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    Question the best HRM school????????

    guys pls help me, i want to shift from nursing to (HRM)hotel and restuarant management cors.. anu bng best school for HRM (quality,facilities, tuition fee). . . pls *** pnka best but affordable!

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    would you mind telling us why is there a sudden change of heart?

    I'm not sure if UP offers HRM but DLSU-CSB has a good HRM program. the drawbackc there is it's not affordable. UST's program is ok but it's also not affordable.

    Those 3 schools offer good HRM training, the rest are more of a diploma mill.

    HRM in other countries are vocational courses.

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    We call it HRIM (Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management) in CSB. And from what I know, my alma mater offers the best HRIM program in the Philippines. Check this site out to know more infro about the HRIM program of CSB:

    And yeah, clawed_out is right about the drawback. Add up the "bad image" of CSB. But trust me, not all students in CSB are dumb. There are also a lot of smart and good kids in CSB (and hotties too, haha). The "outsiders" are the ones who think badly of Benildeans... but why let them bother you if you know you're proficent, right?

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    Ako din HRIM kukunin ko pero ano b gusto mo culinary,hospitality.tourism?

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    HRIM of CSB is the best. You can choose which program you want which is Culinary or Hospitality.

    For Culinary only... CCA still

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    HRIM in CSB is still the best. though im not from SHRIM. 2 of my blockmates shifted to HRIM on their 3rd term in CSB and right now, my skinny friend is bloated and the other one looks clean na... hahaha my cousin is frosh in HRIM hope he'll take up CA as his track...

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    Blogger/Photographer kumagcow's Avatar
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    PUP.... mura tuition, pero dyahe kelangang pumasa ka sa usual exam, my bro's a millionaire now coz he's earning euros... Dun lang sya graduate...pero ***** nasa tao na rin yun... kung mahina ka baka sa mga motel ka lang ma employ...its up to you.... once you graduate di naman masyado na big deal and school name.... school names are just names... if you study and graduate there it doesn't mean yer gonna have a better life agad..

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    i really think CSB is still the best.. =)

    but you can try CCA or Enderun as well..

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    Enderun Colleges seems to be moving fast in terms of offering the best hospitality exposure and experience. They may be on the pricey side of tuition and miscellaneous but any student serious on having the best internship experience must go to Enderun. Their career development department has sent sophomores and even freshmen on their 2nd semester to only 5 star properties locally and abroad.

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    UST-ITHM students are well-rounded. I am a benildean..teaching in UST

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    Dear Friends,

    The U.P. College of Home Economics holds the distinction of being the first in the country to offer the then BS Hotel and Restaurant Administration program. This coming 2005 will mark the 35th year of our academic leadership in the field of hospitality.

    With most of our graduates now in the workforce, many of them well placed as leaders in various segments of hospitality and related industries, there is reason to celebrate this achievement as our contribution to nation building.

    During these past few years, our undergraduate curriculum has been revised to keep attuned to the growing and changing needs of the global hospitality industry. We are in the process of revising our curriculum for the Master of Foodservice Administration, to make it more responsive to the needs of the times. We continue to provide academic leadership in the field of hospitality, here in the Philippines, as we also make our presence more strongly felt in various international conferences and fora, where we share our ideas and research findings with fellow educators.

    For the coming year, plans and programs are underway to further enhance our teaching function and to give our students a greater competitive advantage in the local and international workplace. Within the academic framework of the University of the Philippines, the Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management (DHRIM) continues to vigorously perform its role in nation building.

    Dr. Corazon F. Gatchalian
    November 8, 2004

    you can also visit our website,

    The Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management of UP Diliman is the best HRM/HRA/HRIM school in the country.

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    College of Saint Benilde but very expensive. yes, VERY EXPENSIVE!

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    I heard that tuition in CSB can go as high as 100,000/term?

    For me, the best Hotel and Restaurant Management school is CSB. It has a state-of-the-art facilities to cater to HRIM students.

    UST is also a good school for HRM. I also like their uniform.

    If you are looking for an average school for HRM, try Lyceum of the Philippines in Intramuros Manila. They are known for the said course.

    If you're into HRM, Enderun is out of the league, IMO. CCA as well.

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    for HRM... sa CSB na!

    pero syempre ok din naman ang HRM sa UST..
    ok din minsan yung
    <<< uniform

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