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    Thumbs up Papa Andrew Schimmer goes bold!

    mga baklush, nbalitaan niyo ba na gumawa o gumagawa ng bold movie si andrew schimmer ng bold paired with cristine reyes. jusme, ang guwapo guwapo kaya niya. at tisoy version siya ni papa mark herras. kaya im sure maglalaway ang mga bakla. please post of his pics para mas makilala natin siya. at pag may sexy & bold pics na, please post na rin. charot

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    where's the picture?

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    sa totoo lang, mukha siyang BADING, parang hindi makapatay ng langaw

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    A Y A K A T O ambertookme's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    Japan! Japan!
    who is andrew schimmer?

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    Angel of Despair r3dguy's Avatar
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    lost in d universe
    .i thought he died last year. he he. i agree gwapo nga si Andrew.

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    nakakalat sa OROSA
    may parang awkward sa hitsura nya...

    totoo bang blonde sya?

    parang hindi bagay sa kanya *** blonde...
    pero parang hindi rin bagay sa kanya black hair

    wala siyang appeal for me...
    mas gusto ko *** kasama nya dati sa kakabakaba...
    *** nagiging malaki *** katawan tyka *** may powers *** eyes...

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