hay...i'm so stresssed!!!

I am expecting a package from HK. The sender gave me a tracking number. I checked it at EMS HK online tracking and it says there that my item left HK July 10.

So just to be sure...I searched online for EMS Philippines to get their contact numbers. But aside from getting the numbers, I also got to read the complaints from other recipients which their item was sent via EMS.

I hurriedly called the numbers. But since it was lunch time, no one was there to pick up my call!!!

I waited after an hour. When my call was answered, the lady asked for my tracking number. I said CP......HK, she then told me to call up another number as the tracking number I gave was not EMS.

So when I called the number, the lady from that department told me that the tracking number I gave was an ORDINARY MAIL and that it will take 2-3wks before I could get it. Imagine my surprise!!! 2-3wks??? from HK??? The sender assured me that it would take 7-10days max...and that it will be delivered right in front of my doorstep. The lady who took my call told me that my item will travel from HK-manila for 2wks and another 1wk to travel from manila-local post office (here in my place), and the local post office will notify me through snail mail that my package has already arrived! Snail mail takes a wk!!!

God, 4wks!!!

Not only that...I read that the recipient will have to pay a humongous amount for tax???!!!

sobrang grabe ang pilipinas at ang serbisyo!!!