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    Maria Cecilia Dador Soriano in real life, dubbed as the Diamond Star of Philippine Show business, started acting at the tender age of six. She has starred in around 83 films (and counting) beginning with the 1971 flick My Heart Belongs to Daddy until her most recent films I Will Survive (a musical comedy), and Filipinas (family oriented drama), where she earned the 2004 Best Actress trophies from the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), and the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), the local counterpart of the Oscars.

    Widely recognized for her versatility, La Soriano received her first acting award as Best Child Actress at the age of nine at the 9th Manila Film Festival for Virgo Film's Alaala mo, Daigdig ko (Your Memory is My World) , in 1974. She also won the same award at the 1974 Ilo-ilo Film Festival for John and Marsha which later became the longest running Philippine Sitcom. Maricel developed her comic skills under the aegis of the country's King of Comedy, Dolphy and the late Nida Blanca, one of the country's top caliber actresses, both of whom she considered as second parents.

    La Soriano, was launched to full stardom in 1981 via Regal Films' Underage where her thespic talent and charisma shone brightest among the lead stars of the movie. From thereon, there was no stopping Maricel Soriano to superstardom. She starred from one film to another with the range of character and depth in acting regarded as the best in her generation. Her versatility allowed La Soriano to do drama, comedy, horror, action, and fantasy movies with relative ease and was amply rewarded with box office hits and a slew of acting awards.

    Aside from successfully conquering the movie scene, La Soriano duplicated her feat on Television with a variety of shows few could match. From the sitcom John and Marsha , she also starred in Kaluskos Musmos, a youth oriented program in the 70's. to Musical Variety Shows (Maria! Maria! and Maricel Live!) , Drama Anthology (Maricel Drama Special) and Comedy Shows (2+2, Kung Kaya ni Mister., Kaya ni Misis ( If the Husband Can do It, the Wife Can), Mary d' Potter and currently, Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis (The Husband and Wife are Lead Characters). She have received two awards from the Asian TV Awards as Best Actress in a Comedy show aside from her awards for the same category from the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) and awards as Best Actress in a Drama Anthology also coming from the latter.

    Not lacking in other talents, she has tried singing as well and even recorded a few songs including the theme song of her movie Oh My Mama in 1981 and a sold out concert at the Araneta Coliseum titled Hello, Hello Maricel in 1987.

    Considered by most as one of the finest actresses Philippine Cinema has ever produced, Maricel Soriano continues to shine as one of the Queens of the Philippine Entertainment Industry.


    My Heart Belongs To Daddy (1971) - Tirso Cruz III, Snooky, Aurora Salve - Sampaguita Pictures (Maricel's very first movie)
    Alaala Mo, Daigdig Ko (1974) - Boots Anson-Roa - Virgo Films
    John and Marsha (1973) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca - R.V.Q. Productions
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow (1974) - Nora Aunor, Walter Navarro - Lea Productions
    Lady Luck (Tiger Force) (1976) - Lotis Key, Jeanne Young - ??? (International Film)
    John and Marsha 2 (1976) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca, Rolly Quizon - R.V.Q. Productions
    John and Marsha 3 (1977) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca, Rolly Quizon - R.V.Q. Productions
    Dancing Master 2 (1980) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca - R.V.Q. Productions
    Underage (1980) - Snooky, Dina Bonnevie, Mark Gil, Gabby Concepcion - Regal Films
    John and Marsha 4 (1980) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca, Rolly Quizon - R.V.Q. Productions
    Oh My Mama! (1981) - William Martinez, Herbert Bautista - Good Harvest Productions
    Bitagin: Bilibid Boys (1981) - William Martinez - Regal Films
    Pabling (1981) - William Martinez - Regal Films
    Estong Balisong (1981) - Robin Aristorenas - ???
    Schoolgirls (1982) - Dina Bonnevie, Snooky, Joel Alano - Regal Films
    My Heart Belongs To Daddy (1982) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca, Snooky, Ronnie Ricketts - R.V.Q. Productions
    Mother Dear (1982) - Snooky, Albert Martinez, William Martinez - Regal Films
    Hindi Kita Malimot (1982) - William Martinez - Regal Films
    Galawgaw (1982) - William Martinez, Edgar Mande - Regal Films
    Age Doesn't Matter (1982) - Dina Bonnevie, Snooky, Tito, Vic, Joey - Regal Films
    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (1982) - All-Star Cast - Regal Films
    Summer Love (1982) - William Martinez, Gabby Concepcion - Regal Films
    The Story Of Three Loves (1982) - William Martinez, Lani Mercado, Gabby Concepcion, Snooky, Albert Martinez - Regal Films
    Boystown (1983) - William Martinez, Snooky Serna, Gabby Concepcion - Regal Films
    Parang Kailan Lang (1983) - William Martinez - Regal Films
    To Mama With Love (1983) - Gloria Romero, Julie Vega, Janice de Belen, Snooky - Regal Films
    I Love You, I Hate You (1983) - William Martinez - Regal Films
    Daddy Knows Best (1983) - Dolphy, Julie Vega, Janice de Belen - Regal Films
    Minsan May Isang Ina (1983) - Nora Aunor, Charito Solis, William Martinez, Manilyn Reynes - Regal Films
    Saan Darating Ang Umaga (1983) - Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa, Jaypee de Guzman - Viva Films
    Teenage Marriage (1983) - Snooky Serna, Albert Martinez, William Martinez - Regal Films
    Da Best Of John And Marsha (1984) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca - R.V.Q. Productions
    Daddy's Little Darlings (1984) - Dolphy, Julie Vega, Janice de Belen - Regal Films
    Kaya Kong Abutin Ang Langit (1984) - Gina Alajar, Liza Lorena, William Martinez, Charito Solis - V.H. Films
    Ang Boyfriend Kong Kano (1984) - Danny Diovanni - Regal Films
    Pepe En Pilar (1984) - Gabby Concepcion, Gloria Sevilla - Regal Films
    Anak ni Waray Vs. Anak Ni Waray (1984) - Snooky Serna, Nida Blanca, Gabby Concepcion - Regal Films
    Ride On Baby (1985) - Snooky Serna, Dina Bonnevie, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon - Regal Films
    Mga Kwento Ni Lola Basyang (1985) - William Martinez, Chichay - Regal Films
    John & Marsha Sa Probinsya (1985) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca - R.V.Q. Productions
    Hinugot Sa Langit (1985) - Charito Solis, Al Tantay, Rowell Santiago, Amy Austria - Regal Films
    Pahiram Ng Ligaya (1985) - Albert Martinez, Liza Lorena - Golden Lions Films
    Inday Bote (1985) - William Martinez, Richard Gomez - Regal Films
    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1986) - Vilma Santos, Snooky Serna, Eddie Garcia - Regal Films
    Payaso (1986) - All Star Cast - Sialina Entertainment
    Inday, Inday sa Balitaw (1986) - Roderick Paulate, Susan Roces, Armida Siguion-Reyna - Regal Films
    When I Fall In Love (1986) - William Martinez, Aga Muhlach, Janice de Belen - Regal Films
    I Have Three Hands (1986) - Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Sheryl Cruz - Regal Films
    Batang Quiapo (1986) - Fernando Poe, Jr., Rez Cortez - Regal Films (1986's Blockbuster Hit)
    The Graduates (1986) - William Martinez, Snooky Serna, Gabby Concepcion - Regal Films
    Jack En Poy (1987) - Roderick Paulate, Jimmy Santos - Regal Films
    Pinulot Ka Lang Sa Lupa (1987) - Lorna Tolentino, Gabby Concepcion, Eddie Garcia - Regal Films
    Maria Went To Town (1987) - William Martinez, Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano - Regal Films
    Taray at Teroy (1988) - Randy Santiago, Nova Villa - Regal Films
    Super Inday and the Golden Bibe (1988) - Aiza Seguerra, Eric Quizon - Regal Films
    Sa Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas (1988) - Lotlot de Leon, Eric Quizon - Regal Films
    Babaing Hampaslupa (1988) - Edu Manzano, Janice de Belen, Leni Santos - Regal Films
    Goria en Tekla (1989) - Roderick Paulate, Gabby Concepcion - Regal Films
    Mga Kwento Ng Pag-Ibig (1989) - Joey Marquez, Lotlot de Leon, Ramon Christopher - Regal Films
    Stupid Cupid (1989) - William Martinez - Regal Films
    Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang (1989) - Pops Fernandez Lotlot de Leon - Regal Films
    Tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib (1989) - Robin Padilla - Viva Films
    Ang Leon at Ang Tigre (1989) - Rene Requestas - Regal Films
    John and Marsha '90 (1990) - Dolphy, Nida Blanca, Rolly Quizon - R.V.Q. Productions
    Tatlong Maria (1991) - Lotlot de Leon, Alice Dixson - Regal Films
    Dinampot Ka Lang Sa Putik (1991) - Christopher de Leon, Monsour del Rosario, Maritoni Fernandez - Regal Films
    Ikaw Pa Lang Ang Minahal (1992) - Richard Gomez, Eddie Gutierez, Charito Solis - Reyna Films
    Dobol Dribol (1992) - Alvin Patrimono, Aiza Seguerra - Regal Films
    Manchichiritchit (1993) - Andrew E., Smokey Manaloto, Dale Villar - Viva Films
    Ligaw-Ligawan, Kasal-Kasalan, Bahay-Bahayan (1993) - Nora Aunor, Manilyn Reynes - Regal Films
    Vampira (1994) - Christopher de Leon, Joanne Quintas - Regal Films
    Separada (1994) - Edu Manzano, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Patrick Garcia - Star Cinema
    Nagkataon, Nagkatagpo (1994) - Rudy Fernandez - Regal Films
    Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin (1994) - Gabby Concepcion, Zsa Zsa Padilla - Star Cinema
    Ikaw Pa, Eh Love Kita (1995) - Lito Lapid - Regal Films
    Dahas (1995) - Richard Gomez, Tonton Gutierez - MAQ Productions
    Inagaw Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin (Harvest Home) (1995) - Snooky Serna, Tirso Cruz III, Armida Siguion-Reyna - Reyna Films
    Kung Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko Rin (1996) - Cesar Montano - Star Cinema
    Ana, Ina, Anak (1996) - Edu Manzano, Angelica Panganiban - Star Cinema
    Abot Kamay Ang Pangarap (Elena's Redemption) (1996) - Dina Bonnevie, Tonton Gutierez, Michael de Mesa - Reyna Films
    Ang ***** Kong Pag-Ibig (1996) - Vic Sotto, Ruby Rodriguez - M-Zet Productions
    Sabi mo mahal mo ako wala ng bawian (1997) - Ace Vergel - Star Cinema
    Kahit Minsan Lang (1997) - Meryll Soriano - MAQ Productions
    Nasaan ang puso (1997) - Judy Ann Santos, Christopher de Leon - Regal Films
    Minsan lamang magmahal (1997) - Edu Manzano, Gladys Reyes, Emman Abelada - Star Cinema
    Kung ayaw mo, huwag mo (1998) - Jolina Magdangal, William Martinez - Star Cinema
    Sige subukan mo (1998) - Ace Vergel - Star Cinema
    Soltera (1999) - Diether Ocampo, Claudine Barretto - Star Cinema
    Sa piling ng mga aswang (2000) - Manilyn Reynes, Gardo Versoza - MAQ Productions
    Tunay na mahal (2000) - Christopher de Leon, Giselle Toengi - Regal Films
    Abandonada (2000) - Edu Manzano, Angelu de Leon - Viva Films
    Mila (2001) - Piolo Pascual, Kaye Abad, Serena Dalrymple - Star Cinema
    Mano po (2002) - Kris Aquino, Ara Mina, Jay Manalo - Regal Films
    Filipinas (2003) - Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta - Viva Films
    I Will Survive (2004) - Judy Ann Santos, Dina Bonnevie - Regal Films
    Inang Yaya (2006) - Tala Santos, Erika Oreta, Sunshine Cruz, Zoren Legazpi - Unitel Pictures
    Numbalikdiwa (2006) - Albert Martinez, Meryll Soriano, Ping Medina - Cinemabuhay
    Umiyak Man Ang Langit (2006) - Noni Buencamino, Eva Darren - Tape, Inc.



    1973 Ilo-ilo Film Festival's Best Child Actress ("John En Marsha")
    1974 Manila Film Festival's Best Child Actress ("Alaala Mo, Daigdig Ko")
    1983 FAMAS Best Supporting Actress ("Saan Darating Ang Umaga?")
    1983 CMMA 1st Runner Up Best Supporting Actress ("Saan Darating Ang Umaga?")
    1987 PMPC Star Awards For Television's Best Actress ("The Maricel Drama Special")
    1988 PMPC Star Awards For Television's Best Actress ("The Maricel Drama Special")
    1992 U.P. Young Critics Circle's Best Actress ("Ikaw Pa Lang Ang Minahal")
    1992 People's Choice Awards' Best Actress ("Ikaw Pa Lang Ang Minahal")
    1994 U.P Young Critics Circle's Best Actress ("Vampira")
    1994 PMPC Star Awards For Movies' Best Actress ("Separada")
    1995 FAMAS Best Actress ("Dahas")
    1995 Young Critics Circle's Best Actress ("Dahas")
    1995 Asian TV Awards' Best Drama Actress ("The Maricel Drama Special")
    1997 FAMAS Best Actress ("Nasaan Ang Puso?")
    1997 Film Academy of the Philippines' Best Actress ("Nasaan Ang Puso?")
    1997 Metro Manila Film Festival's Best Actress ("Nasaan Ang Puso?")
    1998 PMPC Star Awards For Television Best Comedy Actress ("Kaya Ni Mister, Kaya Ni Misis")
    1999 PASADO Awards' Best Actress ("Soltera")
    1999 Asian TV Awards' Best Comedy Actress ("Kaya Ni Mister, Kaya Ni Misis")
    2000 PMPC Star Awards For Television Best Comedy Actress("Kaya Ni Mister, Kaya Ni Misis")
    2000 Asian TV Awards' Best Comedy Actress ("Kaya Ni Mister, Kaya Ni Misis")
    2003 Metro Manila Film Festival's Best Actress ("Filipinas")
    2003 Film Academy Of The Philippines' Best Actress ("Filipinas")
    2004 Golden Screen Awards For Movies' Best Comedy Actress ("I Will Survive")
    2005 PMPC Star Awards For Television Best Drama Actress ("Vietnam Rose")
    2006 Cinemanila Digital Lokal Filmfestival's Best Actress ("Numbalikdiwa")
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    ayos na ayos na ito teroy hehe

    teka, idadagdag ko ang mga post ni jongie sa filmbug tungkol sa mga ibang awards ni maricel.

    teroy pakilagyan nama ng number ang filmography ni maricel at pakihigh light.

    ayos na ayos na.. pasada ka bata hehe.

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    Kuya renz, teroy
    daan ulit
    Congrats sa new haus...
    Salamat sa pagdaan kiko!

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    I'm happy nadagdagan na ng thread si Ms Maricel here!

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    God bless Maricel Soriano!

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    Hi po sa lahat ng Maricelians.... araw araw akong dumadaan sa thread ni Maricel para magbasa kaso nahihiya akong mag-post. Ang ganda naman ng bagong thread. Itatanong ko lang sana kung paano mag-member ng fans club ni Maricel. Isa lang naman akong silent fan ni Ms. Maricel Soriano pero talagang matagal ko na siyang favorite. Sana pag nakauwi ako sa Pilipinas makasama rin ako sa ibang Maricelians para ma-meet ko naman sya in person. Nakakainggit kasi yung mga kwento ng mga taong na-meet na sya eh. Sana ako rin magkaroon ng ganung chance.


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