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    [MERGED] Syringoma

    Dr. Ira, I went to a dermatologist to have my face examined, she told me I have cyringoma, I haven't returned for any treatment yet. I just like to know the exact spelling of cyringoma (see-ring-go-ma) so I can search the internet for more info/discussion groups. The doctor told me there is no treatment, just some treatment to make it less visible or make it pantay, and avoid malalansang food. what can you say about this doc. Thanks.
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    The correct spelling is syringoma. It's a benign type of skin tumor usually found around the eyelids. It's pretty common, and it isn't life-threatening or even serious--just that it doesn't look attractive. It may multiply, though. I'm not so sure why your dermatologist told you to avoid malansang food, since syringoma is not associated with any dietary habits, nor is it associated with any lifestyle. It just develops incidentally, although in some, it may be familial. You can have it electrocauterized, laser-ed, or surgically excised to take it out. But that does not guarantee you 100% that it won't come back.

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    how is syringoma treated

    hello doctors. you all know that syringoma is a skin problem wherein white spots appear and multiply around the eye area. how is this treated? does the treatment leave permanent scars on the skin?

    your replies will be well appreciated.

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    Syringoma is treated with either surgical excision, laser resurfacing, electrodessication and curettage, or dermabrasion, depending on the size. Permanent scarring is usually minimal.

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    thanks doc. around how much do i have to save for it?

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    It depends on which procedure is being used. You have to ask your dermatologist regarding this.

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    thank you. i have heard of an herbal way of treating this. i think the name of the clinic is RRL Amazing Touch. there's one in sm megamall. it's my first choice!

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    gorgeous girl
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    Someone I know tried Amazing Touch for her syringoma;she was told that there was a big chance her lesions would recur.

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    Syringoma does recur. Cautery has been done in the past, but has results that are temporary. Some dermatologists would opt for doing deeper "cuts", but, just the same, statistics do say that it would be back in due time.

    If you really would want to do it, just like eyedoc has said, ask a dermatologists with what they could offer you. Definitely, there would be an aesthetic improvement, even for a short period of time. Better weigh your options.

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    i find it really hard to decide, because i know that big money is at stake (big money.. for me).

    actually i do like to try amazing touch.

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    Question syringoma

    doc, how can i get rid of syringoma under my eyes??? i go to a derma dat cannot cure my syringoma kc dadami daw if disturbed... help!!!

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    syringomas are kinda unsightly... I should know, I have 'em.

    Syringomas are sweat gland tumors. Dermatologists usually do cautery with it, but, it just goes back...

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    rambling mind
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    same here, my derma suggests not to 'treat' them kasi babalik din daw and it would just cost me money, pabalik-balik kasi kaya treatment ng treatment. Di b ok derma ko, inaalala nya rin yung magiging cost sa akin at hindi lang para kumita sya.

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    Unhappy syringoma

    doc, any suggestions for the syringoma???

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    Exclamation Syringomas may respond to Carbon Dioxide Laser Tx!

    Quote Originally Posted by biatch23
    doc, any suggestions for the syringoma???

    Body Site: face / eye lid Age: 30 years
    Contributor: Bernard Cohen, MD

    Description: symmetric 1-3 mm hyperpigmented papules
    Comments: This 30 year old man with a family history of syringomas began to develop multiple skin colored to hyperpigmented papules on his eye lids 4-5 years earlier.

    He responded well to test spots with carbon dioxide laser treatment, and further laser therapy was scheduled.

    biatch23, angelise and freemind,

    Try to find a Board Certified Dermatologist with C2O Laser equipment.

    There's hope, guys!


    "Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future; practice these acts.

    As to diseases, make a habit of two things—to help, or at least to do no harm
    - Hippocrates

    "To heal sometimes; to palliate often; to comfort always!" --Anon

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    Question Syringoma CO2 laser


    anybody can recommend a dermatologist whose doing it? yung medyo affordable naman. kasi i was offered 6K ng isang dra, who has a clinic sa beauty central sa greenhills... ok ba yung price na yon? gaano naman kaya katagal magla last ang effect before the syringoma appears again?



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    let it be
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    You might also want to try alternative procedures like the one done at Amazing Touch. I had a mole removed there for a cheaper rate compared to a dermatologist. They also do warts and syringoma.

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    question lang para san yung syringoma co2 laser?

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    yung syringoma... yung parang maliliit na dots under the eyes.. usually, inapa couturize (tama ba spelling?) in sobrang sakit.. eh me bago daw ngayon, yung CO2 laser. pero sabi ng derma ko..pareho lang daw sa couturize nalang ako..mas mura pa

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    Quote Originally Posted by chey28
    question lang para san yung syringoma co2 laser?
    try mo sa facial centre..

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