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    Help! Pedia-Dermatologist

    Hi! My 1 & 3 months old baby Isabel has been experiencing itchiness especially on her legs for quite some time now. Could you please recommend a good pedia-dermatologist? Thanks a lot in advance! Would appreciate it very much!

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    what area are you from? my baby girl's pedia is very good, although she isn't a pedia-derma. she is the head of the pediatrics department of metropolitan hospital though. and very much experienced. her name is dra. celia sy.

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    Thanks for the reply. Im also planning to switch my pedia because Im not quite confident on her competency. Im in the area of QC, Metropolitan Hospital is in Binondo Manila right?

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    hi, im also from QC and my pedia is at Sr Lukes. Her name is Dra Minette Reyes-Bautista though hindi din sya pedia-derma but shes good and ma-alaga. Her mobile is always on, she will reply to your call and text promptly. Let me know if you want her contact details.

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    yeah, metropolitan is in binondo. old-school chinese kase, so i live and practically do everything here.

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    When I grew up si Dra. Bella Vitangcol na ang pedia namin. She's not a derma but maybe she can refer you to a good one. She has a clinic in QCMC along Aurora Blvd in Cubao and is there 3x a week, I think. Mabilis din sumagot sa text when my baby got sick. You can call up QCMC and ask for her clinic hours

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    amski, baka mas magandang magconsult sa pedia-allergologist? baka kasi allergy ang cause ng pangangati ng baby mo. i can recommend dr. hiyasmin lim. head siya ng association ng allergologists sa pinas. may clinic siya sa feu (fairview) at sa pcmc (children's med). here are the contact numbers: feu- 9362671 pcmc-9246601 loc. 309
    hope this helps.

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    there's a great pedia derma in asian hospital. her name is Dra. Nicolas. she graduted in pgh and her trainings (take note of the s) abroad such as in Mayo clinic and other prestigious institutes. we take our baby there beacue he had atopic dermatitis. he check up costs about much or less 700. the ointments were all in all about 800 also. its worth it. isang puntahan lang eh nawala na yung rashes at itchiness.

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    hi, i know a derma who specializes in pediatrics. her name is dr marivic dizon, and she practices in cardinal santos and ust.

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    Dr. Carlos Paguio is a very good pedia-derma at Medical City. Tel. No. 634-4749.

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    Dr. Carlos Paguio is a very good pedia-derma at Medical City. Tel. No. 634-4749.

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    hello, anybody here knows a pedia-derma who has clinic at st lukes? please advise. thanks!

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    My kids go to Dra. Michelle Noche-Apacible. She has a clinic in Cardinal Santos. Her schedule is every T-Th-Sat

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    Hi! try Capitol Medical Center Dra. Amelia Bulmer Pedia-Allergologist-Dermatologist - clinic everyday 9am-12pm

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    anyone knows a good pedia-derma in the paranaque/alabang?

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    hey guys can you help me search a better pedia-derma for my baby..*** problem nya kc sa skin is almost a 3months na din and it so alarming na dahil nawawala siya then bumabalik *** at napapalitan ***..the first pedia-derma na pinunthan nmn sa cardinal ang sbi'' popular acro dermatitis of the childhood'' wait daw kami til january second at mawawala na un pero *** pa rin **** nangyari then ng try ako sa adult derma na kc same *** nmn daw *** derma ng child sa adult.i go ust kc un na pinakamalapit dito **** nakilalang hospital,then ang sabi insect bites *** daw pero la din nmn now i really dont know where to go na magaling na DR. ****..malapit pa nmn na 1st bday nya i want her to be look better bgo sya mag bday so pls. help me tnxs....

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    Pedia derma in qc

    Good day! I need pedia derma located po sa qc sna bka po my alm *** formy baby who is7 mos. my rashes po ksi n prng ntutuyo,yes dhl sa ointmnt pero prng lmlki sya lmlaeak *** sakop ty po sa ga ccgot

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    Hi. Same skin problem ng baby ko sa baby mo. Musta na skin nya? Anong cream binigay ng pedia nya?

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