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    ♥KISMETS:Sam Milby♥Anne Curtis– Undeniably Destined For Love [Lovenest 18]

    Welcome to our 18th KISMETS LOVENEST!


    Previous Lovenests

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    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis – I Love You Even More Over Time{ Lovenest 13}
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    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis – Distance Can't Take Away Our Love{ Lovenest 12}
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    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis – Together Till The End{ Lovenest 11}
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    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis – Fighting for Destiny {Lovenest 10}
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    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis - You're Still Inside Of Me {Lovenest 9}
    Thread Starter: hennessey16 // March 13, 2007

    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis - Tayong Dalawa Ay Para Sa Isa't Isa {Lovenest 8}
    Thread Starter: jad001 // March 1, 2007

    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis - Hinahanap-Hanap Kita Dahil Adik Sayo {Lovenest 7}
    Thread Starter: mystique143 // Feb 16, 2007

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    Thread Starter: leilah1084 // Feb 4, 2007

    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis - "Wazzup Por You?!" {Lovenest 5}
    Thread Starter: dindongbell // Jan 22, 2007

    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis - "Ikaw Lang ang Nandito sa Puso Ko" {Lovenest 4}
    Thread Starter: leikela_joy // Jan 10, 2007

    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis - "I Love The Me When I'm With You" {Lovenest 3}
    Thread Starter: mellowdramatik // Dec 21, 2006

    KISMETS: Sam MilbyAnne Curtis - "You're My Constant Source of Joy" {Lovenest 2}
    Thread Starter: BoRRowFAnne // Dec 2, 2006

    "Mahal Kita...Maging Sino Ka Man" - SAM MILBY & ANNE CURTIS (Lovenest 1)
    Thread Starter: benjosh // Jul 6, 2006
    Last edited by Engr. Chie; Jul 10, 2007 at 03:51 PM.

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    Don't forget to add your name on the list!


    Kismet - a Turkish word for Destiny/Fate. It also means inevitably destined.


    1. benjosh - Jhing [Australia]
    2. nevermineme - Kristine [Hawaii]
    3. sweet_sam - Eda [Philippines]
    4. DIMPLEZZZZ - Marie [California]
    5. *tschaiako07* - Chai [Philippines]
    6. kismets_angel - Rhoda [Virginia]
    7. BoRRowFAnne - Reez [California]
    8. pinay_ang3l - Kat [California]
    9. mysti_12 - Joyce [Philippines]
    10. leikela_joy - Leikela [California]
    11. Kriz7 - Kristine or Kris [California]
    12. bluestar05 - Kate [Philippines]
    13. Talk_'bout_sam - Len [California]
    14. ABS-GMA 0207 - Hazel or Zel [Texas]
    15. hoy_doode - Louise [Vegas]
    16. whatevah123 - Niks [California]
    17. angelrme27 - Angel [Florida]
    18. Li'l Sistah - Kaye [Philippines]
    19. aileen_sam - Aileen [Philippines]
    20. jenimae - Jenimae [SFO Cali]
    21. prince&me - Anjeli [Eastbay California]
    22. mellowdramatik - Mary [Los Angeles, California]
    23. ChaRmeDKitteN - Cat [Las Vegas, Nevada]
    24. fizz wizz - Sam [Philippines]
    25. actress - Jurica [Philippines]
    26. mystique143 - Kat [Sacramento, California]
    27. pinotage - [New York]
    28. tracycutie - Tracy [Philippines]
    29. Carla_Fans - CF [Philippines]
    30. simpledreams - Mae [California]
    31. shenalyn_cute - [Philippines]
    32. peachy_beijlc - [California]
    33. leilah1084 - Leih [Philippines]
    34. zenet - Zeny [Edmonton]
    35. fanoflloydybea - Vida [Virginia]
    36. cece - [California]
    37. tangkad_ako - Hazel [Pennsylvania]
    38. Jas808 - [Honolulu, Hawaii]
    39. bonscuty - [Philippines]
    40. anniemar - [Chicago]
    41. YMCR - Yanna [Philippines]
    42. okie_ako - Kam [Oklahoma, USA]
    43. sophie_neveu - Bern [Philippines]
    44. sammilby_hoax - Liezel (Fil-Am) [QC, Philippines]
    45. brian' - Brian [Sydney, Australia]
    46. kapamilyarocks - Sher [San Diego baby!]
    47. pda_usa - Jean [Illinois, USA]
    48. coleenpbb - Coleen [Philippines]
    49. qrius - [Canada]
    50. tinai - [QC]
    51. tinnerzz23 - Justina [Alaska]
    52. sergel - [Philippines]
    53. IC - [Dubai]
    54. lei22 - Meg [Philippines]
    55. china-mist - [California]
    56. lengester - Leng [Philippines now- but based on New Zealand]
    57. Vsecretcrush - Sherry [Nsw, Australia]
    58. london_girl - Trina [UK]
    59. gezelle15 - Michelle [California]
    60. bianca_unica - Bianca [Philippines]
    61. dindongbell - Din [San Diego, CA]
    62. crazy4jlba - Corrin [Philippines]
    63. adelro2049 - [San Francisco, CA]
    64. meg_17 - Chris [Los Angeles, CA]
    65. kurtzville - [United Kingdom]
    66. zayl_11 - [Philippines]
    67. o8_tintin- Tin [Torrance, California]
    68. kccachola - Katrina [Philippines]
    69. sweetnippy42 - Nadia [Philippines]
    70. curtictoc - Jenel [San Diego, CA]
    71. alexandra06 - [New York, USA]
    72. Kitkat_fan - Nikki [Singapore]
    73. gapgrl - CC [Wisconsin, USA]
    74. tSaRoLsKiE - Cha [Ottawa, Canada]
    75. alysa_09 - Alysa [Toronto, Canada]
    76. benggot - Beng [Los Angeles, California]
    77. kholet - Div-Div [Cagayan de Oro, Philippines]
    78. Potter_Forever - Orville [Manila, Philippines]
    79. mc11_17 - Carla [Philippines]
    80. babygirl44 - CN [Manila, Philippines]
    81. party girl - Kat Kat [originally East Coast Boston]
    82. hennessey16 - Macai [Yokohama, Japan]
    83. sassy lai - Karla [Toronto, Canada]
    84. chasexox - [Vancouver, Canada]
    85. lylle_005 - Shay [Philippines]
    86. kapamilyababii - Maryanne or Ann [California]
    87. hellopinky77 - Jenny [Lewisville, TEXAS]
    88. GGWild - [Hawaii]
    89. agent26 - John [Cebu, Philippines]
    90. jellipop - Chichi [Manila, Philippines]
    91. armienavy - Armie [Toronto, Canada]
    92. Ateliermarie - Atel [New Mexico]
    93. mylene_16 - Mylene [Bulacan Philippines]
    94. Engr. Chie - Chie [Watertown, New York]
    95. babykim - Kim [Philippines]
    96. ning - Ning [Zamboanga City, Philippines]
    97. firewire - Shiela [Valenzuela City, Philippines]
    98. realkikomachine - Kiko [Marikina City]
    99. sam&anne<3 - Justine [New Jersey]
    100. maehhheeyy - Mae [San Diego, Ca]
    101. rizayda - Rizayda Galvez [Makati, Philippines]
    102. jonts - Jo [San Francisco, California]
    103. jini - Jennie [Davao, Philippines]
    104. richel^C.G. - Kathy [Cebu, Philippines]
    105. straw_slipperz8 - Sally [London, England]
    106. LEOCEL - Cecilia [New Hampshire, USA]
    107. marguel100 - Marina [Canada]
    108. MBAPEP05 - Mich [California]
    109. vhonne - Vhonne [Manila, Philippines]
    110. iluvandrei - Anne [QC, Philippines]
    111. blush212 - Love [Makati, Philippines]
    112. airaallives - Aira [Manila, Philippines]
    113. Rated Rima - Rima [Florida, USA]
    114. stussygirrl - Jenn [SD, California]
    115. Blue_tab - Chezka [Zamboanga, Philippines]
    116. Janie41 (orange_puppy_paris) - [Cebu , Philippines]
    117. truelovepj - Risse [California, USA]
    118. tstksk - Lea [Manila, Philippines]
    119. quackie - Sarah [Philippines]
    120. langga23 - Sandi [Philippines]
    121. sam*anne - Rose [California, USA]
    122. `babyboo69 - Kristine [NSW, Australia]
    123. aju - Igi [Canada]
    124. jad001 - Jad [NY, USA]
    125. bcsofie - Sophie [British Columbia, Canada]
    126. saya_saya_di_ba - Ciege [ Philippines ]
    127. PurAROSAple - Arosa [New York City, USA]
    128. benj_luv06 - Ikaru [Philippines]
    129. daron_23 - [Canada]
    130. jackievilla - Jaja [Alabang/Lafayette, CA]
    131. painted silence - Mics [Alabang, Philippines]
    132. kay21 - [Ontario, Canada]
    133. -pOp89- - Glenn [Mandaue City, Cebu]
    134. iluv_03 - Ann [Los Angeles, CA]
    135. TrAcEy_28 - Tracey [Eastbay, CA]
    136. ~ShaRi~ - Shari [Eastbay, CA]
    137. coppia_carina - AJ [CA, USA]
    138. Jkarnikki - Nikki [Anaheim, CA]
    139. gandamoate - Joan [Los Angeles, CA]
    140. celinefan - Carol [Guam]
    141. 143637 - Eliz [Toronto, Canada]
    142. purpleangel15 - Anad [United Kingdom]
    143. Mitch74 - Joy [Texas, USA]
    144. fairy_me - Kay [Toronto, Canada]
    145. dallrinne - Anne [Philippines]
    146. OnlySamAnne - Jules [San Diego, CA]
    147. giannelle - Alona [Philippines]
    148. renz_reggy03 - Red [Philippines]
    149. juls77 - Juls [West Covina, CA]
    150. shae - Shae [Yokosuka, Japan/Alexandria, VA]
    151. emcee011 - Chelle [Ontario, Canada]
    152. sugarcupcake - Kristel [Cavite, Philippines]
    153. PIOCA6 - Loida [Canada]
    154. va_blossoms - Let [Virginia, USA]
    155. jt_cleo11 - Jessica Therese [Philippines]
    156. luv1ngsamm1lby - David Gatdula [Tracy 209 California]
    157. matiejobelle - Libby [LA, California]
    158. chynnachard – May [Philippines]
    159. kismetfreak – Marg [Toronto, Canada]
    160. krissstinee - Kristine [San Diego, California]
    161. homesicklady - Melai [Ontario, Canada]
    162. jomin - Jasmin [California]
    163. Pnaibeauty - Louise [Houston, Texas]
    164. jazzyj - Jaz [California, USA]
    165. celine023 - Celine [Philippines]
    166. kaceirvine - Kace [Manila, Philippines]
    167. bget16 - Brigitte [Alabang,Philippines]
    168. prettycarrla - [Makati, Philippines]
    169. rAffiE_hEarTy - Rafiela [Cebu, Philippines]
    170. yiPee",< - Thei [Philippines]
    171. Appletej - Tej [Philippines]
    172. khaycee7 - Khaycee [San Diego, California]
    173. j_815 - John Mark [Philippines]
    174. kyle120 - Aiko [Philippines]
    175. lala_raine - Raine [Iloilo, Philippines]
    176. abigael - Abigael [Laguna, Philippines]
    177. madgab - Grace [California]
    178. sassyqataria - Sara [Doha, Qatar]
    179. zupista_winj19 - Winjaye [Laguna, Philippines]
    180. jienzan143 - Jie [Manila, Philippines]
    181. pochahontas - Lorie [Philippines]
    182. Eman_on - Eman [Metro Manila, Philippines]
    183. pAj&eSvY - Jenna [Alaska]
    184. kutkot1 - Cess [Manila, Philippines]
    185. smiley84 - Angel [Vancouver, Canada]
    186. genken - Gen [New Jersey, USA]
    187. Babypoo. - Ayris [Anaheim, CA]
    188. sisifr - Chin-chin [Canada]
    189. angel_Nsickroom - Laura [Phoenix,USA]
    190. o8flritatious8o - Monica [Carson, CA]
    191. singlehotty - Natalie [Iloilo City, Philippines]
    192. samor - Samor [Iloilo City, Philippines]
    193. Janna_yee - Janna [Philippines]
    194. r_esguerra73 -Ruby [Paranaque,Philippines]






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    Mary - January 11
    Kim - January 24
    Reez - January 30

    Karla - February 3
    Tej - February 5
    Rima - February 6
    Chai - February 8
    Janna - February 10
    Love - February 12
    Anne Curtis - February 17
    Marie - February 17
    Macai - February 17
    Angel - February 17
    Thei - February 20
    Vhonne - February 21
    Tracey - February 23
    Mich - February 28

    Joan/Ganda - March 5
    Bianca - March 6
    Kace - March 6
    Dulce - March 14
    Bern - March 16
    Hazel - March 17
    Red - March 26
    Jenny - March 31

    Monica - April 1
    Ann - April 3
    Kurtzville - April 9
    Jad - April 15
    Anad - April 15
    Rafiela - April 15
    Justine - April 18
    Kiko - April 20
    Jean - April 21

    Shenalyn - May 3
    Raine - May 9
    Carla - May 10
    Kristel - May 15
    Juls - May 18
    Kay - May 22
    Sam Milby - May 23

    Shae - June 3
    Kam - June 6
    Chelle - June 11
    Sara - June 17
    Samor - June 25

    Chin-chin - July 2
    Atel - July 4
    Grace - July 4
    Kristine - July 7
    Gen - July 10
    Winjaye - July 19
    Eman - July 21
    Marina - July 29
    John Mark - July 29
    Lorie - July 29
    Yanna - July 30

    Jen - August 10
    Rizayda - August 16
    May - August 19
    Let - August 17
    Khaycee - August 25
    Din - August 31

    Jhing - September 9
    Jenel - September 16
    David - September 16
    Eda - September 20
    Rhoda - September 24
    Risse - September 24

    Shari - October 5
    Leih - October 8
    Anne - October 13
    Chie - October 21

    Aiko - November 2
    Bons - November 2
    CC - November 4
    Jenna- November 5
    Chichi - November 7
    Natalie - November 9
    Ning - November 11
    Abigael - November 12
    Kat - November 16
    Sherry - November 22
    Cess - November 23

    Leng - December 3
    Ayris - December 3
    Laura - December 4
    Sophie - December 10
    Loida - December 12
    Len - December 13
    Leikela - December 18
    Celine - December 23

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    1.Mellowdramatik - Mary
    2. Benjosh - Jhing
    3. BorrowFanne - Reez
    4. Kismets_angel - Rhoda
    5. Leilah1084 - Leih
    6. Gandamoate - Ganda
    7. Blush212 - Love
    8. Dindongbell - Din
    9. Rated Rima - Rima
    10. YMCR - Yanna
    11. ~ShaRi~ - Shari
    12. Gapgrl - CC
    13. curtictoc - Jenel
    14. sam&anne<3 - Justine
    15. va blossoms - Let
    16. fanoflloydybea/pex_adik_c_ako - Vida
    17. babykim - Kim
    18. bluestar05 - Kate
    19. leikela_joy - Leikela
    20. charmedkitten - Cat
    21. realkikomachine - kiko, woot!
    22. hennessey16 - Macai
    23. mystique143- Kat
    24. vhonne - vhonne
    25. truelovepj - Risse
    26. bonscuty - bons
    27. iluv_03 - ann
    27. ning – Ning
    29. sassy lai – Karla
    30. shenalyn_cute - Shena Lyn
    31.giannelle - alona
    31. Hellopinky77- JeNnY
    32. emcee_011 - Chelle
    33. celine023 - celine
    34. luv1ngsamm1lby - david
    35. sophie_neveu - bern

    Please add your name if you can uphold the KISMET Code of Principle...
    Please be advised that we are doing this to avoid conflicts in the future
    and to make the KISMET thread as peaceful as possible...

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    Don't forget to sign PETITION # 2! Thanks to everyone who already signed! JUST CLICK ON THE BANNER AND IT WILL TAKE YOU RIGHT TO THE SITE!




    http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q318/Mellowdramatik/PETITION.jpg THAT'S THE PAGE YOU WILL SEE AFTER YOU SIGN THE PETITION! IF YOU READ IT AT THE TOP, IT SAYS, ''Thank you for signing the petition. Your signature has been registered." SO PLEASE, DONT WORRY ABOUT THE DONATION AMOUNT! IT'S OPTIONAL!!

    (Since it's a free site and thousands of people are using its services, the site needs some donation. THE SITE DOESN'T FORCE YOU TO DONATE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO! SO PLEASE DON'T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM SIGNING THE PETITION!)

    KISMETS! Just reminding you guys to keep on emailing for more SamAnne.


    Kismets!!! Email, Email, Email!!! Email for more JB-Celine scenes and JB-Celine ending! Email for a SamAnne movie! Email for another soap for SamAnne! Email for an MMK epi, Your Song epi! Email for more SamAnne on ASAP! EMAIL!!!

    Email Addies

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    Updated List

    Banner by: dindongbell


    WE WANT CELINE MAGSAYSAY ALIVE (If there is a book 2)!!!
    [Just add your name to the list]

    1. benjosh
    2. IC
    3. BorrowfAnne
    4. Potter_Forever!
    5. tschaiako07
    6. leilah1084
    7. quackie
    8. emcee011
    9. kismets_angel
    10. mikomouse
    11. marguel100
    12. the_registrar
    13. dindongbell
    14. realkikomachine
    15. hennessey16
    16. okie_ako
    17. iluv_03
    18. Lengester
    19. Genken
    20. Simpledreams
    21. babykim
    22. gapgrl
    23. mellowdramatik
    24. jad001
    25. sassy lai
    26. pinotage
    27. mahsher1993
    28. leikela_joy
    29. bonscuty
    30. angelrme27
    31. blush212
    32. YMCR
    33. coleenpbb
    34. bcsofie
    35. shenalyn_cute
    36. Rated_Rima
    37. sweetnippy42
    38. kurtzville
    39. Ophelia_Kills
    40. straw_slipperz8
    41. mystique143
    42. 143637
    43. gandamoate
    44. pda_usa
    45. chrisa2004
    46. Pinay101
    47. jonts
    48. happysadako
    49. gnep
    50. Jkarnikki
    51. Hellopinky77
    52. rizayda
    53. Peaches01
    54. ~ShaRi~
    55. TrAceY_28
    56. benggot
    57. Meg_17
    58. sam&anne<3
    59. peppermint04
    60. an open mind
    61. maniac_chika
    62. alexisgame
    63. josephnkay
    64. taray_queen
    65. sugarcupcake
    66. brouke
    67. vhonne
    68. PIOCA
    69. Gezelle15
    70. bianca_unica
    71. va_blossoms
    72. ning
    73. charmedkitten
    74. imang
    75. jenel
    76. alysa_09
    77. myopinicz_rulez
    78. giannelle
    79. Risse
    80. datla
    81. cassandra_v07
    82. jasgeena
    83. inlove2
    84. sophie_neveu
    85. dang71
    86. pinoy2781
    87. chynnachard
    88. richel^C.G.
    89. renz_reggy03
    90. celine023
    91. luv1ngsamm1lby

    Why Celine must stay til the final curtain call!

    * She's feisty, ruthless, witty and intelligent!
    * Bursting with beauty and oozing with personality!
    * She's my heroine.
    * She's the most relatable character
    * She's the epitome of class and beauty, not to mention a great actress in her own league!
    * She's business savvy!- like she said, "I'm still the best event organizer in town!"
    * She can stand on her own two feet! (very independent)
    * She's got thee most interesting storyline. You'll never get bored watching her coz she's that good!
    * She kicks some major a$$e
    * She can be soo dumb and crazy in love
    * She's down to earth yet if u messed wid her, she'll be ur worst nightmare
    * She's a family oriented person
    * She's not afraid of Corazon the witch
    * She's a SURVIVOR
    * She makes me wish for the moon and shoot for the stars
    * She came, she saw, she conquered
    * She's a very strong woman with strong convictions
    * She's made of steel
    * She's the complete package
    * She makes our day night and our night day
    * She's a fresh breath amidst a throng of hideous people( need i say more?)
    * She's not boring
    * She knows how to LIVE!
    * She's the sum-quotient of all the best adjectives
    * She's a girl scout (check out the stranded scenes )
    * She's very confident
    * JB needs her
    * She doesn't back down from anyone.
    * She doesn't take any crap from anyone.
    * She falls then gets up
    * She's the only one left to be with Marsha
    * She's got self-esteem
    * She delivered some of the soaps unforgettable lines
    * She eclipses all
    * Without Celine ... JB would not make sense
    * Without Celine.. JB wILL Feel empty and restless
    * She forgives people and gives them the peace they need
    * We've seen her make mistakes in her life, but more importantly, we've seen her learn from those mistakes
    * She's a great friend, to JB, to Jackie, and Eli
    * She's the codiment of mskm, without her it would be bland to our taste
    * She's good and she's bad... SHE'S REAL!!
    * She's an inspiration... she reminds me that no matter how hard you fall, and how many times.. you can always get up and kick a$$ again!!
    *She's the only reason why I watch the show, of couse JB too!!

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    SamAnne: Words of LOVE

    Sam on Anne

    Sharon Show 8.06.06
    Sam: mabait talaga and its a lot of fun working with her.

    The Buzz 10.08.06
    Sam: She's...she keeps everyone happy in a way..she's always bubbly..if someone is in a bad mood she can always cheer you up. I'm still kind of learning a lot since she's so good it really helps me feel more.

    Sam when told about Erwin courting Anne


    afterwards there was a revelation that Sam wanted to know the story and tried to call Anne about it. the buzz from the buzz staff saw that Sam was somewhat concerned.

    Second time they asked about Erwin.

    Sam: I'm just worried, as a friend.

    Sam on the buzz 1.14.07 or 1.21.07

    he was asked who he thought was beautiful in showbiz
    he says that he thinks kristine hermosa and heart evangelista are beautiful. they asked about anne and they showed him a clip on Anne on the buzz saying that sam is on her top 3 list of handsome showbiz guys. when he was watching the clip he was smiling and was blushing.
    Sam: "Anne is VERY beautiful...she's GORGEOUS!"

    Sam describing Anne: easy to get along with, fun to be with, always BUBBLY.

    Sam on his ideal girl: someone who he can talk to, easy to get along with, and who loves to laugh.

    Sam on Anne BLOG 1.31.07

    "Anne and I are really good friends..."

    "Like whenever I'm feeling down, I know that I can always go to her and I know that she can cheer me up."

    SAM on the Buzz 2.4.07
    naliligaw ni Sam kay Anne? Dec.27 and their relationship now.

    Sam: HUH?! december 27? *smiles wide* exact date toh?no no no..she was in Austrailia..i was working on dec. 27.

    Jovert asked sam if he has a date for the concert.

    Sam thinking..jovert asked again about the date

    sam laughs

    Sam: no no...we are getting close..we work together so..we have time to spend together..so we're getting close. just friends..VERY..CLOSE FRIENDS."

    Sam on TV Patrol 3.09.07
    (When asked to comment about Anne's recent UNO mag cover and pics)

    Sam: "She looks beautiful. (laughs) Me personally, I don't ... I mean if it's, you know ... everything ... I don't know (laughs some more) ... As a guy I don't like other guys parang mmmm (while biting his lips) you know ... (then laughs again)."

    Then they added that Sam finds Anne's lips to be the sexiest part of her body.

    Anne on Sam

    Sharon Show 8.06.06
    Anne: Actually the nickname ang set namin is tictoc..kasi he is very talkative.

    Anne on his work ethics: he's very concern how the scene will go..i can see that he's responsible, he loves what he's doing, he tries to get into character. i wish you all the best in your career that is blossoming beautifully. keep up the good work and always remember to keep both feet firmly stuck on the ground don't let it get to your head. keep having the will to actually learn tagalog which is one of the things i admire from you because you really want to learn so umm keep up the good work.

    Anne on Wazzup Wazzup
    Anne: umm okay ka na kami..we're good..uhhh we're friends..we talk...

    when asked if she missed Sam

    Anne: YESS..and uhh he'll *surprised look* yes! ano ba..yes...ummm *laughing* no no no...i mean..i miss talking to the guy and he'll be home soon so at least you know..di ba? makita sa work..yun..

    Anne on Sam BLOG 1.31.07

    Were just close friends, very good friends…”

    “Pero Im not saying naman na di ko siya gusto. He’s gwapo, mabait, total


    BIANCA: kung ultimate romance lang din ang pinag-uusapan e2 ang 2 teleserye stars na hindi lang ang story ng kanilang soap ang inaabangan ng lahat kundi ang kanilang real life love story.

    BIANCA: what is up between sam milby and anne curtis? panoorin nyo ito....

    ANNE: our ability or how we can just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about anything under the sun and we never run out of things to talk about and siguro that's one of the things na i like about us kasi impt. din sa akin to know that i can have a decent conversation.

    BIANCA: last week naging maugong ang balitang official ng mag-on ang controversial couple na si sam milby and anne curtis.12/27 last year daw ng sagutin ni anne ang nanliligaw na si sam milby.

    ANNE: i don't believe in courtship in that way. i can say that i'm oblivious when it comes to things like that. i don't want to hurt anyone anymore. ayoko ng makasakit ng tao so next time i get into a relationship gusto ko sigurado na. na yon na yon.

    BIANCA: and do you want to know the real status of their relationship?

    ANNE: as of now sam has his career. i have my career and i'm still enjoying myself. i'm still parang enjoying my alone time. so dun na lang muna. i mean, there's nothing wrong with being friends first, di ba?

    BIANCA: nilinaw din ni sam ang nasabing isyu sa isang showbiz program.


    ANNE: im just waiting na lang siguro for the right person na. na yon.na yon na talaga. parang aaahhh...siyempre i want god's best creation for me. kasi alam ko na andyan lang naman yon eh. he's just there. pero sa right timing lang. kilala nyo ako umaamin ako.aaminin ko naman eh. oo. inienjoy ko. inienjoy ko lahat ng friends ko. inienjoy ko my relationship with God. inienjoy ko yong friendship ko with all my new friends. so dun na lang muna and i'm enjoying my alone time kasi yon naman *** impt muna to love yourself kasi for the longest time di ba ang dami.... boyfriend ako ng boyfriend. never
    akong nagkaroon ng time for myself so this time it's been a year now.kulang pa yon sa akin. i still want to enjoy myself. and it shows naman that i'm happy. na ganito.


    Dec. 2006

    Sam: I never said that...
    Anne: what....
    Sam: I never said

    Jan. 7, 2007

    Iya and Anne talking about Loveteams and the teasing begins..

    Iya: kay anne may sam...
    *Anne smiles and looks all embarrassed as the other girls go OOOO!!*
    Then Anne teases Iya about her real life love Drew
    Anne: HI DREW!
    Iya: I'm waiting for yours ha?
    *Anne blushes again as the girls laugh a giggle*

    Jan. 14, 2007

    Anne played Kris Aquino and Sam played..well himself..Poky played Toni.

    They did YOU ARE THE ONE SKIT and Sam said his favorite line from MSKM "POKY! I NEVER SAID THAT I LOVE YOU!" and walks away then POKY replies.. "kay anne yan!"

    ENDING of the SKIT Sam is behind Anne and they are singing and dancing.

    Homeboy 10.13.06
    Anne is Sam's Angel..haha
    Anne: ang feeling ko.. magkasama kita siempre..as a friend because masaya magkasama ummm..makulit ka..bastat..masaya magkasama yung ngayon.

    Tito Boy asks about sam and anne relationship
    Sam: anything can happen.

    The Buzz 10.29.06
    Anne: we talk a lot..we get to hang out.

    Sam: I feel we're pretty close.. i mean we get a long really well of course the more time you spend with someone the closer you get.

    Anne: I don't deny that Sam is a really nice guy..he's someone you would really like to get to know..

    Sam: yeah..

    Anne's reaction on finding out that sam said that anne is his constant source of joy.

    Anne: *smiles* talaga? that's nice to know..*smiles*..wala..umm well if you have someone saying that about you di ba? uhh..it makes you happy..i'm happy to know that i make him happy..if that's the case yes..

    sam and anne's response to the speculations on a budding romance..

    sam: I'm not saying that something will or something won't, but something could..*wide smile* yung lang..no..i'm not courting her...not yet...I guess you'll just have to wait...just wait..we have many..we have a lot of time to spend together of course...soo i'd say just give it time..i mean you never know.

    Anne: well i consider sam someone very important..right now in my life..i mean he's someone i enjoy talking to. He's someone that does make me happy umm someone who always cheer me up if ever i were in a little bind..well we'll just wait and see..yung lang.

    Random Facts

    November 2005 Kismet moment

    First song that comes in Sam's head when thinking about Anne is "wherever you will go" by the Calling.

    - After taping of MSKM sam always drives Anne home.
    - whenever they go to the states or other countries they buy presents for one another.
    - they nickname each other curt curt (anne) and tictac (sam)
    - Anne is Sam's CONSTANT SOURCE OF JOY
    - Sam is an IMPORTANT person right now in Anne's life.
    - Anne always feels "KILIG" whenever she's with Sam.
    - Sam is always HAPPY whenever he's with Anne.
    - Both Anne and Sam admits that they became more closer while shooting MSKM.
    - Both Anne and Sam know each others business. (example the rumors about Sam being gay Anne shot down the rumors saying she knows that he's NOT gay. Sam knowing about Erwin just being Anne's friend.)
    - When Sam heard about Erwin courting Anne he was worried and called Anne to get the real story.
    - Sam checks with Anne first about her tchismis.
    - During the holiday season of 2006 onto this new year, 2007 Sam has spent 60,000 pesos calling Anne while she was celebrating the holidays in Australia.
    - Sam and Anne talk on the phone A LOT.
    - Anne and Sam are both born in the year of the Rat
    -Sam's fave phrase is "Wazzup Por You?" and he learned it from Anne.
    - During THE HEARTTHROBS CONCERT prescon tahimik ni Sam..until the reporters asked Sam if he invited a special someone to come watch the concert. Sam didn't hesitate and said that he invited Anne Curtis..EEE!!!

    -si Sam daw hindi mapakali kapag nasa presence Anne may bulungan blues pa daw na nangyayari


    SAM: WOW! Cute tie Curt

    ANNE: you like it?

    SAM: yeah...

    ANNE: i bought this in Australia...

    SAM: Really?

    ANNE: uhuh...

    SAM: funny...

    ANNE: funny, why?


    ANNE: you do? are you serious???

    SAM: yeah...

    ANNE: are you kidding me?

    SAM: no, i'm serious...i have the same TIE!

    ANNE: i won't believe it, till i see it...hahaha...

    SAM: ok, i'll wear it next week, you'll see

    ANNE: WOW! Galing naman! WE HAVE THE SAME TIE





    Love Compatibility of Aquarius with Gemini

    An airy Gemini can sweep you off your intellectual feet with that quit wit and mental agility. The way to your heart, after all, if through language and ideas. You'll get along famously with a chatty Gemini right from the get-go. You're both information junkies, and you can spend hours sharing, discussing and dissecting everything you've learned. Yours is a friendly, easy communication, and you'll express your feelings for each other in eclectic ways. Neither one of you is grounded, though, and you'll have to be more practical to sustain the relationship.

    Friendship Compatibility of Aquarius with Gemini

    Gemini makes a stimulating and satisfying friend. Both of you are suffused with curiosity and energy. The days always seem too short when you're in each other's company. Although Gemini knows tons of people, this sign has very few close friends and you're probably one of them. That's because you're able to fuel The Twins' enthusiasm for life, expressing interest in their latest hobbies and causes. The two of you enjoy sports that require quick reflexes, like squash and tennis. The two of you also enjoy a host of intellectual games, including chess, backgammon and whist. If you possess musical talent (and even if you don't), you can enjoy playing guitar together. If you'd like to preserve this friendship, you should take pains to remember this sign's special occasions, while Gemini should make a greater effort to show up on time.

    SAM is a GEMINI

    Love Compatibility of Gemini with Aquarius

    You love to talk about almost anything, Gemini, and probably know a little bit about practically everything. Your Aquarian, however, knows everything about everything. Although the two of you love to debate and discuss, you have very different communication styles. Yours is more flexible, while Aquarians can be more rigid. You have a persuasive affect on your Aquarius, and may be able to convince him or her to delve into unusual topics like outer space or science fiction. You have a strong friendship, but physical attraction may not happen right away.

    Friendship Compatibility of Gemini with Aquarius

    You and Aquarius have a natural affinity for each other, mostly because you share such keen minds. The difference between you is that Aquarius is able to focus on a single subject for months or even years, while you flit from topic to topic like a bee among flowers. In this way, the Water-bearer brings an element of constancy to your life, while you keep Aquarius on their toes. As far as leisure activities are concerned, you may have a common interest in skiing, which you both enjoy because it's so akin to flying. Glasswork might also appeal to you, as you like the tricks glass plays with light. Finally, you would probably make excellent bridge partners, developing brilliant strategies.


    Sam's Love Horoscope of 2007

    Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, in your 7th House of Partnerships makes this a year of satisfying growth in relationships. If you have a significant other, learning and traveling together are good ways to deepen your love. It's risky to tolerate a stagnant situation where habit, rather than inspiration, keeps you together. Pushing forward is needed to maintain a healthy bond, and having a shared vision of the future is essential to advance as a couple. Dramatically different goals or philosophies can weaken your ties. If you're single, generous Jupiter can open doors to new and interesting people. Join organizations, take classes and attend a wide range of cultural and educational events to attract potential mates into your life. Raise your public profile by standing up for what you believe or speaking for a cause, as this can also be a bridge to a person connection. Whether you're unattached or have a partner, do not lower your standards this year, and LET THE TRUTH IN YOUR HEART SPEAK LOUDLY.

    Anne's Love Horoscope for 2007

    Others become more demanding now, requiring commitments, with Saturn moving through your 7th House of Partnerships. You may have to decide whether a relationship is worth the extra effort or if it's time to move on. And as romantic Venus runs quickly around your chart, it activates karmic Saturn several times. Venus is in your 5th House of Love from April 11 through May 7, and in mid-April it forms a harmonious trine with Saturn, possibly deepening a current relationship if you're willing to settle down. You must take full responsibility for issues of the heart when lovely Venus contacts restrictive Saturn in your 7th House on July 1, Aug. 13 and Oct. 13. Whether single or attached, you may feel Saturn's weight standing between you and love. As Saturn enters your 8th House of Intimacy on Sept. 2, EXPECT PRACTICAL CONCERNS TO TRANSFORMS INTO DEEPER ISSUES OF VULNERABILITY AND SEXUALITY AS YOU MOVE CLOSER TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

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    Stages Of Love: A SamAnne Journey

    • After All by Peter Cetera and Cher
    • Again by Janet Jackson
    • Against All Odds by Phil Collins
    • Ain't Too Proud To Beg by The Temptations
    • All Over Again by Justin Timberlake
    • Almost Doesn't Count by Brandy
    • Always A Woman by Billy Joel
    • At The Beginning by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis
    • Ballad of a Bitter End by The Poems
    • Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon
    • Best of My Life by Nsync & Kai
    • Better Together by Jack Johnson
    • Breakable by Ingrid Michaelson
    • Can't Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon
    • Collide by Howie Day
    • Comfortable by John Mayer
    • Crash and Burn by Savage Garden
    • Crashed by Chris Daughtry
    • Crashing Cars by Snow Patrol
    • Crashing Down by Matt Kearney
    • Dear Life by Anthony Hamilton
    • Do I have to cry for you by Nick Carter
    • Don't Walk Away Next Phaze
    • Everything I Own by Bread
    • Far Away by Nickelback
    • Flying Without Wings by Westlife
    • For the Love by Drew Sidora feat. Mario
    • Hardest Thing by 98 Degrees
    • Have You Ever? by Brandy
    • Heartbreaker by Bee Gees
    • Heaven by John Legend
    • Hinahanap Hanap Kita by Regine Velasquez
    • Hold On by Side A
    • Home by Chris Daughtry
    • I Call It Love y Lionel Richie
    • I got you by Nick Carter
    • I Just Can't Live A Lie by Carrie Underwood
    • If You Asked Me To by Ginny Owens Wonderwall by Oasis
    • I'll Be Over You by Toto
    • Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
    • Jealous by Nina
    • Look After You by The Fray
    • Love Hurts by Nazareth
    • Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
    • Memory by Sugarcult
    • My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
    • My Little Secret by Xscape
    • Number One by Next Phaze
    • On Fire by Switchfoot
    • One More Try by Passion
    • Part Of Your World from the Disney's Little Mermaid
    • Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Cake
    • Ride For You by Danity Kane
    • Save the Best for Last by Vanessa Williams
    • Sea Breeze by Tyrone Wells
    • Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash
    • Smile by Tamia
    • So Amazing by Stevie Wonder feat. Beyonce
    • Still the One by Shania Twain
    • Strong Enough by Dixie Chicks
    • Stronger Than by Gabe Bondoc
    • That Kind of Love by Alison Krauss
    • The One I Gave My Heart To by Aaliyah
    • The Reason by Hoobastank
    • There's No Easy Way by James Ingram
    • This Kiss by Faith Hill
    • Till Kingdom Come by Coldplay
    • Tragedy by Brandi Carlile
    • U Hurt Me Again by Gabe Bondoc
    • Unappreciated by Cherish
    • Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton
    • Until the End Of Time by Justin Timberlake
    • Waiting by Next Phaze
    • When You Love Someone by Brian Adams
    • Where Does The Good Go by Tegan and Sara
    • Wherever You Will Go by The Calling
    • White Flag by Dido
    • Wishful Thinking by The Ditty Bops
    • Written in the Stars by Paul Weller
    • You and Me by Lifehouse
    • You Learn by Alanis Morisette
    • We Match by Gabe Bondoc
    • Gentlemen Don't by Gabe Bondoc

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    Disclaimer: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    1. JUNE 2006 - MSKM started taping without ANNE...

    2. JULY 2006 - ANNE joined the cast of MSKM after her previous commitment didn't push thru...According to Jay, "ANNE is Celine." No one else will be able to portray Celine as good as ANNE.

    3. AUGUST 2006 - The famous electrifying first kiss between KISMET happened. The teaser for MSKM was first seen on the premiere of SAM and Toni movie "You Are The One". SAM came out of the premiere and one of his friend asked "k'musta naman ang smack?" (the kiss of the year) but SAM didn't entertain the question and started talking excitedly (like a little kid seeing candy by the storewindow) about the KISS on the ship with ANNE!!! It was longer than what was shown (I hope they include that kiss on the MSKM DVD)...FACT!

    4. SEPTEMBER 2006 - ANNE was on the BUZZ and was grilled about the longest kiss with SAM...Kris asked her she was kilig. ANNE said she was just surprised, coz she's not used to a screen kiss like that...and that she couldn't stop because the director said do not stop until i say CUT! and ANNE couldn't tell SAM to stop becoz they're liplocked...LOL!... SAM AND ANNE, both of them definitely was electrified by their first kiss...

    5. OCTOBER 2006 - FAB 4 on HomeBOY! KISMET oooziingg with chemistry...sparks shooting everywhere!


    OCTOBER 7, 2006 - First documented hanging out moment at Capones...Thanks to Celine's Blog on Multiply...I just wanna say, i luv this pix...


    OCTOBER 9, 2006 - Second documented KISMET was hanging out again...Thanks to Lizette for the pix...


    HULI ***!!!



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    Disclaimer: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    OCTOBER 24, 2006 - Around 1030pm Phil Time...(Ate Dulz, ako na ang magkwekwento, ang bagal mo kasi...hahaha...) Ate Dulz, read in a girl's blog na nakita si SAM inside a restaurant in Greenbelt. Yung girl she's waiting for the rest of her family sa resto kasi parang they had a death in the family. Tapos, habang nagiintay siya, pumasok daw si SAM, naka-hat and green shirt. Then, maya-maya, pumasok naman si ANNE...(hehehe...lumang style na pala yung ginagawa nila...parang yung sa UNO party...hahaha...) Then, the girl's brother saw ANNE and he liked her right away and asked if they could take a picture, naging crush daw ng brother niya si ANNE at that instant. ANNE was wearing her eyeglasses, white blouse and havaianas. So, picture picture sila and she posted the pictures too on her blog...(KOPS, eto yung mga pictures na hindi na namin mahanap...) Tapos, nagdinner na daw ang KISMET.

    It turns out, SAM was leaving for the states that morning for the Renditions concert, early flight of 8am and had to be at the airport by 5am.





    here's the blog of the girl:

    then we ate dinner at the banana leaf resto.. fami saw us while he was walking outside..he went in and joined us. fami was talking non stop-as always... when sam milby, my mom's super mega crush, arrived.. anne curtis arrived after 15 mins.. they were with some people.. prolly relatives or staff... anyways, gosh.. me, macy and kup almost crawled under the table cause mom and fami were so excited to have their pictures taken with sam and anne. haha! mom didn't care if it was so wa-poise.. she's never had a crush on a local celebrity.. si sam lang daw. hahaha! turned out that the mag i bought earlier just came out and sam was the cover main feature.. haha! mom asked for his autograph and he was like "oh my.. it came out already? i haven't seen it yet.. pwede patingin?" hahaha! he was soo cute.. and so.. since my brother has a crush on anne curtis, we had our pic taken with them as well. comedy talaga! gosh! major star struck si mommy. 'twas a crazy and fun experience..

    OCTOBER 25, 2006 - 730pm PST San Diego...The very first time I met SAM backstage in Spreckles Theatre San Diego...SAM was wearing a green shirt and a cap (go figure that out...hahaha...btw, SAM smelled sooo good...hehehe) Then, i teased him where were you last night...LOL... I asked him this coz someone told me, SAM was missing last night in the Philippines...hahahaha...SAM didn't answer but he's got this HUGE SMILE ON HIS FACE... I'll try to find the pix of that backstage pix and he's got this cute SMIRK/GRIN on his face...haaayyy...

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    Disclaimer: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    JANUARY 31, 2007 - somebody reported that she saw SAMANNE at greenbelt having a dinner and watching a movie.


    MARCH 15, 2007 - SAM and ANNE were spotted in Uno Mag party because Sam doesn't want others to go uhhhhhmmmmmmmmm with Anne. Sam bantay talaga ha.



    APRIL 2, 2007 - SAM and ANNE were spotted by Jun Lalin having a dinner at Bizu, Greenhills.


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    Disclaimer: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    MAY 12, 2007 - Sam and Anne were seen at Hobbes.

    Originally Posted By Leilah

    Here's the blog of the girls who had seen them.

    After eating, we crossed the street to Bonifacio high @_@ I swear, I loove that place! Especially at night. Gimmik tayo dun! haha. So we went around and spent most of our time in CLUB PRINCESS. My new favorite store. It's soo cuuute hahaha. I wanna live there @_@. joke. Tita Nini bought all four of us rings! hahaha. And I got a crown and pink hoop earrings :] As usual, camwhore nanaman.. then

    we went to Hobbes.
    Aina: Steph, Steph! Come here.. *drags me* I think that's Anne!!
    Me: OMG!! Maita!!
    Maita: what? What?! :O
    Me: *whispers* its anne curtis!! @_@
    Maita: OMGOMGOGM!! WHERE! --> =))
    Ethen Aina, Steffi, me and maita made pa-picture with her. nyahaha. Steffi and I had the good pics. Maita told me that Anne kept staring at my crown daw =)) LOL tapos in Aina's pic, she wasnt looking at the cam coz she was looking at my crown. wahahha. Maita naman, kawawa kasi she had a picture nga with her but she accidentally deleted it because when she saw Sam Milby, she was in a hurry to make pa-picture with him. =)) awww. ok lang yan. photoshop nlng =)) wahahaha.

    Then we followed them outside.. they were walking and then Steffi was going to take a picture of their backs so nagkaflash then Anne looked behind so we ran away kaagad =)) And as we were runniiing...
    Me: Sam Turingan?!
    Aina: SAM!! *hug*
    Wahaha! we saw saammyyy! (old rep classmate) So we asked her where Dre (her sis) was. Then there! Sam didn't go pala to rep this year because she has her own show :O :O lucky kid! she earns 3,800php per shoot! or something like that. I think 7k per week, not sure. Then I told her that she was so lucky coz she gets to shop then she goes, "it's okay i'll make you guys libre" hahaha! aww sweet kid :X so there, after a while we had to leave na 'cause it was already 10:30am. Maita and Aina continued being starstruck in the car while Steffi and I were just playing it cool B-) yeaahh.


    blog posters' sites:



    MAY 19, 2007 - Sam and anne were sighted at eastwood

    Originally Posted By Leilah

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kismets look what i've found!!! another blog!!! unfortunately walang pics.

    Bedroom, Eastwood and Kopiroti May 19, '07 8:56 AM
    for everyone

    Met in my house to figure out where to go! After several pacuteness we ended up in eastwood. I feel hs again! yikes!! too much hs people caressing beside our bed!Me and my S.R. friends saw sam milby and anne curtis there! oh yeah! auds had her hs boys and cried after hearing the ZOLTAN news! Next was Kopiroti where the bruising and scratching happened!

    MAY 23, 2007 - anne attended the birthday party of sam at omakase and was one of the few remaining guests.


    MAY 26, 2007 - TV PATROL reported that sam and anne attended the debut party of danita paner at shangrila makati. here's the video of tv patrol. enjoy watching.


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    Disclaimer: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    JUNE 4, 2007 - Sam and Anne were seen at NAIA airport going to bangkok

    Originally Posted by BoRRowFAnne
    Here's the l8test SAM left for Bangkok today SAM will be in Bangkok to do a commercial GO, GO, GO BabyPAPA!!! MORE POWER TO YA!!! Thanks to my ever reliable informer
    Originally Posted by j8404
    guys would you know where is sam and anne exctly today? kc i saw them sa airport kanina going to bangkok...

    Originally Posted by j8404
    actually, that tym im working and suddenly my officemates were going gaga and leaving the counters un pala si sam andun im sure na its thai airways *** sinakyan nya then si anne well i guess is tg also... when my offcemates looking for sam (coz they dont know na anne was there too) ang una nila nkita is si anne which that tym was at the duty free area around 1:30pm but *** departure tym is at 2:40 or 2:55 pm not sure around that tym...tpos un nagpapicture sila kay anne then one of them asking anne where's sam is...and sabi nia anne andun daw sa immigration nakapila hehe thats it... the mere fact na lam ko mgkasama sila kinikilig na ako...nauna pala si anne pumasok maybe para di sila mahalata hehe

    Originally Posted by j8404
    no prob kismet naman talaga ko eversince naglielow lang sa pex.. anyways, defintely, anne also has a flight that tym maybe nga magkasma sila ni sam going to bangkok kasi sobrang conincidence naman d b and may ngsbi sakin same flight daw sila...

    omg!..thanks a bunch for your info!..same flight???!..

    hmmm..nagtanan ba sila??!..

    asan na ang mga stalkers ni papaSAM..hinatid ba nila si papaBird sa airport..or nag-back out nang malamang si mamaBird ang kasama dahil sasakit ang mga hearts nila!!..

    Originally Posted by j8404
    guys sorry now lang me ulit post i just came from work..anyways, i got the pics na i send it already to leih pero dont know if she get it already yaw ng phone ko kaya i waited pa for my sis to send it to leih... they are really together hehe nakita ko pa nga *** manifest eh anne seated on 11a and sam on 11b which means magkatabi sila pareho inside the plane even thou di sila mgksabay mgcheck in..they were also in business class and *** 4 na kasma nila sa economy... kwento nung iba kong friends... coz business class passengers can stay at the lounge, dun muna sila ngstay dalawa and ang sweet sweet daw mgkatabi sila naguusap daw hehe tpos *** apat nasa labas lang waiting for the boarding hehe (i hope to see them ill wait for them talga wag lang delay *** flight)

    senxa na kismets di me magaling magkwento pero super kilig talaga sila while nasa lounge daw kahit di kismets *** iba kong friends its obvious daw talga na there's something going on bet them

    c/o JOYCE!!!!SAMANNE AT NAIA JUNE 4,2007




    JUNE 8, 2007 - arrival of SAMANNE from Thailand

    Originally Posted by j8404

    hi kismets!!!

    its really a big day for me! a good one to end my week hehe! i know all of u guys are so eager to know the behind stories behind those pics just bear with me mejo magulo ako magkuwnto eh...

    well, our kismets arrived at NAIA at around 7:50 pm... and they were seated again together inside the plane (as per manifest!) then im hoping na sila ang unang lalabas kasi since nasa business class sila they were the first ones who can get outside but bec madaming nagpapic together with the mjo nahuli sila so ayun i sighted them...anne is wearing a dress parang baby dress hehe (baka may nabuo na nga?! lolz joke lang) they look soooooo good together ang blooming nila anne was soooo beautifula nd so is sam super handsome! ibang klase face ni anne ang kinis prang may makeup pero wala naman... im sooo speechless pero while they're walking towards my way...i approached them and say hi anne and sam i told them im a kismet and nagkatinginan sila and ngsmile i heard anne said wow! then ayun naglapitan na din *** mga tao na gustong magpapic hehe so ang dami na namin... tpos while walking (sinabayan ko sila just few steps lang) i asked anne you did a commercial ryt? sbi nia anne yeah sabay tingin kay sam waaahhh (could be one of them has a commercial and the other one was only invited by the other woooow! hope so!) basta super bait nila i can see na super antok sila sa byahe pero they manage to say hi and smile sa pics... pagmgpapapic nga lagi pa dumidikit si sam kay anne my sister noticed sa pic na kailangan tlagang mgkalapit pa daw hehe (well, they're just so sweeet!) tpos they headed to the immigration for the stamp nauna si anne tpos si sam nahuli eh sam saw anne was already infront of the immig officer so he approached din pero di yata pde so inuna muna si anne pumila ulit si sam aun umalis na ko i waited again sa may baggage carousel..una si anne then may kasma sumunod na gay na kasma nila then they're waiting pa sa iba may dumating pa ulit na girl na mjo chubby oh well i guess kasmah din nila then si sam na...hinintay pa ni anne si sam then nung nakita ko ulit sila i said hi again and un ang dami na ulit lumapit hehe madami ulit ngpapicture so i took again two shots (one's with the child) parang anak nila *** girl kasi parang half din un eh pde na nilang anak un hehe basta bait nila pareho... tahimik talaga si sam pangitingiti lang... before they go and proceed sa baggage area, i asked anne if she will be still in mskm book 2 and she said meron bang book 2 and i said yeah and she said of cors hehe basta nagkasmile sya nun bait talaga very approachable...

    i took so many videos tooooo bad i havent saved it i just got one video saved (just that anne's walking after immig) hay kainis sayang talaga...that tym talaga im really floating all i think is what i can show to my fellow kismets ksi nga i dont wanna fail u guys... hehe

    i got kilig also kasi sam's wearing the shoes anne had given him... actually i dont know what it looks like so i took a pic of his shoes and i saw here in pex the pic of anne's gift its the same

    lets keep the love flaming! lets spread kismets love!

    im soooooo proud to be a kismet!you all guys are welcome!!!its my pleasure to share it with all of u!

    let them be buried in koo koo place u know who u are! hehehe





  19. #19

    Disclaimer: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    JUNE 10, 2007 - Sam and Anne were seen at Serendra

    Originally Posted By Rhoda:

    ... in someone's blog. I hope she doesn't mind if I share it here kasi public naman yung blog niya, eh. Anyway, here it is:

    Last Sunday, Pau asked me to go with them @ The Fort with his family and relatives from Florida.

    at the mall - EJ, pau's super loveable cousin, spent most of the time playing at timezone. Of course, we went with the kids while the others went shopping =). It was fun...we played the Dance Mania and EJ won the grand prize at the Jack the Top =) galing.

    Eating time - We ate Pancit Lucban, sisig hooray, and barbecue at the market =) Yum

    Exploring The Fort - We went to see what's in Serendra...It's a classy place to go to. Many unique restos and shops. Loved the Bonifacio High Street. When we were about to go home, we saw Sam Milby and Anne Curtis...The Balikbayans were sooo happy =)




    Di ba that's what they were wearing sa DR pics from last Sunday? Which means nag-date ang lovebirds after ASAP?!?

    Ok, assuming lang ako pero ... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    JULY 8, 2007 - Sam was seen at coffe bean.

    Originally Posted by Rhoda

    I think nakabalik na ang VERY CLOSE friends from Bangkok kasi I found this:

    Splurging at Serendra
    Jul 9, '07 9:24 PM
    for everyone

    Went there on saturday with my camera nearly bat-empty, dine out at thai at silk, dessert at sinful xocolat and sonja's (more photos with frencel)..yeah camwhores do spend lavishly sometimes, hehe

    But then, can't get enough of serendra and bonifacio high street, went there again on Sunday with Empoy for chai tea latte at coffee bean, saw sam milby (gorgeous features from head to toe, haha!) and did my paparazzi shots and usual photoshoots..enjoy!


    There's no mention of gANNEda pero notice kung when and where ang location ng sighting. Hmmm ... could it be?

    Here's another find!

    camooleon (lady_camoo) wrote,
    @ 2007-07-08 20:49:00

    post-wedding get-together was at bag of beans, where we all had cups of barako coffee because the food and lack of sleep made us all drowsy. kat and nico followed, and kat immediately had chismis (her friends spotted sam milby and anne curtis at antonio's, whispering sweet nothings to each other) for us to mull over.

    I just posted the interesting bit coz medyo mahaba yung blog niya. Not sure when this sighting was but EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Whispering sweet nothings daw.

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    Look at the symbol for "U"?

    uhuh! BINGOOOO!!!

    the necklace means..."U" "IKAW" as in "YOU AND ME"




    the necklace symbol also means..."ON"

    c/o REEZ

    c/o REEZ!!!!!http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/1315/anne05182007160517it9.jpg

    WOW ANNE! Ang cute naman ng Tiffany necklace mo...

    Yan ba yung binili ni Close Friend sa iyo sa New York?

    Nagshopping kasi siya sa New York,

    tapos nood ng Les Miserables...hehehe...

    How sweet naman!


    And I say what about, Breakfast at Tiffany's...


    thats the shoes ANNE was wearing in the CUTE NG INA
    poster.. and SHARI took a pic of it cuz she saw that
    it said "CURT"... and we were both thinking..

    if Luis made tthose shoes for her.. why didnt it say
    NIPPY? why CURT?

    fyi: CURT is the nickname that SAM gave her.. while
    Tictoc is the nickname ANNE gave SAM!

    esep esep. hehehe




    c/o COLEEN

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