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    Effective na paraan para mawala ang surot...

    Ano ba ang effective na paraan para mawala ang surot?

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    Pagpagan at ibilad ang kutchon sa araw.

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    getting rid of surot

    Quote Originally Posted by elw2xwaysi View Post
    Ano ba ang effective na paraan para mawala ang surot?
    buy an insecticide like baygon and spray your beds and bedding thoroughly, then move on to other likely areas -- skirting boards, behind picture frames and crack walls and floorboards. note of warning -- keep kids and pets out of the sprayed room for 24 hrs. better yet, after 24 hrs. ventilate the area sprayed before letting people use it.

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    one way to get rid of termites

    guys this may sound funny to some, but I read in a home magazine that one way to rid of termites is to play ACID JAZZ music. Promise! I tried it and it's effective, according to studies ACID JAZZ music have an irritating effect on termites, since then I've been playing ACID JAZZ at home and it proves really effective. It won't hurt to try, our neighbor used almost a gallon of solignum and spryed it constatly on their furniture and bed, but to thier dismay aside from the fear of acquiring lung cancer because of the smell of the spary, termites kept coming back until I suggested that they also play the music I'm playing and after a few days the termites were gone.

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    surot or bedbugs can be eliminated thru constant vacuuming of upholstered furnitures esp your beds, couch/sofas tapos dapat lahat ng cracks, mga singit singit ivacuume din thoroughly. then wash your beddings with hot water. surots are visible to the naked eye so try to kill as many as you can when you see them and you might want to try a some liquid pesticides or sprays.dapat laging malinis!

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    got bitten by bed bugs a few times over the last few days, i don't know pero parang kumapit na sa katawan ko yung bed bugs kasi parang laging may gumagapang sa skin ko kahit wala naman.

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    Insecticide for crawling insects lang yan. Spray on the crevices of furnitures and fabric materials, especially those in the living areas where the surot likes to mingle with the human odor and tissue. Give attention to the dark areas of the house dahil gusto nila sa madilim. Daming surot sa manila--sa gabi lumalabas.

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    spray with insecticide then vacuum. btw, i saw a bedbug(surot) specific insecticide at mercury drug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jason_10 View Post
    spray with insecticide then vacuum. btw, i saw a bedbug(surot) specific insecticide at mercury drug.
    Surot is an arachnid which we can kill with then regular spray for crawling insects (or, actually, arachnids). Now, if that special insecticide was much more expensive per ml than a regular insecticide, then the product is merely a market segmentation gimmick.

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    Up ko lang. prob. namin ni mrs. now toh eh! Sobrang nakakabwiset na talaga kasi nagigising talaga ko sa madaling araw dahil sa mga surot na toh! Sakit ng mga kagat nila!

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    we had this problem with the caretaker of our lola's house in antipolo. he lived in a room at the carport and it was infested with bed bugs. we tried insecticide and kerosene but the bugs were on the caretaker.

    when the caretaker died, the problem disappeared. its a personal hygiene problem.

    try dowsing kerosene all over the upholstery and furniture then avoid living in your house for a week. the bed bugs will starve to death.

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    Nangyari sa amin to noon. Kadiri nga e pero ganun talaga. Muntik na naming itapon lahat ng furnitures from sofa to bed. Buti naisipan kong bumili nung Baygon All-around ata. Sure paktay yang mga surot na mga yan. But wag kang umasang mawala sa unang spray-an nyan. Gawin mo uli after ilang days para naman dun sa mga itlog na napisa na. Ginawa ko noon is before pumasok sa opis eh tyatyagain kong sprayan kama ko sa mga gilid-gilid mismo. Then pati sa ilalim ng bed. Then iniiwanan ko shempre whole day. Ayun unti-unting nawala. Sa sofa ganun din. Tyagain mo sprayan ng Baygon. Kahit magastos eh sulit to. Mauubos mo din sila.

    Ayun nga after ilang araw nawala na. Ganun sinabi ko sa tropa ko. Naubos din sa kanila.

    Pero ingatan nyo din sila, mga KADUGO nyo din yan.

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    walang pinapatawad ang surot.

    even dogs can get infested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotta lick it View Post
    walang pinapatawad ang surot.

    even dogs can get infested.
    Oo kadiri talaga. Kahit nga yung chix na sis ng friend ko eh nagmukmok na lang nung pineste din sila. Buti sinunod nila payo ko noon.

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