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  1. #641
    Have you guys tried the treatment in SVENSON? effective ba?

  2. #642
    ang hirap i shampoo ng buhok, laging me naHUHULOG

  3. #643
    nasubukan nyo na ba lagyan ng waterproof maskara yung head nyo para ma conceal yung anit

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    Just new here, Let me share my story. I started experiencing hair loss when I was 21, sa simula di ko pinansin un. Pero nung medyo naging conscious na ako sa dami ng hairfall ko, So I start using Pantene [pink] for hair fall. And since problem ko din ang dandruff, so I used cream silk [violet] for dandruff. Ok yung result, kung before more or less 50 *** hairfall ko, ***** 10-15 na lang siguro. After that, napansin ko hair loss dun sa temple area [receding hairline], So nagtry ako ng Regroe 3%, mejo masama *** amoy nya, pero ok lang. I used with Pregroe 4-1 shampoo but yung shampoo di rin totoo kasi di nawala *** dandruff and still may hairfall pa din ako. Since gumagamit ako ng regroe, i stopped temporarily *** pantene w/ cream silk combination. I used regroe/pregroe combination for 1 year but no success. So I tried black forest hair grower [with minoxidil content], ok din sa simula, minimal lang *** hairfall ko, but still andun pa din *** dandruff problem, I stopped it since di naman ako nagkaroon ng hair growth. after that, I tried Clear with cream silk strength boost, again ok *** simula, pero pansin ko ganun pa din, di sila effective kasi may hairfall ako un nga lang wala na *** dandruff problem ko. After that, nagtry ako ng Eezy grow shampoo and eezygrow ultima oil, I started using those february, ok *** shampoo, 1-2 hairfall na lang ako but wala pa ding hair regrowth. Sabi kasi nila for 21 days dapat may hair ng tumutubo pero wala pa din. I tried propecia but natakot ako kasi sa side effects nya, tsaka mahal kasi, so I stopped it. And according to their website "PROPECIA was developed to treat mild to moderate male pattern hair loss on the vertex (top of head) and anterior mid-scalp area (middle front of head) in MEN ONLY. There is not sufficient evidence that PROPECIA works for receding hairlines at the temples." Since Propecia and Minoxidil yung approved ng FDA for treatment for hair loss, so parang convincing, also about this, 5% minoxidil topical foam is not intended for frontal baldness or receding hairline. So ***** magtry ako ng ultimate hair grower at biotin. Sana gumana. Gusto ko rin sanang itry *** bio hairs, kaso parang scam lang un. Mahal *** product nila and *** mga taong nageendorso nun halata namang computerized *** mga before and after nila eh. Kung sino man sa inyo *** may problem like receding hairline at nagtry ng ultimate hair grower, please share your story. Also effective ba *** Novuhair? Thanks!

  5. #645
    for minoxidil
    base sa mga forum/doctor recommendation, you have to continously use/apply minoxidil for atleast 6months twice a day. If walang progress you have to stop it. It means hindi nag adapt sayo ang gamot.

    Currently im on treatment program for 10 session once week, nakaka5 session na ako. Sa tingin ko medyo nag improved naman ang scalp condition ko(together with nizoral 2% shampoo) pero i dont think tutubo lahat ng buhok na nawala sa scalp ko..After this treatment im planning to take minoxidil foam type para less hassle sa application.

    What i can say para sa Hereditary case(same with me) our only hope is the Big 3 (Minoxidil, Finasteride, and nizoral).

    My Regimen now?
    Treatment program, with laser light to revived the hair fossil.
    Nizoral 2% - twice a week.
    Minoxidil foam - planning to take after the treatmenet program.
    Finasteride - Medyo takot pa ko dito. Kaylangan ko kumunsulta sa doctor bago ko i consider.

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    hindi ba masama ang conditioner satin? para madali suklayin ang buhok...kasi dun nagkaka problema eh..pag sinusuklay maraming nahuhulog

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    @RommelOFFICIAL SuperPEXer's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
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    What about organic remedies like sabila? Effective pa ba yun?

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    ako sumubok na ng eezygrow suregrow ng 7months baby hairs lang tumubo di na naman humahaba kaya tinigil ko ngayon finasteride mga 40 days ko na siyang tinetake so far wala naman akong nararamdaman side effect .

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    wag ka ng maghintay ng side effect sa finasteride, mahal din kasi yng gamot na yun. this is my third day na gumamit ng ultimate hair grower, nagtetake din ako ng vitamins called BIOTIN. Magpost ulet ako pag may resulta na. Sana bumalik na yung dating ganda ng hair ko.

  10. #650
    ^para saan yung biotin sir? and ano ang nagiging effect nya? magkano sya per tablet?
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    Biotin is most often thought of as the “hair growth vitamin.” It is an essential water-soluble B vitamin. Biotin has come to be known for its role in the health and beauty of Hair, Skin and Nails. It promotes healthy hair growth and protects against dryness. It also increases the elasticity of the hair's cortex, thus preventing breakage. However, biotin also has other uses. It is involved in carbon dioxide transfer and therefore essential to the metabolism of carbohydrate and fat. Biotin can be found in beans, breads, cauliflower, egg yolks, fish, kidney, legumes, liver, meat, dairy products, nuts, oatmeal, oysters, peanut butter, poultry, and whole grains.

    Sa ngayon hindi ko pa alam yung effect nito sa akin kasi fourth day ko pa lang gamitin. Nabili ko ito sa healthy options sa may megamall, 250 pesos yata for 30 capsules and 407 pesos for 60 capsules. Sinasabayan ko ng ULTIMATE hair grower. So far, halos wala akong hair fall.

  12. #652
    ayus...meron kaya nyan sir sa mercury...bibili din ako nyan..wala bang side effect yang biotin? and pwede kaya sya isabay sa stresstabs? and sir, dermatologist po ba ang recommend nyan sainyo?

  13. #653
    yung barkada ko 21, kita na din yung anit...im just 20 fukcin years old and i figured out na ang biohair is effective lang sa crown area..sana maging effective ang biotin sa akin..now im taking stresstabs with iron + finasteride pero ititigil ko rin paunti unti pag bumalik na sa dati ang hair ko

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    Sorry di ko alam kung meron nun sa Mercury, pero tingin ko naman meron kasi VITAMINS lang naman un eh. Tama BIOHAIRS solution, di yun effective sa receding hairline. Tsaka feeling ko scam lang yun. Obserbahan mo ng maigi *** TV ads nila. Wag ka ng mag aksaya ng pera sir. I don't think na may side effect ang vitamins. Ok lang sigurong isabay sa ibang supplement ito. Nope, nagreresearch lang ako, nagbabasa ng forums dun ko nalaman yung biotin.

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    mas maganda pala na mag anti dandruff shampoo nalang ako like nizoral, sayang lang pera ni erpat jan sa biohair na yan

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    Hi guys,

    Ask ko lang kung may marecommend po ba kayong dermatologist na magaleng sa hair loss cases?

    Around Q.C. po sana..

    gusto ko tulungan yung friend ko na napapanot na.. naawa ako kasi after 6 years kaming hindi nagkita eh napanot na agad siya. hindi talaga ako makapaniwala.. going 30's years old na po yung friend ko. I hope hindi hereditary yung case nya at nang maagapan pa..

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    I took the bait and now I regret it. Should have listened to the first doctor I talked to back in 2008 who advised me against using propecia/finasteride because of the harmful side effects.

    Anyways, to make the long story short, I asked for a second opinion just last week and this time the doctor I consulted was able to convince me that everything is okay and that the side effects are all psychological that will stop once you discontinue using the drug.

    I used Propecia for six days. The two days was fine but on the 3rd day I experienced something weird and abnormal. I started feeling dizzy, tired/fatigued and disoriented especially in the mornings and I have dramatic decrease in libido and started having a hard time getting a hard on. I did not suffer from this prior to using Propecia. I'm a sexually active person and get aroused quite easily prior to this. But I still continued taking it and on my 6th day I felt I had enough and decided to quit because I am really starting to freak out. I also read somewhere on-line that the symptoms can take years to go away after you discontinue use. Well in my case, I'm hoping that things will normalize soon because I only took six tablets and immediately stopped for fear of the harmful side effects which might become permanent if I use it further.

    Just imagine I got the side effects just on the 3rd day.. what more if I use it, say.. 6 months, 1 year or 2 years, etc.. couldn't imagine what will happen to my body.

    The scary thing about Finasteride is that it works. My hair fall tremendously decreased from day 1. I don't know if it's something psychological but that is my observation.. but I guess this drug is not for me.. it's a lifelong commitment and I don't want that set up as the risks are so huge.

    I guess I will just have to stick with non-invasive, non-chemical treatments and start accepting the fact that I'm losing my hair. Try to live a normal life and not worry too much about my hair problems... haaay... that would be very hard..

    But the good thing is that stem cells are just around the corner.. so hope is still alive.. Also, hair transplant, which is more permanent can likewise be an option later on.. There's is definitely light at the end of the tunnel..

  19. #659
    Biotin: Benefits and Information

    Biotin is one of eight essential vitamins that comprise the B-complex. It functions as a carrier of carbon dioxide for "carboxylation" reactions. Biotin-requiring carboxylase enzymes catalyze:

    1. the breakdown of branched chain amino acids and odd-chain fatty acids.
    2. gluconeogenesis (the production of glucose from non-carbohydrate sources (such as. amino acids)
    3. the first step in fatty acid synthesis.

    Biotin also binds to proteins called "histones," which are important to the structure of chromosomes. Roles for biotin in gene expression and cellular prolferation have also been postulated.

    Due to biotin's critical role(s), biotin deficiency is potentially quite serious. Deficiency symptoms range from dry skin and brittle hair to nausea, depression and muscular pain. Fortunately, serious deficiencies are relatively rare, since a) biotin is only needed in small amounts; b) the vitamin is present in a wide variety of foods; and c) some biotin is produced by intestinal microflora.

    Nonetheless, biotin deficiency can be induced by intravenous feeding; prolonged antibiotic or anticonvulsant therapy and chronic consumption of large amounts of raw egg whites (raw egg white contains avidin, a protein that can bind tightly to biotin and reduce its availability).

    Hereditary biotinidase deficiency can also cause problems.

    Biotinidase is an enzyme that frees biotin bound to food proteins and cycles/recycles it throughout the body.

    Full or partial biotinidase deficiency occurs in approx. 1 in 60,000 newborns.

    Interestingly enough, pregnancy may also affect biotin status.

    Marginal biotin deficiency may be more common in pregnant women than was previously believed, and some researchers have speculated that this could result in teratogenic effects. Nonetheless, evidence that birth defects are caused by biotin deficiency is based solely on experimental animal models.

    At this point in time, supplemental biotin is not being recommended for pregnant women, although increased consumption of biotin-rich foods during pregnancy would be a wise precaution.

    The adequate intake (AI) level of biotin for adults is 25 micrograms for men and 30 micrograms for women. Biotin supplementation is often recommended for improving brittle nails and hair, but there is little evidence to suggest that supplemental biotin has any beneficial health effects beyond treating frank deficiencies.

    The exception to this might be people with diabetes, since preliminary evidence suggests that very large doses (7,000 to 15,000 micrograms) of biotin may be helpful in regulating blood sugar. However, more work needs to be done before biotin can be recommended for this purpose.

    Biotin is usually included in B-complex vitamin supplements. It is generally a good idea to take multivitamin supplements that contain all of the B-vitamins rather than single supplements because the B vitamins work in concert with each other.

    Biotin is not known to be toxic, and the US Institute of Medicine has not set a tolerable upper level of intake (UL). Nonetheless, there are no well-established benefits associated with biotin supplementation beyond the

  20. #660
    san kaya nakakabili ng ganyang vitamins...wala daw sa mercury eh

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