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    Taiwanese Drama: It Started With a Kiss Sequel

    It Started with a Kiss 2 惡作劇之吻 II


    This is the continuation of the hit 2005 series "IT STARTED WITH A KISS". Thread to ISWAK is here.


    Ariel Lin (林依晨) - 袁湘琴 Yuan Xiang Qin
    Joe Cheng (鄭元暢) - 江直樹 Jiang Zhi Shu

    Original Manga: http://www.suki-desu.com/itazuranakiss/

    Filming Started : March 30, 2007
    Date to be aired: Sept 29th 2007 (ONLY IF everything is on schedule)

    credits: AF


    The sequel of It Started With A Kiss begins with Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu's wedding and honeymoon. From the start, they experience problems and interferences within their marriage such as mistaken pregnancy, misunderstandings, and a run-in with a girl from Zhi Shu's past. Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu will go on a honeymoon to Guam and there they will see Ah Jin. Ah Jin goes there because he was so heartbroken from Xiang Qin's marriage that he wanted to get away but only to end up seeing the two of them together. Ah Jin will also meet another girl and fall in love with her. Xiang Qin's best friend, Lin Chun Mei, gets pregnant with Ah Bu's child. Xiang Qin takes Chun Mei to Lungshan Temple where she prays for her and her child.


    * Ariel Lin as Yuan Xiang Qin 袁湘琴 / Jeanie
    * Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu 江直樹 / Michael
    * Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng 金元豐 (Ah Jin 阿金)
    * Chang Yung Cheng as Jiang Wan Li 江阿利
    * Cyndi Chaw as Ah Li's wife 阿利嫂
    * **** Tsung Sheng as Yuan You Cai
    * Liu Rong Jia as Liu Ya Nong
    * Yang Pei Ting as Lin Chun Mei
    * Yan Ya Lun as Ah Bu
    * Figaro Ceng Shao Zong as Keita
    * **** Yu Zhe as Motoki (Japanese Manga Name)
    * Cai Yi Zhen as Tomoko (Japanese Manga Name)
    * Xiu Jie Kai as Funatsu (Japanese Manga Name)
    * Little Zhen as Marina (Japanese Manga Name)
    * Tiffany Xu as Pei Zi Yu
    * Adam Cheng (-im not sure about his name.. hehe..) - Jiang Yu Shu / JunJun

    Production Credits

    * Producer: Jerry Feng Jia Rui 馮家瑞
    * Director: Qu You Ning

    credits: DramaWiki

    here's a link where u can find the itazura na kiss manga scanlations:
    ^click nyo *** *** mga chapters jan.. tpos sa baba, sa left side, meron dun parang previous and next.. intindihin nyo nlng kse chinese website yan eh..

    eto *** link sa manga, *** love scene.. hehe..
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    woohoo meron nang iswak 2 thread....super thank you sis!!!! mwah....hehehehe

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    here are some news about the sequel:

    posted last [03.30.07]

    translations by xbunnylicious

    Popular idol drama "It Started With a Kiss" is about to film their sequel. Director Qu You Ning, Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, and the rest of the cast gathered together for a grand wedding ceremony to celebrate the start of the sequel filming.

    Joe Cheng said, "This is actually my first marriage, unlike Ariel, who gets to marry in each drama she stars in. My first marriage in my profession is given to Ariel. Hopefully she can use her rich experience to handle our marriage well."

    Ariel Lin replied, "I am extremely honored. Haha.. I will definately be a good wife."

    After over one year, the original cast is cooperating again. Everyone's mood is excited and is anticipating this. Ariel said, "I am filled with excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. I told the director that nobody but ourselves give us the high expectations for this. I hope this doesn't become a pressure, but become a dedicated, relaxing job."

    Joe Cheng said, "This feels like the first day of elementary school. School begins once again and I am very nervous. I feel excited to return to the school."

    ISWAK II will be focused on Ariel and Joe's lifestyle after their marriage. Whether there will be an intimate bed scene is becoming a great anticipation. The director said, "Because they are newlyweds, there should be alot of intimate scenes. I am also a newlywed so I will arrange and discuss scenes with my wife. Everyone will see how sweet they will be!"

    Joe replied, "That is the director's practice at home; plan all the scenes and then teach it to me."


    translations by xbunnylicious

    Due to "It Started With a Kiss", Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng are successfully labeled as an onscreen couple. Both of them also have a good friend, Xu Wei Lun. Yesterday the shooting for the sequel began. Ariel wore a wedding dress and entered through a red carpet. The "groom", Joe Cheng said, "Wei Lun's desire before her death was to wear a wedding dress." Joe disclosed that during the wedding scene, their ten fingers were locked tight. When they think about their good friend, they held on to each other even tighter. Ariel even said, "I felt that Wei Lun had arrived for this wedding."

    Idol dramas are popular with sequels. GTV's Hana Kimi sequel has been confirmed to start filming at the end of the year. Last year, ISWAK had successful ratings on CTV and GTV. The filming started yesterday and the channels are already fighting for the broadcasting rights. Other than the original cast, Danson **** is also included. The GTV executive said that ISWAK will be broadcasted in Tokyo and Fukuoka in Japan.

    Ariel hasn't filmed a drama in half a year since she had been studying abroad. The director revealed that the original script didn't plan a kiss scene but Ariel and Joe were willing to have one. Ariel joked, "The director will practice loving his wife at home and use it all on me in the drama."

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    ate sandee!

    Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin ISWAK continue their love fate

    Warmly welcomed drama "It started with a kiss", will be filming soon, direct by winnie yu, male and female lead of Joe & Ariel respectively as well as the numerous actors, today holds a grand wedding ceremony to celebrate its 2nd series beginning shooting.

    Joe Cheng: "Actually, this is my first marriage, unlike Ariel who get married numerous times in each drama, can counted as my acting life, and my first marriage will be given to Ariel, hope to allow to use her rich experience, handle kindlied our marriage life"

    Ariel: "I extremely honored, ha... I will be a good newly wed wife."

    After a year plus, all former staffs will once co-operates again, everyone look forward to and so excited about it. Ariel Lin: "The mood is both excited and looking forward to, nervous, also feared to get hurt. , I spoke with director that others gave us, and oneself has high expectation, but hope that it will not become pressure, focus but relax."

    Joe Cheng: "This mood maked me feel like a elementary student first day of school, school will be reopen the next day, very anxious, feel like going back to school, very excited."

    2nd series of ISWAK, will mainly focus on the female and male lead newly married life, whether have intimate action in bed, have to wait and see. Director: "As they were newly married couple, therefore should be able to have intimate actions, in addition, I also a newly married man, so, will discuss some intimate action with my wife before making any arrangement."

    Joe Cheng: "So, director will practice at home first, discuss and wrap some move and action on us."
    Ariel Lin: "Ha... ."
    Director: "Everyone will get to see how happily they are!"

    Credit: [email protected]
    Translated: [email protected]

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    source : libertytimes
    translated by applemashi for http://asianfanatics.net

    It Started with a Kiss 2 (ISWAK 2) will finally start filming at the end of this month. The orginal cast Ariel & Joe wil all be together. To guarantee that the filming will be on schedule, the artists are restricted from accepting outside work. Ariel and Joe have rejected movies and commercials both of them rather losing millions of dollars to focus on ISWAK2. ISWAK2's contract was signed last year. The cast is afraid of ISWAK's nightmare of spending 9 months for filming. They would like to finish filming ISWAK2 before Ariel start filming LOCH again and Joe do his Japan promotion and movie filming. Ariel has already rejected other drama series and movies which cost her to lose a couple hundred thousand dollars already. Joe has already rejected 4 movies and commercials, all together losing $8 million. All this because they wish that ISWAK2 would be filmed perfectly. Joe says: "I've started to slim down, movie will start filming after ISWAK2 finishes." Joe also needs to go to Japan to promote ISWAK in May, so he has already requested time off two months ago because he's scared that it'll cause delay to filming of part 2. Ariel's manager said ISWAK2 is Ariel's main focus for this year and will reject all work until July.

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    ate sandee, r u busy right now? can u help me post some pics here? i'll give the link where u'll get the pics that u'll post.. hehehe..

    news muna inaatupag ko now eh.. hehe.. nagb-bp ako sa iswak 1 thread and sa AF forum. hehe..


    First Day of filming ISWAK 2!!!
    March 28, 2007

    Joe's Message

    Today is the first day of filming ISWAK!
    Have a bit of being hold by it.
    Wake up at 5am this morning to work.
    Just knock off from work.
    Have a feeling of strength going up the neck.
    The feeling was still quite satiate.

    Yesterday i've lose sleep again loh!
    Just like a student going to school for the very first day


    Director winnie's words:

    after a few hours we will officially begin to film the sequel
    everyone on the crew are feeling restless these days
    there's always more work each day, and new problems occur
    we changed ISWAK-E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen (which literally means Mischievous kiss or kiss of prank) to lucky kiss
    I hope the luck will continue and everyone will be happy
    this is a series that we all have hoped for
    to be honest
    my pressure has gained as my expectation went high
    everyone's waiting for it, how is the sequel gonna be like?
    from <Meteor Garden> to <Tu Si Nan Zhi Wen> (sorry i dunno the english name for this drama) ...<My Secret Garden> (this is a successful drama of Ariel, its sequel was the first to broke the "curse" of bad sequels), all these sequels had always lifted many people's hopes. Similarly, when I watch ISWAK, I have great hope for it as well......
    Joe has gained experiences from all these years. On that day he said, he had filmed 10 series. 10 series, there's got to be some difference. What to do now? I want to show everyone a mature Joe. Also, a mature Zhi Shu.
    Ariel during this time, has experienced many things accidentally. It's been a while since we see her dramas. After going to New York and studied there. The recent her, how much is she gonna surprise me (in a good way)?
    They have both experienced the leaving of a good friend, the testing of life. How are they going to present the beauty of life.
    Yu Shu has grown so tall. He's already a shy little guy now...I had to make friends with him all over again, even if we have already worked together in many series. But it seems like everything's gonna start all over again. The day they tried out their looks for the drama, we talked about Wang Jian Min (no idea who this guy is), professional baseball, threw baseball at each other. He had finally got his smile back.
    The adults in Jiang's family are still mature, leading us like the sun....thanks to Daddy Jiang and Mommy Jiang, and the Cai Uncle who pretends to be mature. Haha!
    FRH, who used to be newbies, are now the shiny stars. They have more responsibilities, we are all happy to meet again...I also hope that we can have some different interactions.
    Also many artists friends that are helping us, or the crew members who are working backstage silently. Everyone will eventually see what we've prepared for them, and we hope that you'll find surprises everywhere.
    reading the manga script by the manga artist over and over, i'm understanding more of her heart, and i'm touched.
    Listening to the producer telling what happened in Japan's editing room. Looking at the Japaneses subtitles for ISWAK. The manga artist's husband (I'm sorry here for not knowing how to translate the Japanese name...) came up to see the tape of Japanese subtitles. It was the scene where Zhi Shu was in the balcony, talking about his pressure from his dad's company and future. Xiang Qin felt Zhi Shu's heart, hugged him from the back. Just two people in the night silently......
    He was originally seated at the back, but now he walked to the front slowly, until he's in front of the screen, watching it with high concentration......after this scene was finished, he sat at a corner, not speaking for a long time, and it seems like he's wiping his tears.
    After that, he walked out, with strength, he shaked hands with the producer. He says it's too similar to his and the manga artist's life, which reminds him of her (the manga artist, his dead wife)......
    Turns out this manga, was all composed of her husband and her lives, she drew it using her own life.
    He shaked the producer's hand greatly, and said "thank you" so many times, the producer says that he felt his true appreciation, and he is also touched by him.......
    I dont know how good ISWAK really was? but i know our sincerity was even felt by the manga artist's husband.
    To everyone who likes ISWAK, u guys have grown up as well. Welcome everyone, using your heart that has grown more mature, and let's enter the imaginary world of ISWAK.
    I'm Winnie
    the first day of filming

    From director's kimo club, The Rose Imaginary World
    credits to: NIGOAT of AF FORUM
    posted today at joe-cheng.com

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    100% entertainment ISWAK 2 dress tryout



    TVBS news on ISWAK 2



    JOE CUT HIS HAIR SHORT!!!!, Winnie cut his hair for Zi Shu's role...

    the newspaper article that i posted in chinese basically says the following:
    ever since joe entered the entertainment industry he has always had a longer hair appearance...because when he used to be chubby a few years ago he had to use his long hair to cover up his face to make it look small...but now he's slimmed down by skipping dinner, he no long needs the long hair becuz his face is already small. in addition to that, director winnie told him to get a haircut because a doctor needs to have a clean image, his long hair seems a bit "oily" (wt?)
    now joe's really satisfied with his new hairstyle and has received many compliments from his friends.
    he seems quite self-obsessive with this...and he's like "did u see this? a small face would look good with any hairstyle. now i no longer have to be the gloomy prince"

    ~credit to Sandy of joesfamily

    credits to: NIGOAT of AF FORUM

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    [2007.03.30] Joe kisses Ariel, and feels Wei Lun is watching over them
    [蘋果日報]小綜啵林依晨 感應瑋倫觀賞

    GTV's "It Started With A Kiss 2" had been anticipated by fans for a year. Finally, the press conference was held yesterday. Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin, both in wedding attire, walked down the red carpet together. Director Winnie gave some inside scoop, commenting how well Joe & Ariel were working together during the filming of the wedding scene. (Yvonne's note: Perhaps they were filming another wedding scene, or maybe wedding reception.) Director Winnie had yet to plan any kissing scenes between Joe & Ariel, however, they both took the initiative and kissed two times!!! In response to this, Joe said, "Doesn't everyone kiss their significant other while taking wedding photos?"

    Joe & Ariel tried not to talk about their best friend Hsu Wei Lun (who had recently passed away) during filming. They were afraid of becoming sad, thus affecting their mood portraying Zhi Shu & Xiang Qin. But on Mar.28, while filming the wedding scene, Joe & Ariel both felt Wei Lun's presence at the same time, watching their wedding. Joe said, "I was holding on to Ariel's hand, thinking Wei Lun had wanted to wear a wedding gown the most."

    Translated by: Yvonne228
    Source: [蘋果日報]

    Please credit Yvonne228 and ariel-lin.com if you use this translation.


    [2007.03.30] Joe & Ariel "Wedding", feeling Wei Lun's presence
    [聯合報] 小綜、依晨「結婚」感覺瑋倫觀禮

    "It Started With A Kiss 2" had begun filming three days ago, and the first scene they filmed was Joe & Ariel's wedding. In the middle of filming this scene, both Joe & Ariel had suddenly become extremely emotional, and tears filled their eyes.

    Yesterday at the press conference, Ariel hung her head low and said, "I can feel Wei Lun is here watching." Standing beside her, Joe nodded in agreement, "Wei Lun had long to wear a wedding dress, she is definitely here!" Upon hearing this, Ariel couldn't help but started to cry again.

    Joe also said that after Wei Lun's death, he began to treasure everyone and everything around him more. But most importantly, he realized how important it was to take action before it was too late. "To me right now, pondering about the 'should've/would've/what if's' is far worse than losing." Ariel then added, "I will keep on working hard, living on, because I believe Wei Lun will always watch over me."

    "It Started With A Kiss" had been the most popular idol-drama in recent years, with great viewership/ ratings. It would start broadcasting in Japan in May. Moreover, even ISWAK2 had yet to finish filming, there were already many competitions for buying the copyrights of the sequel. China Airlines would be sponsoring the cast and crew a trip to Guam, for the honeymoon plotline. Because the sequel would mainly focus on Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin's marriage life, the newlywed Director Winnie shyly admitted that he had been doing 'experiments' on his wife. Everyday, he had been researching about "Hugging 18 Ways", figuring out different ways of body contact, in hopes of making the audience laugh.

    In the sequel, Zhi Shu would become a doctor, so in order to always be by his side, Xiang Qin would become a nurse. For this, Ariel specially went to the hospital a few days ago for a health check, and to also observe the workings of the nurses. However, Ariel was so afraid of seeing blood, she quickly shut her eyes when she saw the needle coming towards her...she didn't dare to see anything.

    Translated by: Yvonne228
    Source: 聯合報 @ http://udn.com/

    Please credit Yvonne228 and ariel-lin.com if you use this translation.

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    Last year's ISWAK created a popularity of idol dramas, with fans high hopes ISWAK2 held its press conference yesterday. GTV specially planned a wedding for main characters Joe Zheng and Ariel, the two of them walked down the red carpet and exchanged their "I Dos".

    The sequel will mainly focus on Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu's marriage life after they got married, Joe Zheng will face the admission of medical school, from going to army to fully being a doctor. Because Ariel Lin needs to chase after her husband, she ran to the med school for studying. Director Qu You Ning especially pretended to be the priest, telling the new couple: "Finally see Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu return!" this sentence made Ariel's eyes teary and almost cried at the conference.

    The family & friends including Zhao Yong Hua, Zhang Yong Zeng, Jiro Wang, Liu Gia Rong, Yang Pei Ting, Arron Yan, Danson **** and Feguroa Zheng all attending the wedding ceremony. Ariel Lin said "Two days ago was our first day filming, I already kissed Joe and it was two times too."


    credits to: APPLEMASHI of AF FORUM




    ISWAK 2 Wedding Behind the Scenes (BTS) with Subs!!!!


    [2007.04.05] Ariel Lin's getting married to Joe, her mother cried because she couldn't bear for Ariel to leave.
    [中國時報]林依晨嫁鄭元暢 媽媽不捨大哭

    Ariel Lin got married to Joe in the latest GTV drama, ISWAK II. This is the very first time Ariel is filming a traditional chinese wedding and it was a fresh new experience for her. However, Ariel's mother who was present felt really heart ache. Half way through the filming, Ariel's mother left the scene in tears. Ariel was shocked and said, "how come my mother's more into the filming than me?"

    This whole wedding ceremony was like the real thing. Everything had to follow according to the chinese tradition. Ariel said, "the director got experienced people to come and be a part of the drama." During the breaktime, Joe ran after Ariel's mother to apologise to her. He said, "sorry, lin mama, I'm going to marry your daughter and take her away from you." Unexpectantly, this comment of his made Ariel's mother tensed up, and once again, she covered her tearful face and ran off. Playful Joe stood at the same spot, stunned, not knowing what to do next.

    At that time, Ariel was busy filming that she did not realise that her mother had disappeared. It was only after her filming that her mother informed her. She saw her daughter "married off" with her own eyes, though knowing that its only part of the filming process, she still could not control her emotions. This shows that Ariel has a very intimate and close relationship with her mother. When mentioned that Ariel's brother will be marrying a girl in the future, Ariel's mother said, "After marriage, hopefully they will move out, I don't want to live with him." But when it comes to Ariel Lin. Her attitude took on a 180 degree change, she said,"Please tell your husband, his mother-in-law has to move in too!"

    Translated by: Eun
    Source from: 中國時報
    Link: ariel-lin.com

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    [04.08.07]JOE said "I'll take care of ARIEL for the rest of my life" to MAMA LIN


    In ISWAK2 , Ariel Lin is married to Joe Cheng. To show the Taiwanese traditions to marriage, they especially hired professional secretary to plan this, every process is the same as a real ceremony.

    Ariel first wore the Chi-Pao (the red dress she wore when they kissed) and served tea to her mother-in-law Jiang Yong Hua. Then the groom Joe Cheng went to Ariel's house and send a party to escort her to his house. Cong Cong who played her dad was also following the tradition. He poured water which symbolizes "married daughter is like water poured" (meaning not getting her back) after that passed the fire pot and stepped on the tile before entering the groom's house. When they were filming, Lin Mama (Ariel's mom) especially came to see her. Even though Ariel wore the wedding gown so many times in dramas. seeing this marrying process that was so real, Lin Mama couldnt help crying.

    Ariel had grown up in a single-parent family since she was little, she's extremely close with her mom and younger brother. After she entered the entertainment industry, she held the responsibility to raise the family. She is very filial respected. The mother and daughter often go out together, no wonder Lin Mama is feeling so much.

    *this part is extremely sweet*
    Joe Cheng saw Lin Mama crying, and teased her on purpose :" let me have Ariel, i'll take care of her for the rest of my life." Lin Mama was crying even harder when she heard that, she said while wiping her tears :" If someday Ariel really did get married, I dont think i'll let her go. But Ariel was being calm, she said that she wont want such complicated marrying ceremony. She thinks that she looks kinda special in a Chi-Pao, and hopes that she could act in a series that takes place in the Republic of China (which is around 1912 or something like that)

    *good news*
    Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng will go to Japan to promote ISWAK from May 5-8, and a fans meeting will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo. After that they'll go straight to Guam to film the honeymoon

    credits to: NIGOAT of AF FORUM

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    credit to: LITTLEGIRL of ariel-lin.com
    source: linichen.net
    MU: from LITTLEGIRL re-uploaded by FX8UIN: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LGKBRP6Y

    translation (by LITTLEGIRL )

    reporter: joe zheng, ariel lin, wu xiong, figaro zeng, and the second sister of shan liang are all medical persons in ISWAK sequel. the director has arranged them to attend a learning class, after a dead pig has been brought, everybody were shocked.

    joe: it's actually dreadful at the moment when we had to use the syringe to prickle into the skin, even though it was only a pig to experiment with, but, i've heard from our teacher, that at the school, people have to prickle each other. so, it's a real person's body, and they have to prickle each other. so, they'll be worried about each other, whether they've prickled into the right place, the place where they should prickle, so, very worried. that's why i think prickling is very dreadful.

    wu xiong: like when we go to hospital, to get injected, i am always screaming a lot, unable to watch it. you all must be like me too?

    all: yes...

    figaro: just before, when the nurse wanted to open the package of the syringe, that bzzzz sound, i shivered, after she took out the syringe, the needle is so long, so everybody got worried.

    reporter: the pig is only for experiment, if they've begun shooting, the actors have to pr ick each other.

    ariel: i've heard the filming team saying "every one of us will let you try out!"

    ariel: for example his character will be my practising partner (points to figaro)
    so he'll get pricked by me, xiao zong maybe too

    figaro: right, i'll get pricked by xiang qin with thousand prickles and hundreds of holes

    wu xiong: so pitiful

    ariel: what do you feel?

    second sis: uhm, just before when the nurse was injecting, i felt numb, when i was eating, i was shivering the whole time.

    reporter: during class, everbody was giving attention to the teacher and even took notes, afraid of forgetting something. the teacher even let everybody take the syringe home to practise, but nobody wanted to do so.

    joe: that syringe, i don't know...if putting it into the bag, i'll get worried, whether the needle will get broke or the cover is out, so, i won't take it home.

    ariel: ehh, if you put it into your bag, people will think of that... that...

    joe: if you meet the police, they'll think you taking drugs or something...

    ariel: yeah having some addiction...(or whatever you call it)

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    lin yi chen: the shooting is like a pregnant woman having a difficult birth
    Interviewer: You've done so many dramas, what's the place of ISWAK?

    ariel: the role is very special, Xiang Qin and me, we are two different persons.

    Interviewer: How big is the difference?

    ariel: very big. maybe it's because that the director has worked with me before, he thinks that i can play the character of a naive girl. After my mom has read the script, she likes that character even more than me. xiang qin is very simple-minded, very pure. everything she does is always one beat slower than others. but to the stuffs and person she likes, she is always on 'one sinew'. (i think it means...stubborn ) the audience can accept her very easy.

    Interviewer: a cute and simple-minded girl like this, can generalize most of the roles you played.

    ariel: right. but i am not using those characters to act. because i've started the entertainment industry quite early, i am more matured and rational than them, that's why i'll use acting skills to act that cuteness and naivety.

    Interviewer: before you started with the entertainment industry, were you a celeb and drama fan too? ever dreamt of being a celebrity yoursef?

    Ariel: i am a j-drama fan, that's because of the popularity of j-dramas in taiwan, i love watching "love diary', 'tokyo love story', '101th propose"...even til now, some j-dramas are having new versions, i won't be able not to watch it. i've never thought being a female actress myself though.

    Interviewer: do you re-watch j-dramas before shooting?

    Ariel: I did that a lot years ago, i don't want to repeat what others have done very great, so, i've bought a whole set manga this time. the deduction of zuo teng lan zi (i think a jap manga writer) won't give me any influence, because it happened ten years ago.

    Interviewer: when you were promoting ISWAK, you couldn't control your emotions and cried that you couldn't lift up your head, what's the reason?

    Ariel: after finish shooting one drama, i'll always have a big cry. I've been working on ISWAK for 11 months, not everything was going smoothly, sometimes, it makes mad and not feeling well, that kind of holding back feeling is like a pregnant woman having a difficult birth.

    Interviewer: you are being called 'taiwan sweety sis'. but since you are having more dramas to do, will you stop only choosing those cute but very easy minded characters?

    Ariel: I hope i can finish filming one satisfying drama every year, a work that will leave a deep impression on the audience, i don't want to hear people always saying "i still love your role as 'xx' the most", if i am not able to make them like my newest work, i'll never improve.

    Interviewer: the producer are starting with ISWAK 2, rumours tell that, because of being afraid of standing at the same kind of role, you once thought of not playing the role? (not sure about the last one >.<

    Ariel: I will act in ISWAK2. I hope i'll change slowly, not change a lot in one time. Playing the old one during a young age is ok, but after reaching an old age and then playing the young one will be hard.

    joe: to play with ariel lin in the sequel, there is nothing to say!

    Interviewer: You are a Genius and Prince in the drama, is it the same with you in real life?

    joe: I am not a genius in real life (laughs). the genius jiang zhi shu everybody sees is only the appearance. we are trying hard to adjust while filming, so that people will have the feelig of more life. this is a powerful love story.

    interviewer: first love, first kiss is something that people can't forget forever, have there ever been feelings while filming this drama?

    joe: yes! ISWAK is suitable for a family to watch together. the plot is fond, it will make people think about the first time they were confessing to a person they like, the audience will cry, this kind of moment is in everybody's process of growing up.

    interviewer: it will make you think about your school days? you've said before that you had a rebelish time?

    joe: when i was at high school, my father wanted me to major in engineering, but i wanted to do technology, but that wouldn't give me a good life, i was very ignorant inside, also very rebelish, but in the end, i still listened to my father.

    Interviewer: you already earn your own money after graduationg from high school. after receiving today's resulty, how do you feel? is it suitable for you to have a life of popularity?

    joe: that time after arrivint at taipei, i've had many kinds of work, sold something on street and been a salesman, a friend suggested me to be a model, i wanted to earn more money, so i went there. acting in "the rose" is also a coincidence, after that, i was sure to become a real actor. I think i haven't succeeded yet. i did experience up and downs, also, there has been a period where the media showed me the cold shoulder.

    interview: you are playing in love dramas mainly, if you could choose, what kind of character do want to play the most?

    joe: after reaching a certain age, a person's temperament will change, i am a very honest, and normal person in real life. i love comedy. i will act in a movie this year with a japanese producer, it's a comedy based on a manga. i always wanted to try out acting in a movie, i hope to try out different subjects.

    interviewer: ariel lin said she is looking forward to work with you again in ISWAK2, what about you?

    joe: when asked about doing a sequel, the only question i asked was whether there will be the same people doing it, after this has been confirmed, i agreed immediately.

    credits : joesfamily.com.tw (sorry cant read the name)

    translated by: littlegirl of ariel-lin.com

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    ISWAK 2 cast attending basic medical training


    newest message from director winnie: 04/21/07

    Every hardworking ISWAK2 actors in my point of view......

    Posting time: 2007/04/21 19:20:03

    There has been a lot of news, and everyone is more and more clear about how I want to film ISWAK sequel.

    ISWAK is a wonderful dream, I especially hope that the sequel is another satisfactory of happiness, Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin will become the substitute name for happiness......like Momoe Yamaguchi and Tomokazu Miura from Japan, or Jia Ming and Rose from Hong Kong (novel by Yi Shu, a famous writer in Hong Kong), when people are creating characters in the future, Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin will be the representitives that comes to mind for happiness. We also saw a lot of other characters being exposed.......Of course everyone will think about who suits each one of those characters? Or who's got the most feeling to it.

    But I wish that everyone can find ISWAK sequel full of surprises!On the other hand, I want to challenge myself as well.If we find the best suited actor for every character, it seems like it's decent, but then there'll be no surprises or the unexpected.

    As for me, who hope that these young actors can develop very much, I don't want their performance be limited to a few kind of characters even more, I also hope that there'll be the infinite imaginery space for them. So, I try to take some bold tries, and I hope that everyone can see and like these actors' hardworking and conscientiousness facing ISWAK sequel.

    This is the reason why Zhi Shu has to cut his hair, there's nothing wrong with the original hairstyle, and there aren't a lot of reasons that it has to be changed, but when everyone is too familiar with Joe's long hair, and begin to miss the Manly Zhi Shu, this kind of changes would be made interesting, and I really did find Zhi Shu's performance more feeling, after a few days of filming.

    The married Xiang Qin, although she's confused and fuzzy, and passionate just the same as before. But, will there be any difference at all? When we edited the script, the Xiang Qin in the manga ran away from home frequently, and a bit bullheaded, but, I don't want her to test her love like this so constantly, so, there'll be changes in this part!

    Keita is a very pure passionate youth, Figaro Zeng has given people the feeling of a tender child who never grows up, I hope starting from this drama, he can become a more attractive man, he now is busy with tanning and working out to be stronger, very concentrated to prepare for this, I can see his hardworking everyday, it's been a month since they first tried out their looks, I don't want to film his part yet, just forcing him getting prepared, seeing the great effort he made, I feel very happy inside.

    Motoki is a very interesting character, now it's decided to have Danson **** acting for this, this is a great challenge for him as well, he is even a bit resistant, because he has always seen himself as a very handsome guy, but I hope he can become a good actor. When people see him in the future, will think about all kinds of characters he played, like Tony Leung, who did not attract people with his handsome look, but with his attractive and all kinds of acting skills, and that's how Danson believed and accepted this challenge.

    Marina was a flash of inspiration, I suddenly thought that we could get the Little Zhen, second sister in "Shiny 3 Sisters" Zhen is a very straightforward and outgong girl, but sometimes she can be very purely quiet, I always think that whenver people think of "Shiny 3 Sisters", they relate them to the Taiwanse local series and performance (Sorry I'm not familiar with this so can't translate more specifically), I feel a bit Sorry for them, if this time she can have some changes, it will enrich her experience in acting. The first thing we do is to make her eyebrows lighter, hope that people will see a completely different Little Zhen.

    Tomoko is a very special girl. She is gentle on the outside but has a thing for blood. 5 bears (Although I'm still not used to this name, I'm used to Yi Zhen, her real name) was getting a lot of pressure on ratings for her new drama (Summer x Summer), although she doesn't need to take all the responsibilities for that, but to her who acted as the female lead for the first time, sure it's a strike. But whenever we see her, she always has the big smile, the wild laugh of hers, makes people ignore her pressure inside......Watching her appearing in the company, I really want to help her, to help her getting back the passion for acting, for her whose laughter is really wild as well as her gestures, and who cannot find the right directions of acting, I really want to find the delicate part of her performance, to let more people seeing her differently, and find good things about her.

    Here I can tell you a character that hasn't been exposed, is the rival of Zhi Shu in school, (Funatsu) although he cannot beat Zhi Shu, he is crazy about it......now this character will be played by Little Xiu's...Xiu Jie Kai (Sorry can't find any info on him, therefore don't know his English name...). Little Xiu has never played such a crazy character, but from the look we have already confirmed, I really look forward to it and I personally like it very much, but please allow me to keep you guys guessing, and please anticipate.

    Wu Zun and Selina were confirmed that because of schedule and other reasons, this time will not act in the series......actually when we were only talking about it and was not confirmed, there were rumors spreading out, I feel it's not good either, and got Annie Yi (who was rumored to act as Xiang Qin's mother) mistaken us, this all is not what we hope for......but actually they're all very good and attractive celebrities and actors, we should have more opportunities to work together in the future.

    From this new point of view, new tries and challenges, I'm actually a bit afraid, afraid that it won't be as abundant and interesting as I thought, and more afraid that it getting suspected, even disappointed from the fans who like them and supported them, but with a heart that wants to film a good drama, a heart that wants something different, a heart that wants more changes, it will lead everyone pass any hardship, and try to challenge on the most difficult path, and hope that everyone can give us more of best wishes and discussion.

    I'm Winnie

    credits to: NIGOAT of AF FORUM


    Additional clarification......about the cast

    Posting time: 2007/04/21 23:46:01

    There's a biggest reason
    is to give them challenges, and give me challenges
    everyone is born to give more tries
    and I just want to give them the chance

    I don't worry about the quality of the sequel at all
    I'm not scared of the "bad sequels curse" either
    It is your own lost if you're not watching it

    I didn't film for 6 months
    It's definitely not enough
    Just the editing will need half a year
    (my heart just broke....does that mean...more than a year in total?)

    the fan meeting in Japan
    we don't know the specific content and ways to go yet
    but I believe everyone is looking forward to meet the Japan fans
    We still want to go to Parco Museum to see Joe's exhibition
    and I want to meet Kaoru Tada(the manga artist)'s husband
    We're so close that we want to do a lot of things together
    Everyone is making great efforts to make this story a good one
    Everyday of filming is enjoyment
    Although it is tiring
    but we treat is as pleasure

    picture of Xiu Jie Kai who is acting as Funatsu, rival of Zhi Shu in school
    credits to: NIGOAT at AF FORUM

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    [17/01/06] Joe hates kissing with tongue.

    Zheng Yuan Chang together with Ariel Lin act in kiss scene would rather die than extend tongue.

    Xiao Zong and Lin Yi Chen collaborate in E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen. Because of the title 'wen'(means kiss), both must do many natural intimate contact appearance and to this Xiao Zong laughingly said "When He Jun Xiang and Lin Yi Chen shot Ai Qing He Yue (Love Contract), because of too put into the act, they are kissing till extend tongue." oh yeah!!...

    Xiao Zong consider that he really isn't professional in this type. because take shot in kissing scene need skill. use angle to overcome, the appearance of two people will look so natural. xiao zong say that if he and Lin Yi Chen must act kiss untill extend tongue, he would rather die. After shooting a few idol series, hasn't there been any leading ladies who had made Xiao Zong's heart beat? Xiao Zong replied wide-eyed,

    "There has! I wholeheartedly fall in love with my every leading lady because if I don't love, the drama will be artificial and furthermore, in a dim lit ambience will give me more "love" feeling. but this feeling is only limited during shooting time. Upon finishing the shoot, the feeling will also be gone."

    Credits : joesfamily
    Translated by : fish @ ycf


    BLOGS about ISWAK 2 from WITNESSES, about BEHIND the SCENE happening

    thanks to NIGOAT for this


    Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin was filming ISWAK2 at the Roman Square...ppl were skipping class 2 c this....
    when they had a break in between the filming Joe was waving and smiling 2 the fans and their assistants asked them 2 b those bystanders, walking and chatting but they cant look at Joe
    Joe and Ariel was filming the same shot (walking back and forth)4 almost 2 hours!!
    the break after that, Joe and Ariel was sitting close 2 me... Joe was only half a feet away from me, he is really funny and hearty
    of course he's super tall and good-looking
    Ariel was sitting behind me, I overheard her talking 2 her assistant about her past in Chengchi Universityand then during lunch time, the whole school was on strike! all the students were crowding in Roman Square, just 2 c these 2 stars
    Really anticipating ISWAK2! today i saw Joe in real life, and now i love him even more, he's really even better looking than on TV! it was worth it 2 skip 2 classes 4 him, haha


    Xin Xian came over and told me that Joe's on third floor...OMG!!! i couldnt believe it!! it's Joe Cheng~~immediately my mind was off...and then i keep making mistakes while playing guitar
    i like Joe becuz of ISWAK, i like his version of ZS!!! shy~
    i was playing as i keep looking around 2 c when Joe's coming out...
    and then the miraculous thing came, an older sis (member of the crew) said that they're filming ISWAK2 and asked us guitar club 2 b the background
    we r 2 sit on the flight of stairs
    and practise guitars as usual, then Ariel Lin will sit behind us, and film her inner thinking part.....
    OMG OMG!!! it's ISWAK!!! my fav idol drama!!!
    and we can even b the background...i was so happy~
    everybody agreed immediately, and then chose their sitting postion, began 2 practise guitar...
    ***'s more enviable is that they want 2 male students to play as ZS's good friends in Medical school...
    so we just sat there on the stairs, in fact every1 was practising really fakely...haha! cuz the singing will interrupt the guitar sound...
    we dont usually practise like this, we seperate...
    the crew members told us not 2 look at the camera...becuz we will peek...haha!
    i did peek at Ariel Lin!!
    she's so cute, so pretty~~
    Respecful upperclass sister of Chengchi Uni
    although the makeup is a bit too much, but that's becuz of the filming, i think if she puts less makeup on she'd look cuter!!
    Finally, this part of filming is done...
    becuz we were acting for them, so the crew still let us sit there....
    and then there was ZS's part!!
    the guys r ready, and Joe Cheng finnaly came out!!
    WA~so hot!!!! so hot!!!
    his new hairstyle is really gorgeous~~
    we sat really close 2 Joe, and watched really clearly...his skin is really good!
    and really tall, even taller by that much than Xiao P and Wei Zheng
    now i feel really good, becuz all the other students had 2 stand by far, and we could sit here and watch him so closely!
    Wow woo~~so lucky!!
    and then their part is : 3 ppl walking down from a building, has 2 b walking and talking like friends
    Enviably, those 2 wasn't only extremely close 2 him, and Joe even put his hands on their shoulders~~~damn!!!!
    the 3 ppl walked down happily, we were watching enviously...and they didn't even have anyy NG~wow~


    i heard that Ariel Lin came a while ago 2 XXX road 2 film
    and yesterday they were at xxx hall and xxx building
    from afternoon till evening
    and then today
    in gym xx told us that she saw Joe Cheng in front of xxx hall
    but we didnt c it
    we rushed 2 Roman Square as soon as class was over so crowded!
    yes thats rite it's Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin
    OMG OMG Joe Cheng was so hot so hot extremely hot!!!
    Ariel Lin so cute and pretty
    O every girl was soo envious of Ariel cuz she could hold Joe's hands
    and they were soo close together
    we just saw Joe again and again walking back and forth
    then i went back 2 the dormitries 2 get my camera
    although xx said that we cant take pics but every1 keeps taking pics
    so happy so happy o i'm so excited
    blah blah my camera's really good it's not blurred at all...

    pu ha
    so when it's airing i can tell ppl this is where in C Uni and i saw it
    Joe Cheng's really handsome cuz he has short hair now
    and his skin is really good he's very tall and he's very cute

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    April 25 2007, ISWAK II update..

    Ariel Lin Is Bold and Grabs Snakes: "Bold Lin"

    In GTV's newest drama, "It Started With A Kiss II" (ISWAK 2), the female lead, LIN YI CHEN (Ariel Lin) shows much braveness and courage. Her best friend, played by YANG PEI TING, gets pregnant with YAN YA LUN's (Arron Yan) child. Several days ago Ariel Lin had to film a scene where she takes Yang Pei Ting to Lungshan Temple where she prays for her and her child. The director was quite serious with the scene and spent a lot of money to send the whole production crew to Huaxi Street for an intense outdoor shooting. During her stay Ariel grabbed snakes, picked up lizards, and did other courageous things while Yang Pei Ting stands in the sidelines screaming. Ariel Lin had a serious face on and did not appear to be scared at all. The crew immediately titled this talented beauty as "Bold Lin."

    In the drama Ariel Lin plays Xiang Qin, a scaredycat. However no one knew that Ariel Lin is actually quite bold in reality. Surprised with her courage, before shooting the scenes the crew members saw Ariel Lin walking up to the boss of the store and asked, "Can I pick up this snake?" Realizing that celebrities were visiting his store he immediately nodded. Ariel Lin grabbed the snake in front of everyone else, without the change of color on her face. She also said, "If you treat the snake as an eel everyone will be fine."

    Besides snakes, Ariel Lin also held a lizard. She cried, "I'm not even scared of cold-blooded animals!" That day she also tried some snake soup for the first time. She also treated 15 bowls of soup to her fellow crew members.

    Source: Asianfanatics.net
    Credit: Scarlett @ AF

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    BTS of ZS and XQ's Date in ISWAK 2 (video link)

    BTS ZS and XQ's Ferris Wheel Date in ISWAK 2 with subs

    Here's the translation of the video....
    translation (by littlegirl)--
    reporter: Joe Zheng and Ariel Lin rode the ferris wheel to film a dating scene for their characters, Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu, in the sequel of ISWAK. The two of them were eating cake in the cabin, their faces covered in whip cream.

    joe: i don't know why the director decided to put the whip cream into the script. don't know whether it's because of his personal life's habit or experience. i think, everyone likes to eat cake, but there's no need to have to play with the cream, having...you get cream, i get cream...everybody gets cream {meaning cream everywhere) in that scene. i believe this will be a very special scene in ISWAK 2. also, only people who have learned how to do this can play such a game. kids, don't imitate.

    ariel: why?

    joe: because this will...

    ariel: oh, i know (joe: ...cause you to choke)

    ariel: i just got some whip cream in my nose

    joe: before, ariel almost got choked by the whip cream. is there still some cream left in your nose?

    ariel: no

    joe: nothing left

    report: joe thinks playing with whip cream is really disgusting. the two of them started to discuss which kinds of foods are better to use in intimate scenes.

    joe: kissing in the ferris wheel is really romantic.uhhh...but (i think) the sweet (the whip cream) should be changed to something else...jelly for example

    ariel: huh???

    joe: or fresh cheese...

    ariel: fresh cheese?

    joe: ice cream

    ariel: ok! ice cream, agreed!!

    joe: we all accept/choose ice cream

    reporter: ariel and joe, both are riding the ferris wheel for the first time. but this time the reason is that they have to film a drama. they hope to enjoy that kind of romantic atmosphere in the furture.

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    waaah julz!!!! medyo busy me kasi may lakad me ngayon at bukas....so magpost din ako dito ng mga downloadable videos sa monday....hihihihi....

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    ate sandee!!
    okei ***.. patapos n nmn yta ako sa news.. nsa May nko eh.. hehehe..
    pics nmn mamaya..


    Cast of "It Started With A Kiss" in Tokyo

    Joe was almost repatriated on arrival in Japan.


    Idol stars, Joe, Ariel and Jiro went to Tokyo the day before yesterday to promote ISWAK. Joe was almost repatriated due to his expired work permit. Fortunately, the Japanese authorities issued a temporary pass and he was detained for more than an hour at the airport before passing through immigration.

    When Joe was detained at the airport office due to his expired documents, Ariel, Jiro and the entire crew grew anxious, yet Joe remained calm, finding the situation interesting. He said that there were tourists from many other countries in the little office, and he later found out that there was another artiste who met with the same problem as him. And that is the current governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who visited Japan for a promotional activity when he was a Hollywood star.

    ISWAK has been dramatized from the manga many years ago in Japan. However, as compared to the actors in the first edition, the Japanese media in attendance at the press conference revealed that Joe, Ariel and Jiro’s style/image in ISWAK were closer to that of the manga.

    Having painstakingly studied the Japanese language for some time, Joe self-introduced himself in Japanese during the press conference and his pronunciation was accurate. Privately he help tutored Ariel and Jiro intensively but when Jiro went onstage, he self-introduced himself as Mr xxx (you don’t normally call yourself Mr when introducing yourself in Japanese). There was immediate laughter from the media audience but despite his mistake, the media commented that Jiro’s earnest facial expression was actually quite cute.

    XiaoZhu (Show) and LinJunJie (JJ) appeared to be part of this trip to Japan as well. They bumped into each other in the airport waiting area (Taiwan). Show and JJ wished Joe, Ariel and Jiro, all the best for the promotional stint in Japan.

    When they arrived in Japan, Joe wanted to eat Japanese noodles, Jiro wanted “XiePing” (not sure what it is, my guess is to shop?), and Ariel wanted to bath in the hot spring. All three have their own agenda but their schedule is fully booked. Besides the press conference, they have to attend an open studio recording on their first night, an immediate test of their popularity. There were many fans encircling the studio with some already there in the morning to queue. Joe, Ariel and Jiro were surprised at the no. of fans present and couldn’t believe that they are so popular in Japan.

    credits: francesca of AF

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    Husband of ISWAK author appeared in ISWAK promotion; praised ZhiShu and XiangQin; Ariel was moved


    The author of the manga, DuoTianXun, on which BaiDa’s ISWAK was based, is a well-respected master figure in Japan. Unfortunately, she died in 1999 from cerebral haemorrhage and didn’t finish the manga, resulting in the story ending with the female lead, XiangQin’s pregnancy. DuoTianXun’s husband, XiChuanMao, especially came to ISWAK press conference yesterday. On seeing the real “ZhiShu”, Ariel was moved to tears, unable to say a word.

    The story of ZhiShu and XiangQin in ISWAK is in fact a true love story of DuoTianXun and XiChuanMao. Joe said that the manga story is so dream-like, its unimaginable that there are actual people like that, and that feeling is so real. Ariel started crying after just a handshake with XiChuanMao and couldn’t talk for quite a while. She finally spoke to XiChuanMao, telling him that his wife is very blessed and hope that she, teacher DuoTianXun will be proud of them (referring to ISWAK cast). Winnie, ever sentimental, was “sobbing” at one side and he said that he’d been hoping to meet XiChuanMao, and to receive an endorsement from the original author will mean differently to him.

    XiChuanMao has a suave appearance with the aura of a gentleman. He was very concern with ISWAK production process, constantly asking about filming details, and was grateful to Winnie for adhering to the original story. When he saw Joe, who played his character, ZhiShu, he thanked Joe, saying that Joe’s portrayal (of ZhiShu) was very much like him in his youth, and he was touched. XiChuanMao has a different view of Jiro as AhJin. He said that the original AhJin looks like a monkey. Jiro is more fitting/suitable. Winnie laughingly asked XiChuanMao who’s prettier between teacher DuoTian and Ariel. XiChuanMao smiled awkwardly, replying that Ariel is definitely prettier, as his wife is plumper but he dared not say so for his wife will get angry.

    credits: francesca of AF

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    translated by tymmini for http://asianfanatics.net
    Source : linichen.net

    Slow filming, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng forced have nothing to do

    Ariel Lin (left), Joe Cheng (right) have great chemistry working together. After filming at Taipei’s Mei Li Hua ferris wheel on the night at April 26, they were soon surrounded by fans asking for pictures and autographs.

    Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng’s “It Started With a Kiss 1” took almost a year to finish filming, and now the same cast is back for “It Started With a Kiss 2” with a super slow pace. Supposedly, the preparations before each filming were not done well, so it has become a “film one day, rest one day” pattern, making Ariel and Joe feel restless, afraid that they won’t be able to do other projects in July/August and that the money will fly out the door.

    Going with the flow of Chinese entertainment interest, “It Started With a Kiss 1” will be showing in Japan along with “Hana Kimi”. The lead actor and actress will be going to Japan on May 5 to advertise for 4 days. However, Ariel and Joe are worried because “It Started With a Kiss 2”’s filming is so slow. The director is very slow but detailed.

    Joe is sitting by the ferris wheel, waiting for his turn to film. His expression is blank toward the filming progress.

    While waiting for filming, Ariel browses around the ferris wheel with her assistant.

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