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    Tips on a CARINDERIA!

    Hi all! We've just put up a carinderia in our neighborhood. It's been two weeks now and it seems that we're not doing as expected.
    Although nauubos almost all of the food for the day, it seems that we're not getting much profits.

    How does it work?

    Do we really need to count how many servings for each ulam? Like should we measure it?

    When is it best to go to the market? Early morning or late afternoon?

    Should we take note each order?

    I would really appreciate any tips on this!


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    san po b *** puwesto niyo? kung nauubos ang ulam.bkit kaya wl kyo ****** tubo? mlamang po bk sobra sobra ang takal o servings niyo. tama kayo,.. dapat m sukatin kung ilang servings .. u can also consider where you do your mktg. bk po mahal ang mga tindang sahog o panlahok s mga niluluto niyo.. sino po ba ang nagbabantay ng tindahan niyo? dapat din po meron kayo begiinning and ending inventory ng lahat ng panamalengke niyo. bk kc naiuuwi ng iba(cook,waiter)iyo iluto p. dpt tlg maaga kyo magmktg pr mas fresh ang gulay at isda and pork,etc..

    hope i was of some help..


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    yung pwesto is corner ng street namin. ok naman sya, i think. ang nagbabantay and mga nagseserve is *** mga maids namin.

    i think you're right, dapat may inventory management.. we trusted kasi the cook na kaya nya.. i think hindi... so maybe we should start looking on those factors..

    the thing is, i never thought it needs time and effort (more than i expected) to put up even this small business...

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    baka inililibre ni inday si dudong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by omeng View Post
    baka inililibre ni inday si dudong?
    ay feeling ko nga! haha.. meron kasi boyfriend yung cook namin na nagbebenta ng gulay....

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    costing para makuha mo yung r.o.i at inventory para daily tracking. Baka mashado kang generous sa bawat serving. hehe

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    wrong pricing. mahal ang supplier mo.
    pinaka masakit sa lahat... ulam, kanin or drinks...
    or nakawan mismo ng stocks mo.

    important ang inventory.. bilangin lahat... sukatin mabuti, timbangin mga ingredients...

    basically sa tingin ko may nakawan nagaganap sa store mo through your stocks.

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    Make sure you do your costing right. Do you know how much food servings should come out sa mga niluto nyo?

    To keep a record, make sure your write down every order in an order sheet. At the end of the day, make a tally. You will be able to understand why profit is small.


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    Nag me-meron baludoy's Avatar
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    one of the tricks daw according to my suking carinderia before, mas maganda kung parating may sabaw ang ulam para mag mukhang "marami" ang serving

    at saka tama si drizzt, kelangan mag costing ka para tutok ka sa expenses mo

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    There was one article on operating a canteen at home in this site which might be of some help:

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