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    DAMPA SA FARMERS MARKET - Not your usual dampa

    Have you been to Farmers Market lately? They have recently opened their own version of Dampa, with 9 best paluto stores under its roof. Paluto prices range from P70 to P140 per kilo. What's good about their Dampa is that aside from its existing seafood stall, customers also have quick access to long lanes of seafood vendors inside Farmers Market. Shopping carts are also made available for easy shopping inside palengke. They also have 2 airconditioned function rooms. Talk about comfort, cleanliness and variety, Dampa sa Farmers Market has it all.

    Try visiting Barangay Sisig - it's a sisig wonderland with almost a dozen variety to choose from - from pork to chicken to seafood to a sizzling banana-pinipig dessert topped with ice cream. Loved it. Yummy!

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    all of that sounds pretty good. how i miss the food trips sa pinas.

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    Problema lang sa Farmaer's Market, madaming goons and jologs na naglalasingan. Buti sana kung nasa Gateway siya.

    But it's worth a try though 'coz Farmer's as a market is renowed for the wide variety and freshness of the produce.

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    i think the whole dampa concept will not fit gateway. it's a wise thing they've put it in farmer's market. ehehehe.

    i've don't have any problems with goons and jologs. i was born and raised in cubao. and i'm loving it. ehehe.

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    barangay sisig is also in farmers market?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geekhead
    barangay sisig is also in farmers market?
    Are there any barangay sisig in Manila?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cRzYcHiQa
    i think the whole dampa concept will not fit gateway. it's a wise thing they've put it in farmer's market. ehehehe.

    i've don't have any problems with goons and jologs. i was born and raised in cubao. and i'm loving it. ehehe.
    agree. to put up a dampa kasi, you need to be beside a wet market. and there's no way gateway management will convert their mall to a seafood market.

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    meron din INENG's bbq dun sa Farmer's Market Dampa. I believe it used to be the area where the carinderias were located

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    yup dun dati yung mga carinderias. i havent tried eating there yet. one of this days nga...dun ko na lang buhos ang sama ng loob ko sa planters cheez curls. hahaha!

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    grabe, kakagutom naman dito!

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    mahal na nga yung bbq sa INengs eh...php29.00 na

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    weird nga eh...nagbago hugis ng bbq nila nung christmas. naubos ang baboy? ehhee.

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    wala naman akong nakikitang mga goons and jologs na nag iinom dun...and ive been there frequently cos i live in murphy lang...medyo daunting yung price for the jologs and goons to go here...this is a lot cleaner than dampa libis and tha orig dampa in paranaque...dami pa roaming guards and busboys and girls who assists customers...

    walang pila ang over-rated na ineng's bbque...probably bec there are alot of really good and reasonable priced bbques in the areas (try countryside and dannylicious in katipunan and kalantiaw, proj 4 respectively)

    ok nga sa baranggay sisig, my mom, bro and i tried the bangus sisis with rice...for P58 it was a steal..and masarap Pa!

    ang laking improvement ng farmer's market...ang linis linis!!! hindi ka mapuputikan pamamalengke mo

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    hey sunshinier! ayus. kamusta? taga cubao din ako. ehehe.

    i just got back home from dampa. mejo disappointed pero kasi ang labo nung kung san kami nagpaluto. aling cadiang ba yun? masyadong mahinhin yung mga tindera nila. ang babagal kumilos. they served our sinigang na hipon. as in yun lang. to think na walang tao pa nung time na dumating kami. they forgot to give us spoons and forks and plates. ang babagal kumilos sobra. HAHAH! hindi na ako magpapaluto ulit dun sa aling cadiang na yun. hehehe.

    i've tried the classic sisig of barangay sisig. it's good, i like it. mejo spicy kaya na inlove ako. hehehe. i was suppose to try their sizzling banana but my dad was so p*ssed off sa service ng aling cadiang that he wanted to leave asap. hehehe.

    and yes, masarap sa dannylicious. haven't tried the bbqs of countryside pero weird ng liempo nila...parang bbq na ginulat. kasi as in naka bbq stick na walang kulay. wahehe. maputla ba.

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    Dampa sa Farmers Market is relatively new, just a month old pa lang. Reason why wala pang pila kay Ineng's. There's also a seafood stall inside Dampa, yung seafood galing din sa Farmers Market. You can buy fresh seafoods there since the prices are the same with the market.

    Masarap talaga yung Bangus Sisig, tried it 2x Try their leche flan-macapuno also

    Trinity is also a big name in Dampa. You should try their seafood paluto, it's their specialty.

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    i knew it! we should've gone there instead. ang kulit ng tatay ko kasi eh. masyado shang natuwa ata sa costumes nung aling cadiang na yun. ay nako. tama na baka sumakit pa tiyan ko. HEHEH!

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    we went to the the paluto stall beside the fresh seafood stall...SIS yata ang name...ok naman...maayos service ng male crew, very attentive and ang sarap nung luto nila... ...we bought our seafood from the market kasi mas cheaper pa rin sa mismong palangke kesa dun sa stall...saka wala naman kasing kabuhay buhay yung mga tindera sa stall nila...

    i still dont think inengs will click here as it did in makati..mahal tapos walang lasa..masyadong matabang...wala na sigurong nagka quality control...tsk..tsk

    aling cadiang's ba yung naka maria clara outfit? parang palaging mahaba pila dun di ba? but when we looked at their cooked food parang hindi naman appealing e...

    sana lang mas organize na ang pagpaluto, like sa dampa libis na may nagaassist kaagad instead na ikaw pa maghahanap

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    yep yun na nga yung aling cadiang. mahaba nga panget naman ng service. my dad was sooooo hungry kasi kaya kung ano yung una nyang nakita eh dun nagpaluto. dapat sa may sis nga kami kung san kayo nagpaluto...kaso si daddeh eh...buraot. hehehe.

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    Dec 2005
    one step behind
    ang sarap dito.

    very affordable pa!

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