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    Best Split Type Aircon

    hi guys! I'm in the market for a split type aircon for my room. My old window type aircon just couldn't cool my room anymore for the reason that its hit with direct sunlight during the afternoon, affecting its performance significantly and shortens its life prematurely. (I had around 3 window types for the past 13 years.)

    Are china/korean brands that good? or should i get a real branded a/c?

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    the best ang mitsubishi but if u cant afford it, carrier nalang

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    Thanks! any reviews about the Carrier Alpha series? It seems a good buy at 25K++. Kolin seems ok but Ive heard their after sales service isn't that good.

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    panasonic...that's what we have in our two rooms..warning lang na you still need to pay for the installation fee, read the fine print libre lang siya pag 10 ft in excess of that babayran mo na, and yun masonary work hinde kasama..I still need to fork out 10k for the installation

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    update: I just purchased a panasonic 1.5hp window type aircon with remote. I really wanted a split type aircon, hindi kinaya ng budget. I chose panasonic over carrier because of the design. and tama si gonefishing. hindi pa pala kasama ang installation fee. it will be delivered and installed tomorrow.

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    Tips in buying room air conditioner: first you have to know the room size and what kind of load you have inside the room. Not to consider
    some other factors that will contribute to the load on your window shakers(ac unit). Rule of thumb 400 sq. ft is equivalent to one(1) ton of refrigeartion. if you live in the philippines then you have to buy one and half bigger because of the ambient temperature of 90 plus degress outside and humidity of 85% year round. once every two month you have to clean the air filter. MAKE sure you lubricate the fan motor once a year, check your condensate drain line if it's draining properly to prevent your ac unit to form rust.Clean your condenser and evaporator coil if it's look dirty. when installing your ac unit make sure it's tilted enough to drain the condesate water. DO NOT call technician and ask to check the refrigerant/freon? if the ac unit is not cooling then call the ac's better to have a thermometer inside the room to monitor the temperature. Freon never go bad unless you have a burn out compressor, air in the system and leak. as long the ac unit produce cool air don't worry about losing freon and if you have a leak in the unit make sure to fix the leak before charging the unit. that's all.

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    Split Type Air-Con

    What brand of split-type air-con is worth buying? In terms of durability and the number of features. I heard that Samsung is good, but I want to hear other's opinions.

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    I bought two LG split types 1.5 and 2.0 HP.. they are ok naman... I have a Daikin 2HP unit which is 10 yrs old na.. So far so good

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    samsung is good. I have one in my room. no regrets. it is really quiet, one of the advantages of split type aircons.

    also consider those inverter-type aircons of panasonic and daikin(?not sure) these new inverter type air cons are such efficient machines. at the rate of electricity cost these days... i'd say its a worthy investment.

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    Thanks for the reponse

    Well, I guess I would go with panasonic for it's inverter feature.

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    whats the difference of inverter type with the conventional split type? how much energy savings for a 1hp - 6 hours/ day use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelface49 View Post
    whats the difference of inverter type with the conventional split type? how much energy savings for a 1hp - 6 hours/ day use.
    I dont have the exact figures, I don't own one.
    more than the savings, the feature I like most with inverter type aircons is the stable temperature that it provides...

    when I first googled about this tech a year or two ago, tawag nila sa conventional aircons, blanket-on, blanket-off... kasi ganon ang conventional. lalamig, tapos pag na reach ang temp. shu-shut off temporarily... tapos mag o-on ulit pag uminit na... ganon cycle niya. unlike pag inverter type, you get a stable temperature. bonus na yung energy savings.

    I've found a link sa tsikot... may magandang discussion duon about inverter type aircons.

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    advisable ba talaga ang split type aircon?

    mas matipid ba sa kuryente ang split type na panasonic? mas malamig ba? mas matibay ba? problema yung outside unit if wala malagyan.

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    panasonic have inverter model, it uses lesser electricity. but unit cost of inverter type is more expensive than conventional split type of aircon. try to check the EER (Energy efficient ratio-yellow card) of unit, higher EER, the lesser electric consumption.

    comparing conventional split type of aircon with regular window type, it uses same compressor, so same din ang electric consumption.

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    If you have space and can afford it, yes. "Tipid sa kuryente" can be determined by comparing EER. I think split types might be a little less efficient than the window types of the same cooling capacity, but the difference is small.

    What I like about them is that they are quieter, and you have more flexibility in situating the indoor unit. However, they cost more to install, and might sometimes be a pain to service/clean.

    Compressor capacity is only one determinant of air conditioning performance. There are other influences such as fan speed/volume and the size and design of evaporator and condenser coils. So you can have two air conditioners with the same compressor size (1HP) but different cooling capacities (9,000 kJ/HR vs 9,750 kJ/HR). In that example, the second unit would take less time than the first to remove an equal amount of heat. Theoretically it should be more efficient.

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    it's mostly aethetics than anything, imo.

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    very disappointed with our split type. we got a sharp unit and parating umiinit kaya parati namin pinapalinis at pinapalagyan ng freon.. i dont know maybe just the unit we got. sorry for us that we dont have warranty anymore... btw mahal din magpa install

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerhandBop View Post
    it's mostly aethetics than anything, imo.

    aesthetics and less noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redMD23 View Post
    very disappointed with our split type. we got a sharp unit and parating umiinit kaya parati namin pinapalinis at pinapalagyan ng freon.. i dont know maybe just the unit we got. sorry for us that we dont have warranty anymore... btw mahal din magpa install

    no offense but sharp is not a good brand

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    "aesthetics and less noise."

    noise don't bother me, really.

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