde naagapan ng Doctor. Saka nag titipid din sya kaya mas pinili nya ang lying-in...

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    Actually practical talaga sa lying in clinics, sa hirap ng buhay ngayon parang sayang gumastos ng 50k above sa mga hospitals lalo pag cs aabutin ka ng 70k. Pero yong risk din kasi eh, hayyyy... nakakatakot buhay ang nakataya :-)

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    hi mommies!

    share ko lang experience ko with a lying-in..

    16 yrs old ako when i gave birth to my son last january 2006.. high-risk ako nun pero i opted for a lying in clinic kc mas makakamura nga.. 5,000 lang nagastos namin nun for a normal delivery.. pwede din ang painless dun but you have to add 3thousand and kung cs ka 30k.. that was 2006 pa..

    luckily, ako lang *** nanganak nung araw na un so kahit nasa ward ako(just beside the delivery room) ok din.. may private room sila which is 300 per day.. ewan k lang magkano na sya *****..

    sa 5thousand na ginastos ko, ksama na lahat dun, pedia, room etc.. and wlang PF ang OB.. ob po ang nagpapaanak sa lying in and mga midwife *** parang nurse nila dun..

    sa novaliches to, lying-in sya ng bernardino hospital.. *** bernardino hospital.. nasa main road ng nova *** bernardino hospital, and *** lying in, nasa loob ng subdivision beside the hosp..

    hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by buknay View Post
    I gave birth in a lying-in clinic somewher in Makati. Personally, I chose it over giving birth in a big hospital. Kasi I liked the idea na personalized talaga yung pag aalaga ng nurse aide and the Ob-gyne who attended to me. We shelled out roughly 12k. Kasama na lahat don. And as luck would have it, I was the only one who gave birth that day. Kaya pati room sarili namin.

    And yes, marbles is right. I'd only recommend it for normal deliveries.
    Pwede po patanong or PM king saan lying in to. Nasa makati din kasi kami and my wife will give birth next month.

    Any lying that you know guys na pwede sa makati, i mean yung mura sana. I need it kasi. Thanks!

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    advantage sa lying in mas affordable sya, disadvantage naman hindi sya ganon ka safe sa hospital. Kase they can't handle emergency cases, itatakbo kapa sa hospital....

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    hello.first baby ko sa lying in clinic lang ipinanganak. midwife ang nag-asikaso sa akin. P3500 lang nagastos namin at sya pa talaga ang nag-alaga ng baby ko for three days na talagang d ako makabangon. pasalamat talga ako dun sa midwife ko.ok naman ako.wala naman akong nararamdamang d maganda after my delivery.just pray.

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    I gave birth to my daughter sa lying in clininc. It was not our plan kase me regular O.B. ako at sa hospital ako nagpapacheck up every month. But that time, my O.B. was on a seminar. 8 months pa lang kase ako nung nanganak. Sabi nya, bigay lang nya cellphone number nya sa last check up ko. E napaaga nga ako. So I cant contact her. So, dun ako sa lying in ng lola ng hubby ko nanganak. Ok O.B. din kase. Nahirapan pa nga ako nun pero magaling *** O.B. at midwife. Actually, depende din kase un sa nagpapaanak kung experienced na. Pero cyempre, pag sa hospital, mas complete equipments nila.

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