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    Butas-butas sa Mukha

    Guyz, medyo nakahiya *** butas-butas sa bandang kanan ng mukha ko. May alam ba kayong gamot kung pano maminimize *** butas-butas?

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    loko lang go to a derma

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    ay anak ni Alma Ranas.
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    Punta ka sa derma. Meron injection na silicone that will fill up the pock marks and make it look even

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    Kung mababaw lang try skin peeling kaso mahabang proseso yon. Pero ano ba ang prosesong iyon kung kikinis naman ang mukha mo.

    Those can be done with the help of your dermatologist.

    Sorry no shortcuts (yung papel de liha ok lang din! )

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    dermabrasion, dermal fillers(restylane), and subscission. ask about these to a really good dermatologist. go to makati med.

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    ano pinag ka iba ng diamond peel sa microdermabrasion?

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    ^diamond peel is less harsh.. it doesn't hurt as much as dermabrasion.

    for really deep "butas-butas", ask your derma about possible treatments that can be done. with today's technology, you will have a flawless face in no time.. but of course, be wary of the derma you'll be consulting. for problems like these, better go to the reputable ones - they have more at stake if something goes wrong... err.. you know what i mean.

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    diamond peel is a TYPE of microdermabrasion. same as powerpeel. the difference with diamond and power peel is the crystals being used. power peel usually uses aluminum oxide crystals...while diamond...diamond crystals. Power peel is harsher, more coarse, you'll feel like you were sunburned after. Diamond, smoother, less discomfort. both are microdermabrasion techniques.

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    i had this mild scars on my face, i was so shy to go out back then because people my laugh at me... on a very insulting manner. i was "pogi" panaman and i don't want my face to be a hindrance to the girls, studies, jobs & etc.

    i was the lazy type who would stay up all night and do nothing (porn, forums, chat, porn again and a little chat again). that's why i got my pimples. being a lazy lard isn't healthy for you, you could develop excessive oil that could result to dandruff and pimples. damn i hadn't had those before not until i got here in Oz. Lazy Lard that i am, i scanned the tv and saw ProActive!

    nice, it worked. all my scars are gone. sad to say, my attitude on staying up all night hasn't changed. even a bit.


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    in the Jerjeran!

    hm.. san pwede makabili nyan? available ba yan sa drug store? how bout ang presyo, magkano ba?

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    Pro Activ? Try PanOxyl... Parang similar lang kasi ang active content nila which is Benzoyl Peroxide, tama ba?

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    yeah they're made from the same material. proactive works by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing; all of them have benzoyl peroxide. and it's gentle to use everyday as it only has 2.5% benzoyl, not like panoxyl which has 10%.

    i've tried so many products... panoxyl, dermapeel, maxipeel, nu skin, papaya soaps etc. nothing works like proactive. medyo may kamahalan lang after using it for 2 months, wala na akong pimples at scars. recommended na i continue yun for at least 2 years pero stop na ako. pasaway eh. i've heard na di para sa lahat ang proactive so beware. mahal po siya.

    search kayo sa eBay or proactive.com.au

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    ^PanOxyl and Proactive may both have the same major component, but they are totally different in makeup...

    in my opinion, you should never ever ever ever (i can't stress this enough) use panoxyl unless you're very morena because it will definitely leave dark spots on yoru face.

    proactive is effective, my friends have used it and it turned out ok (panoxyl didn't).

    i just want to clear the misconception that panoxyl is a "cheaper alternative" to proactive. panoxyl is a spot treatment. proactive is a skin care regimen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by appletbouy

    hm.. san pwede makabili nyan? available ba yan sa drug store? how bout ang presyo, magkano ba?

    its a bit pricey around 4K and available in watson's...

    a friend of mine tried it and bought 2 but didn't work on her pimples...dang! waste of money, maybe she's not hiyang.

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    or you could use proactive's refining mask for spot treatment overnight. it's made of clay and it'll dry up the pimple(s). just like nu skin's clay-echaness chuva. ,'_',

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    Born Alone, Die Alone Sattelite_kid's Avatar
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    drink baygon(joke)

    belo and calayan is the answer

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    thanks all!

    may iba pa bang ma-suggest.. hehe.. how bout chinese thingge?

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    nagmemeron pa rin
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    Oct 2003
    Metro Manila
    i use Panoxyl 2.5% and it's working fine naman for me. I use sunblock during the day after I apply Panoxyl.

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    Jun 2004
    in the Jerjeran!
    panoxyl? para sa butas-butas? talaga...? kala ko para lang yan sa pimples?

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