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    metro manila hotels

    which would you recommend.

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    Beerhand Gets Big Pots GreatBop's Avatar
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    Nov 2000
    - Anito Inn
    - wise hotel

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    Left of Center
    ^ I thought he asked for hotels, not motels?

    What's the budget? And for what purpose--business, leisure, shopping?

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    red planet was formerly tune hotels.
    wth.. you gotta pay extra for the A/C and bathroom amenities.

    not going anywhere near that bs hotel.

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    pero to be fair, baket nga ba walang tunay na thread rito about manila hotels.

    that tune hotel is a paid blog event. nobody does staycations in that $hi7hole and sorrowful excuse of a hotel.

    maraming naglabasan na blogs na sabay sabay.


    depending sa location..

    roxas blvd/ macapagal blvd area :

    Henry Hotel. price is about 4,500/ night (via agoda or
    Midas Hotel and Casino - 4,500/ night

    remington @ 4k/ night is not worth it for me. but it is across naia 3, and resorts world is just downstairs, saka yung bagong club. so that could be a worthwhile reason to stay there for other people.

    marriott is a good hotel din, so is solaire.

    solaire is not kid friendly, however. so if you have kids, stay away from that hotel. kawawa lang yung mga bata.

    BGC/ Ortigas area - wala akong alam. but i don't advice going to those areas because ubos lang ang oras mo from the traffic of going to and from there.


    Henry Hotel is a great hotel, especially if you like interior decorating.. dahil uso ngayon ang restorations... giving older houses modern creature comforts... it's a prime example of that.

    rooms are a bit small, and can only fit 2 people max. any more, medyo sisikip na.

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    Manila Hotel of course, lalo na recently, one bedroom, gets you 2 tickets for a breakfast buffet in cafe Ilang Ilang. Love sitting in the huge lobby as well, lalo na pag Xmas.

    Edsa Shang rila Imo, have the most comfortable beds. Elegant function rooms, nice pool, don't like the lobby though.

    Our old time fave, which Unfortunately closed down, the Mandarin Oriental, had a good size pool area and cosy but still elegant lobby. We liked hanging around on the mezzanine of the lobby, especially during Xmas. They had Xmas trees around it.

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    Hello,, i have hotel voucher for Astoria plaza in Ortigas, Astoria boracay and Astoria palawan. Good for deluxe room, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom. I also have discount vouchers. Msg me 09178287285 for more information

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    "Manila Hotel of course, lalo na recently, one bedroom, gets you 2 tickets for a breakfast buffet in cafe Ilang Ilang. Love sitting in the huge lobby as well, lalo na pag Xmas."

    isn't that just called free breakfast?

    heard theyre trying to change their image. but the biggest problem of this hotel is that is in the middle of nowhere. and they cannot provide parking space.

    which is why nobody goes there to do functions and events.

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