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    PBA players' salaries

    to those in the know, post it here na lang so that we have an idea as to which players are underpaid, overpaid or tama lang!

    lemme start, i don't know the exact figures pero i think kenneth duremdes is still getting around 500k/month eh obvious naman na di na tulad ng dati ang passion ni capt.marbel in terms of playing, same goes with marlou aquino, so 2 overpaid players from sta.lucia..

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    paul artadi's rookie contract: 7M for 3 years....overpaid????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Ticket
    paul artadi's rookie contract: 7M for 3 years....overpaid????
    so that's 2.3M per year, for me a lil bit overpaid, pero i think pf got artadi not only for his playing skills but also for his popularity.

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    Make hay while the sun is up.

    That's the guiding principle of every player and agent negotiating for a contract.

    We all know that a player's career is relative short. The risk of an injury makes it even more shorter. So, they DESERVE to get every peso out of their teams.

    Yes, I do believe there is no such thing as an overpaid player. A contract is NEGOTIATED transaction. Both parties did their paperworks before seating and discussing the details of the contract.

    What we have in our midst are UNDER-ACHIEVING or UNDER-UTILIZED players.

    The first will put the burden on the players. Making him "appear not worthy" of his contract. The latter is the fault of the team or coach for not putting into full use an "acquired asset".

    Actually, contracts details are not limited to "playing on the court". There are other corporate activities these players are obliged to participate. To us the general public, we seldom see this part of the contract.

    But one actually being OVERPAID or even UNDERPAID ?

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    i know john ferriols also had a huge rookie contract with air21....to think 2nd round pick sya....

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    Di ba si Jondan...around 2 million or 3 million ata for 2 or 3 years? Sino ba highest paid players sa ngayon?

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    sa tABi-taBi LaNg
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    is there a player who still receives the then maximum 500K per month??

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    kaya nga iba na laro ni duremdes, takot siguro ma-injure..

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    sa PF sino ba highest paid players? sa Alaska, SMB, TnT at Air21 kaya?

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    maximum ngayon 350,000 ..pero ang sistema sa bonus at other perks sila nabawi...it was reported before that marlou aquino's contract pays him additional 10,000 per games won...ganun din kay danny ildefonso...

    of course kasama na jan malaking bonus when a team reaches semi finals, finals and championships...

    kay ren ren ritualo his father who also serves as his manager negotiated for a tax free salary meaning kung 350,000 salary nya..wala ng kaltas un *** team na ang mg babayad ng tax ( nak ng teteng mga minimum wage earners di man *** masagot ng company ang taxes )

    sa NBA bawal un..kung anu nasa contract mo bawal ng mg dagdag ng bonuses ang team kapag wala sa contract...kasi pwedeng dayain un para maka pasok sa salary cap...like kunyari 5 million contract mo pero bibigyan ka ng kotse, bahay bawal un..maski nga unnoficial trip to las vegas ng free bawal...

    dito pwede...kaya mas malaki pa ang nakukuha ng mga marquee players sa bonuses

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    of course kung ikaw si james yap may brand new BMW ka pa...

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    ^binigyan ng pf si james ng benz??

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    Kris "ichunkee check mo" Aquino ang nagbigay

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    ang pikon...talo
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    lucky these players:
    1. no need to finish college basta mahusay lang maglaro
    2. gets all the chicks they want (syempre mga hotties ang target)
    3. works everyday for only half a day tapos pwede ng gumimik
    4. and the greatest of them all.....they earn at least a quarter of a million ata every year...same salary level or beyond that of a hardworking employee who finishes college at kinukuba na sa trabaho even to the extent of working overtime

    Again, lucky these players talaga. Ang masaklap...after the company pays them a hefty sum tapos may pa-haggle haggle pa ng sweldo as if super galing ****...they miss super easy layups and miss free throws.

    One of the luckiest dudes who stayed long in the PBA is EJ "I'm only tall thats why teams get me" Fiehl. Bambo all throughout his career. Ooops hoy magaling naman tumapal yan...hello.....he is a 7 footer. Anyway, Johnny A. could easily make an easy layup under his armpits anytime (FEU-ADU Finals...remember).

    FISH !!!

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    Well, it's not that easy to become a basketball player- a professional basketball player. Out of many hopefuls, only few got in.

    Their compensation is just right, i guess.

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    The fringe benefits like the BMW of James Yap are taxed.
    so, there's still a little burden on the part of the player.
    Imagine how much taxes James must pay for it.

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    Well if i'm getting that much money and benefits, i'm very willing to pay those taxes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsywoman
    Di ba si Jondan...around 2 million or 3 million ata for 2 or 3 years? Sino ba highest paid players sa ngayon?

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