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    Wedding Reception

    I want to ask if you know some nice wedding venues in tagaytay with a reasonable price. I'm planning to have a garden wedding in Tagaytay this December.Thanks

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    How many guests? If your party isn't that huge, you could try Sonya's Garden. At least you won't have to spend aditionally on reception floral decorations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richgrace
    around 100 guests.
    Yup, I think this number might fit in Sonya's.

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    yup sonya's very nice, P560 per head lang incl na vat. other stuff you bring in for the reception, no corkage. they're very considerate, hindi kinikitaan sobra ang kinakasal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalilagirl
    yup sonya's very nice, P560 per head lang incl na vat. other stuff you bring in for the reception, no corkage. they're very considerate, hindi kinikitaan sobra ang kinakasal.
    thank you for the info..i will check it out!

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    besides sonya's garden,do you have any suggestions of a nice garden wedding venue in tagaytay?

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    Try mo taalena or josephines restaurant.

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    josephines is still nice

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    thanks for your suggestions!how about day's hotel?is it also nice?

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    ok naman daw pero daming feedbacks na di ok service nila...

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    wedding venues and rates

    hi i hope we can all help each other out. I have been to some
    wedding venues but don't always have the time to go check more
    venues. Maybe you can help and share the places you know and
    the rate of the said venues. Here's what i know:

    Fernwood Gardens:
    MORNING FUNCTION - Fernwood 1 - P48,500 (plus vat) - Cap.300pax
    - Courtyard Garden - P41,000 (plus vat) - cap.220pax
    - Cycad Garden - P44,000 (plus vat) - cap.250pax
    - Coral Tree Garden - P48,500 (plus vat) - cap.350pax

    EVENING FUNCTION - Fernwood 1 - P81,500 (plus vat)
    - Courtyard Garden - P65,700 (plus vat)
    - Cycad Garden - P76,300 (plus vat)
    - Coral Tree Garden - P81,500 (plus vat)

    breakdown: -P8,500 - documentation, priest, etc.
    - P5,000 - use of aircon (optional)
    - P6,000 - floral arrangement (in-house)

    Gazebo Royale:
    CHAMPAGNE HALL cap.400guests
    - weekday - P70,000(morning function 8:30am-2pm)
    - P80,000(evening function 5:30pm-12mn)
    - weekend - P75,000(morning function)
    - P90,000(evening function)

    * both venues need 50% downpayment for reservations

    I do hope you can share what you know. It would be a great help. Tnx.

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    Greetings from!

    Try checking out our Wedding Resources section for a directory of wedding and reception venues.

    Regards, Team

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    Smile gourmet cafe

    gourmet cafe has as new chapel in their compound. it's a simple, asian-inspired chapel. outside, the area is great for a garden reception. the ride/walk to the chapel and garden is picturesque because you pass lettuce fields and herb gardens. check it out!

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    wow... i hope you could add more reception venues... we're having a very hard time looking for venues in intramuros. so far we only have casa manila ... they said 12K daw for 6 hours. haven't been there pa since wala talga *** time right now to go to manila. sana nga yung detailed like the one's chiquibim have.'s wedding resources are great... kso *** wala mashado for intramuros. and yung seating capacity sana. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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    venues and rates

    Ibarra's Garden (632) 523-3788

    * I'm not sure kung nagtaas na ng price ang mga venues na yan.
    Just call them and inquire to be sure. Sana makatulong mga info
    na binibigay ko. I'll try to post more venues.

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    venues and rates

    hi nijen, here's some suggestions for venues in manila (intramuros)

    Manila Venues

    Baluarte de San Diego, Intramuros
    Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros
    Patio, Casa Manila, Intramuros
    Teatrillo, Casa Manila, Intramuros
    Trellis, Fort Santiago, Intramuros
    Kaisa Heritage Center, Intramuros
    UCCP Shalom Center, Malate, Manila
    San Sebastian Parish, Manila
    The Orchidarium & Butterfly Pavilion, Manila
    Ramon Magsaysay Center, Roxas Blvd.

    Sorry kung hindi included rates ha. Nakita ko lang yan sa isa sa mga wedding websites. Sana nakatulong din.

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    aheheh thanks chiquibim... dami *** venues sa intramuros! ahehhe ang alam ko *** kse yung patio victoria (40K daw.. :P nevermind) and Casa Manila (12K... ok na sana pero mukhang maliit ***) thanks for the suggestions... dami *** venues sa casa manila... ahehhehe i'll call intramuros admin nlng for the rates.... aheheh pag may info na ako.. post ko dito ahehhe thanks a lot

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