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    The CPA Review Thread

    Which of the following CPA review schools is the best in terms of board exam performance, lecturers, handouts, facilities, and monetary grants (pre- and post-exam)?
    1. CPAR (valix, bobads, emong, etc.)
    2. ReSA (dayag, ube, tams, etc.)
    3. CRC-ACE (irog, blessie, jek, etc.)
    4. PRTC (tan-tan, ocampo, agamata, etc.)

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    I'm currently enrolled in CPAR and immensely enjoying it.

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    ewan ko lang ha, pero kaze my ex bf is an accountancy major in UP. sabi nya ganito
    1. CPAR - 90% of UP grads prefer this and many UST grads kasi tatawid lang daw ng espana.

    2. ReSA - mga taga UST because of Dayag daw.

    3. CRC-ACE - most LaSallians prefer to review here.

    4. PRTC - never heard, provincial schools? psba? ue? beda?

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    La Sallians prefer to review in CRC-ACE? Last time I checked, almost 95% of us (BSA/AE-BSA grads) are currently enrolled in CPAR. Check your facts Sir/Ma'am.

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    Just my Opinion

    CPAR has lots of schedules and reviewers to choose from compared to other review centers.

    Practical Acctng 1:
    Valix - syempre *** author, if you've read his book, that's how he lectures his class, only better. (funnier and more entertaining)
    Thomas Sy - *** bagets, has everything Valix has since he's using Valix's books plus teaches his own techniques.

    Practical Acctng 2:
    Guerrero - funny and a bit perv, i'm just forced to attend his class
    De Leon - boring for me
    German - i like the way he teaches his lesson (you'll catch him sing if you're lucky, do you feel lucky?)

    Theory of Accounts: Valix and Thomas Sy

    Tan-tan - he's a bit ok
    Jack de Vera - no comment, see for yourself

    Business Law: The Powerhouse Atty. Dante De La Cruz - the best, he's not boring, he entertains questions, approachable and will teach you Law like ABC

    Auditing Problems:
    Ibay: zzzzzzz, my grandma speaks faster
    Ocampo: does his class a bit fast but i'm sure you'll be able to catch up as long as you do your homework; i like his intellectual jokes...

    Auditing Theory:
    Ocampo: Same as above
    Valdez: A bit serious, but his lessons has substance

    Management Advisory Services:
    Bobads: They say he's lucky, I say I'm lucky im not in his class
    Tan: Idol; teaches faster than your pulse; he teaches you nice MAS tips which will make you realize how careless (or stupid) you are at accounting, AIM professor, (Warning: Go to his classes early or else you won't be able to sit anywhere)

    My Preference:
    P1: Sy (sometimes Valix)
    P2: German (seat in)
    MAS: Tan (seat in)
    Law: Atty D
    AP: Ocampo (seat in)
    AT: Valdez (or Ocampo)
    TA: Sy (sometimes Valix)
    Tax: Tamayo, nothing beats Tamayo IMO

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    My favorite lecturer in CPAR is by far Atty. Dante dela Cruz. Hindi boring at sobrang matututo ka talaga. Ang saya pa kasi lagi nagpapatawa. He also entertains questions. Sobrang light ng atmosphere sa class niya. Maaappreciate mo pa yung pinag-aaralan mo. Pag Taxation namin, sobrang puno yung classroom. In demand talaga kasi yung iba, hindi siya ang Tazation professor. He is also our BL professor at ganun. Ang hirap niya pa magpa-preboard kaya machachallenge ka talaga.

    Reynaldo Ocampo has a calm demeanor, well-modulated voice at magaling talaga magturo especially sa Auditing Theory. Ang dami kong hindi natutunan sa college na sa kanya ko lang natutunan (mahina kasi ang AT foundation ko). Sa problems ganun din.


    Conrado Valix, the legendary author of our favorite undegraduate Financial Accounting books, is like a walking Financial Accounting 1/2 book. Alam na alam talaga. Memorized niya ata yun. Minsan boring pero OK din siya. Very approachable.

    Guerrero. Sapilitan kasi siya yung nakadesignate sa class namin. Boring tsaka may pagkatamad to. I mean tamad talaga. Haha.


    Mr. Hilario Tan is a well-oiled machine. Malingat ka lang sandali, sobrang lag ka na sa lessons niya. Yumuko ka lang sandali, ang dami niya nang naisulat sa board. Ang bilis talaga. Ang hirap makasabay. Machachallenge ka talaga. At madalas manakot to regarding the board exam kaya talagang mag-aaral ka mabuti.

    Enjoy talaga sa CPAR. (obvious ba? Haha.)
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    Just to spice up the discussion: I think there is basis why materials (particularly pre-week handouts) of the following lecturers/schools are considered 'hotcakes':

    1. ToA - E. Ladesma (CRC-ACE)
    Dean Irog hasn't been called the "Walking SFAS" for nothing. The dame can enumerate the PFRS in correct order and description AND cite provisions verbatim. Her comprehensive quizzers appear in the board exams more often than Valix's (his quizzers are just too technical).

    2. BusLaw - Atty. Bonafe (ReSA)
    The thing is, because the coverage of BL hasn't changed since God knows when, most of the questions in the board exams have been lifted from past CPA exams. And Bonafe's materials is just that, a vast compilation of past exams.

    3. Taxation - A. Tamayo (ReSA)
    No doubt about it, his balding head is a sign that the scumbag knows a hell lot. Transfer tax, VAT, income tax, you name it. V. Reyes may have once been the authority in taxation, but Tamayo had unseated him. His tax drills, like Bonafe's, were taken from previous exams, the outdated questions being edited to correspond with the current legislation.

    4. AudTheory - Valdez (CPAR)
    While he has not written a book on the subject, Valdez (also called Melanie as initiated by Thomas Sy), is a master in AudTheory. His materials focused strongly on PSAs, Code of Ethics and RA 9298, all of which are sources favored by the AT examiner because of their recent revisions (question by Ricchute et al. are slowly being abandoned).

    5. MS - Tan (CPAR)
    Why wouldn't he, after all, he's a professor at AIM, and a brilliant strategist if you ask me. He provides shortcuts and simpler formulae on the most challenging of problems. His handouts provide exercises and problems taken from Noreen and Garrison, which is suspected as a favorite source book of the MS examiner.

    6. AudProb - (PRTC/CRC-ACE)
    Pass, I still have to check on their materials and review the lecturer's profiles.

    7. P1 - J. Casiņo (CRC-ACE)
    Ms. Casino always stresses the 'conceptual approach' in her lectures. A widow of a former CPA examiner, she made use of materials from AICPA and provides a comprehensive quizzer for each topic under P1. (Don't ask me why Valix type questions only seldom appear on the boared exam.)

    8. P2 - A. Dayag (ReSA)
    Need I say more? Dayag's book is a P2 bible, and it can beat Guerrero's (or even Robles') review book any day. It is no wonder that the handouts are simply extracts of his authored work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demented_guy View Post
    La Sallians prefer to review in CRC-ACE? Last time I checked, almost 95% of us (BSA/AE-BSA grads) are currently enrolled in CPAR. Check your facts Sir/Ma'am.

    ewan ko lang, kaze medyo matanda na yung kilala ko sa La salle na accountancy... batch 1999

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    Thanks for the tips. Matindi talaga yung handouts ni Tamayo.

    Could you help me acquire those sought-after review materials?

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    To demented_guy: Sorry, kido, but review materials are like carefully guarded secrets that each review center tries to protect against the prying eyes of their competitors.

    In my case, since I teach accounting and am obliged to create my testbank, I collected copies of handouts from CPAR, ReSA and CRC, which I got from students, friends and former classmates.

    I also have handouts of PRTC but its basically the same as in CPAR since some of the lecturers from CPAR also teach at PRTC.

    P.S. Does anyone know how IPRSD, UE, PSBA, and Roque Review School are performing?

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    my sister was choosing between CPAR and ReSA.

    yun daw *** naglalaban na review schools. though ReSA came from CPAr. not sure bout that.

    in the end, she chose CPAR. kasi mas ok daw. ang bilis daw ng punuan ng slots, nagpareserve na siya a few weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fmontserrat View Post
    To demented_guy: Sorry, kido, but review materials are like carefully guarded secrets that each review center tries to protect against the prying eyes of their competitors.

    In my case, since I teach accounting and am obliged to create my testbank, I collected copies of handouts from CPAR, ReSA and CRC, which I got from students, friends and former classmates.

    I also have handouts of PRTC but its basically the same as in CPAR since some of the lecturers from CPAR also teach at PRTC.

    P.S. Does anyone know how IPRSD, UE, PSBA, and Roque Review School are performing?
    No problem, sir. I have my sources now.

    Could you give me some tips about the board exams? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demented_guy View Post
    Could you give me some tips about the board exams? Thanks.
    1. ToA. Read and re-read the Valix book on the subject. Deconstruct the choices until you can explain why statements are correct or otherwise. If you know the 'concept', you won't have any problem at all with ToA. Remember, this is the first and, in my opinion, the easiest part of the exam. You don't have to read the PAS or PFRS. It's for people who need a good nap. Class atendance is a must (Sy or Valix, your choice).

    2. BLT. Read the handouts/book of Atty. Soriano or Suarez. Know the latin terms and stick to whatever caveat given by Atty D (attendance in his class is also a must). Then borrow and read your friends' materials by Atty. Bonafe.

    For taxation, DO NOT attend any classes conducted by J. de Vera, lest you want to waste valuable time. Attend Tan-tan's class at your option. Obtain all the handouts by Tamayo. Endure whatever mental pain brought about by studying VAT or tax remedies.

    3. MS. Answer ALL the multiple-choice questions by H. Tan. It's more than enough. You don't have to read the handouts from other review schools such as those by A. Lee or the Agamata book. Attendance on Tan's class is not compulsory but highly advised. If it's Bobads teaching, sleep, eat, or send SMS to your friends.

    4. AT. Answer ALL multiplie choice questions by Melanie. Faithfully attend the classes of Ocampo, and absorb everything being lectured. It's optional to read the PSAs. Do so if you want to sleep soundly. Focus on RA 9298, IRR, Code of Ethics and handouts on information systems. Give emphasis also on questions on substantive tests (shipments are billed, billed items are shipped, etc.).

    5. AP. This exam is just an modified and extended P1 exam. Again, conceptal over procedural approach. Answer ALL the multiple-choice questions by Ocampo. Do not read the Cabrera book. I doubt her authority to write on the subject (even on MS or FinAcc). Then, read the CRC and/or PRTC materials.

    6. P1. Read your Valix P1 book at least once. Again, be adept with the 'concept'. But don't rely on the questions in the board exam being patterned after those in the book. During my time, P1 was the most controversial exam. But when I took P1, it turns out to be one of the easiest exam but also the trickiest and potentially disburbing, e.g. you are given only 2 peso amounts and you are to figure out how to use them. (Note: I am discouraging you to read the P1 book by Ube. I doubt if his type of questions will appear in the P1 exam.)

    7. P2. Read the Dayag P2 book, but select questions at random. You don't have to solve them all but you can do so if you means permit you. This is the easiest exam involving computations, which is why this is given on the last day. I'm giving you the option to skip classes on P2, esp. if Guerrero doing the lecture. Attend German's class only if you are one of those people who either: (1) want to see him sing; and (2) are curious on why his groin looks a bit larg.., uh, never mind.

    To be continued...

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    Ang hirap maging CPA. Haha. Salamat sir. Waiting for the continuation.

    Waterloo ko ang dalawang Auditing subjects and the theory part of MS. Marami na rin akong na-miss na classes ni Ocampo (especially AT) due to some circumstances (e.g. on-going classes back then, graduation crap, etc.). Sana makahabol talaga ako.

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    CPAR of course... diyan kami magrereview for this coming october board exam...but before that, dapat muna akong grumadweyt this march...hehe

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    Some specifics:
    Mimeographically speaking, questions and text are formatted using Courier New font size 10 (single spaced), which are printed on 8.5" x 13" white bond paper.

    Some observations on the board exam:
    1. ToA.
    Bad News: The ToA exam has been infamous for containing questions using the 'old' standards, e.g. depreciable goodwill, negative goodwill and the likes. Its examiner has often been criticized for failing to update or scrap the testbank. But it would have been difficult for the examiner to monitor revisions when his database contains 5,000+ questions.

    Good News: As mentioned previously, this is the easiest section of licensure exam and despite the outdated questions, one which yields the highest batting average. I guess it helps that almost everybody has been using the Valix book on the subject, and that although Valix type of questions seldom appear on the actual exam, reading the whole text would suffice. Perhaps we can all agree that Valix is the foremost authority on financial accounting, and it would take N. Robles or Valencia or C. Uberita an eternity to take the throne from him.

    2. BLT.
    Bad News: Following the easiest exam, we have BLT which is one of the most difficult and yields the lowest passing rate. Amusing, isn't it? It is simply because examinees hardly appreciate the letters and the spirit of the business law. Apart from the fact that it involves quasi-superhuman logic and memorization skills to hurdle through the course, another reason contributory to mortality rate is the physical circumstances surrounding the candidate, i.e., BLT is taken at 1pm, the most ungodly hour of the day, made even worse if you are taking the MAY exam at PUP, MLQU, ADU or CCP. Equation: ( Noisy environment + scorching heat + crappy exam ) * tension = one hell of experience, literally.

    Good News: As mentioned also, the coverage of the BL has almost been the same as those outlined in the 1998 syllabus, with minimal additions. As such, the exam is a continuous recycling of past exams so that there is reasonable probability that you may have read half of the questions from your reviewer's handouts. It's like the time when key answers for Merchantile Law have been leaked out in the bar exams, except that we can put everything as pure coincidence.

    3. Taxation.
    Bad News: Well, what can I say about this exam, it's b-llsh--! It contains inadequate facts, contains outrageous choices (A. The higher of blah; B. All of the above; C...), misses out important variables like the income tax table, derives its questions from the old tax laws. I could go on forever but my point is, the exam is so f--ked up that after taking this half of BLT, you would have probably lost all hope to continue.

    Good News: It's consistent after all. (Of course, I'm being sarcastic.)

    To be continued again...

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    wait, atty dela cruz is now with CPAR? wasn't he one of the founders of ACE?

    I went to CRC and ACE, when both were still seperate entities.

    I didn't go to CPAR because I'd rather pass without having to be heckled for going the usual route...lasallian reviewing in CPAR. Bad bad bad vibes. People tend to think you didn't pass the right way.

    ALTHOUGH, at the end of the day, you have to study. Your review school will not make you pass. Only you can. Parepareho lang naman ang nasa reviewers nila di ba?

    But yes, Dean Ledesma rocks!

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    Bad vibes? The usual route? What the hell do you mean?

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    I am currently enrolled at PRTC and I like it here!

    Board Performance
    From my knowledge PRTC has produced the following CPAs in the past years (just click the link below):

    From what I learned Mr. De Leon/Mr. Ocampo/Mr. Valdez will be leaving CPAR and will lecture at PRTC full time.

    Okay kasi **...advance ang review materials. Hindi na natutunaw. Sabi ng frend ko n pumasa n last October 2006...Marami ding lumabas sa mga materials ng PRTC...say:

    P1/AP of Mr. Ocampo
    AT of Mr. Valdez
    MAS of FTAgamata ("kung religious ka sa book ni Agamata, mape-perfect mo exams")

    Although narinig ko na may kinuhang mga questions from Resa specifically in BLT. The same 22 questions were bonused through the representation of PRTC and Atty. Malvar.

    Facilities are fine and very relaxing. May bilyaran na malapit at parking. Kung gusto mo libre parking...dala ka ng aso di ka sisingilin ng parking boys.

    Monetary Grants
    Try nyo Open Pre-Board Examinations. Medyo malaki ang premyo.

    One thing i like in PRTC is their review program. They know how to value statistics and the program is packed with innovations. I don't know much about other review center. I can only say...kung ano ang nasa bakuran ko.

    Goodluck to all!

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